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  1. ureo New Member

    Hey I wanted to bring something to your attention... I know you may already know this and be planning on doing this but I really think some Damage control needs to be done on your end ..., a press release or annoucement of some sorts with your plans... you not only bought a company but you bought a community filled with family and friends and we are all being effected and honestly we all worry about the future of our community we have developed here. ... Yes I realize this is a buisness decision and all about the bottom line and making the company profitable but you are playing with people here some of us have been here since the start of EQ and have been Loyal to SOE and we deserve answers.

    Thank you
    Loyal Subscriber Since March 1998
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  2. AlaskaJay New Member

    In all seriousness, a lot of people I used to play with are not fans of some of the Devs let go, but they are now in mass canceling accounts. I just talked to a couple people in an old guild I was with who just folded their entire guild and most canceled their accounts over this down sizing.

    It's not about the layoff in general but they take it more as a sign that Daybreak is not a company worth investing time and money into.

    Whatever issues the company had in becoming profitable I think are about to get much more serious with their decision to lay off so many. Rats are jumping a sinking ship and all Daybreak did was to light the ship on fire as it goes down and motivated more people into jumping.
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  3. Rargo Active Member

    This is very sad. I started EQ2 on 2/21/05 and have been a loyal subscriber ever since. I really don't want to know how much money I have spent on this religion but I'm sure its thousands. My actual play time is 360d 3h 28m 12s

    I feel the end is near. Were do we go from here?

    (Next charge of $14.99 will occur on 2/15/15)

    Yes I'm an all access member- don't know why the logo is not there.
  4. Castles Active Member

    funny not seeing all access on the above posts...
  5. AlaskaJay New Member

    I can't speak for anyone else but I canceled mine late last year when I stopped playing both EQ2 and PS2 due to the direction, or lack there of, both games were heading. Though I did liquidate my plat for Kronos in the hopes things turn around or EQN works out.
  6. Buffrat Well-Known Member

    What relevance does this even have?
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  7. AlienShine Member

    That does not generate any short-term income.
  8. Skitterfast Well-Known Member

    If there were any community support left, I'm sure they would be putting fires out by now.

    Somehow, I don't think the current owners give two rats about what the EQ/2 players think or feel at this point. They've made their decisions.
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  9. Wintir Active Member

    I leave this game when they pry the sword out of my eternally dead hands!
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  10. Ealdian Well-Known Member

    All I gotta say is: This is what you call screwing the pooch.
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  11. Naneeje Well-Known Member

    F inancial decisions were made. CHECK!
    A nnouncement that that the show will go on... CHECK!
    M ake sure the customer base is satisfied... CHECK!
    I am confident this is a good decision. CHECK!
    L ike everyone on facebook and twitter for rewards.... CHECK!
    Y ear end finances in place to pay 7 accounts for 2015... CHECK!

    Missing the "Family" part of the gaming industry? .... .... FAIL!

    I agree with this post, I have no confidence to resubscribe to the game on all 7 of my families accounts.
    Not that it mattered but my $105.00 a month minimum plus station cash purchases was a key part of my family growing up together, gaming together and enjoying spending quality time destroying dragons... and Brownies from 3 different states and countries.

    I just want some formal news instead of getting bits and pieces.
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  12. Moonpanther Well-Known Member

    Canceling subs is not the way to keep a game you love alive. I'm not going ANYWHERE or canceling ANYTHING!!!
  13. Elinea Well-Known Member

    I have to agree with Moonpanther. If you want the game to survive, it needs to be successful. It fails if everyone cancels their subs because of layoffs.
  14. Vainamoinen Well-Known Member

    This is like Y2K all over again!!!

    I don't mean to be an alarmist, but this change is going to kill us all!

    Or not.
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  15. Avithax Well-Known Member

    I cancelled because there's zero chance Daybreak is going to do anything except minimize costs and scale back support. Their decisions today made that abundantly clear. I have loved this game for 11 years now and cannot sit here and pay some investment group to kill it off slowly.

    Even if I were somehow able to bring myself to continuing my all access I wouldn't enjoy playing the game anymore because every zone and every quest would be overshadowed by the knowledge that i'm am building on a collapsing house.

    I understand the loyalty many will show though, it's easy to be in denial.
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  16. Vainamoinen Well-Known Member

    What happened today seems more like the opposite of slowly and a lot like being decisive. If you hadn't noticed, the game has been in a sort of freefall for at least a few years now so why not make some kind of sweeping changes?

    Yeah, if you pull out all of the nails and studs in a house it will collapse. Even if it wasn't going to in the first place.

    There is a vast spectrum between "loyalty" and "end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it survivalist". Yes, this could be the end of the game. It also be an attempt to restructure a fairly unsuccessful, yet potentially viable, franchise. Jumping ship now is like the throwing yourself out of a building when Orson Welles did War of the Worlds.
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  17. Elinea Well-Known Member

    But you paid a Japanese corporation for 11 years to kill it off slowly...
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  18. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    It's easy to be in denial. It's easier to jump to outrageous conclusions, which is generally what you like to do around here. The layoffs do concern me, but not to the point where I'm just going to run off elsewhere. I will continue to enjoy the game until such time when it is no longer fun or accessible.
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  19. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    You have to claim the all access logo here on the forums under your profile I believe. Its not automatic and some just don't care to claim it because once claimed, you can't get rid of the logo.
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  20. Ahupu Well-Known Member

    Well said Deveryn. I just wish I could like it more than once. We may disagree about some things, but Liking the game we both play is not one of them. Glad to stand with you on this one.
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