Assassins need fixed too

Discussion in 'Scouts' started by AndrewRBrown, May 11, 2022.

  1. AndrewRBrown New Member

    So I have been playing EQ2 for decades. At the onset of this expansion assassins have been bent over. Everyone almost betrayed to Ranger and still not much better. With the fervor and everything else it's no easy task changing your raid main but I guess they are only concerned about sucking as much money as they can. This is most likely the last straw for Me. A assassin only job is to transfer hate and do dps. They are castrated and few are playing them anymore. So frustrated...

    Every patch this expac excluding the original nerf has not addressed assassins with anything helpful or positive. I should not have the highest fervor, pot, ADC, and crit bonus in raid and be doing 6% of dps with wiz, beastlords, swash's, Rangers, coerced all do double to triple my dps. It's ridiculous and an affront to scouts in general.
  2. Scarramouche New Member

    I agree - It's really a pain trying to keep up with the other dps-classes in raid :/ I'm always unsure about if this is just me, but it seems, others are struggling as well ^^;

    As you said: our job should be DPS and aggro-transfer and since we have no nice group-buffs to offer, it feels we are of little worth for the raid at the moment :/ Hope, there will be some fixes soon.
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  3. DENSER Well-Known Member

    we realize that fervor is THE king factor to increase the dps. obviously the potency, the cb and with lesser effect, the ab mode.
    If someone hase 50,100 more fervor compare to you will be behind.
    With equal stats, compare to a coercer if you do less dps, ther's a problem.

    But yet i agree with you frustration.
    The point is that no devs is dedicated to answering us here.
    Hence the bitterness when a class is up or nerfed without notice, without discussions, without anything at all since I have been on the forum.
    The craft, raid, has its developers. Classes management doesn't, that's a fact.
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  4. DENSER Well-Known Member

    And i mean when sayin ' ther's a problem ', that classes gameplay is so Summary to 3 stats that the statement of a class doesn't mean anything anymore.
  5. Smashey Well-Known Member

    Assassins crying about not being far ahead of rangers for the first time in 7 years makes me smile.

    I loved how all assassins told rangers to just betray. Now we repay the favor or how does it work? Or should people who stuck with an underperforming class for a decade take the high road this time around and join the cries of the assassins? Hmm
  6. Tanto Done, finished, gone.

    Rangers didn't cry at all in those 7 years? I mean, ok, if you say so. But these classes should be extremely close in their damage potential. You could argue that ranger should be slightly higher as they have literally zero utility and assassin has a very useful hate transfer and very terrible apply poison buff. That argument holds true until you learn to play both classes and realise playing ranger can be done with your face/feet/elbow/dog, and assassin is one of the toughest classes to learn to play well, and the most gruelling to play for any period of time.

    Imo, to answer your question, right now the long suffering, last remaining players of EQ2 shouldn't be eating their own, and should be supporting each other when they see imbalance and unfair changes. There are not enough of you left for fighting among yourselves to be anything but counterproductive. For my part, I gave the VoV version of the assassin as much time as I could bear, but zero reward for your effort isn't fun, so I unsubbed and play other stuff now. I know many other assassins did the same. That's not good for the game...
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  7. Smashey Well-Known Member

    All it literally takes is to google eq2 ranger and you see several threads from the soe board, eq2flames and this current board to see how many years rangers have been unhappy. Ranging from bow multipliers being wrong, arrows not scaling right, to sniper squad being complete poop only triggering attacks on bow attacks, to how we used to bring nothing but a damage debuff to a raid while other classes do the same damage and bring something useful to the raid or how blazing shot was the worst thing since sliced bread or how sniper shot was so awful compared to FFU. Also how the swap from being able to be auto attack/proc/poison focused to potency/fervor meta hurt the ranger because of scaling issues for several years.

    And in every single thread the answer is, by assassin players; "Just betray, reroll or get guuuud".

    So please stop trying to rewrite history sir.
  8. Tanto Done, finished, gone.

    Difference is the game had a population back then. My statement that you shouldn't be gloating goes to the general population, not just to rangers. But yeah, everyone who leaves the game because their class is nerfed into the ground is another nail in the coffin of your hobby, so I guess it's up to you if you want to celebrate it or not.
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  9. Nomoore New Member

    well either players or devs do not how game works anymore.
    now we have to try keep up with the mystics too :)

    I have a brilliant Idea give the assy ability to regen a massive grp ward and a pet like wardens to keep up hp.
    we need to rewrite whole game :),

    ty for a well rounded and balanced game :)
  10. Banki New Member

    Im going to stick with my assassin as long as i can , but im getting out dps'd by double to triple from summoners , getting out dps'd by Beastlords in heal stance and even wizards in raid .
    My toon even has the Familiar buff and the 25% mount buff and is still getting wrecked on parses in raid .
    Hopefully nerfs can be re-evaluated moving forward.
  11. Vlkodlak Well-Known Member

    I appreciate this conversation, perhaps if we had more of these across all class forums far more would get done. No class wants another class to perform poorly, we all come here to play the game, we all want to be the best at whatever class.

    Rangers and Sin's have always meant to be neck in neck. With stat's and gear that are similar, it should come down to the players and their play-style. Is it time to revisit the necessity of the Ranger class boost they get to all stats and level the field a little more, perhaps it is. I have raided on both rangers and sin's and yes the Sin is far more involved and skill based. There isn't a ranger on here that wouldn't tell you they could sit there and face roll the keyboard, or single macro their CA's and still parse very well. While on the other hand the Sin's are putting ice on their wrists from the carpel tunnel they have developed over the years of playing. They are definitively different played classes.

    You don't typically see the Sin's asking for boosts or increases to their DPS. What they are tired of is constantly having their DPS cut in one way or another. Weather it is skills, ( /mourn FFU ), proc's, particulas CA's,( /mourn daggerstorm ) their damage multiplier reduced, again, the list just goes one. And lets not forget to mention the max damage cap they added to mobs... This in turn effects our spike damage that we were so good at.

    Is it frustrating to see the other classes get flat across the board boosts of 15% - 30% to their DPS, absolutely. Was it necessary for those classes to become more relevant to groups, absolutely, As a sin, I am not asking for a boost, what I would love to see is a reversal of the shackles holding us down. ;)
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  12. Vlkodlak Well-Known Member

    If you are interested, I looked over your posted profile and might have some ideas. Send a PM if you would like to compare notes :cool:
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  13. Ahmassar Member

    Completely agree here, assassins are in a bad place atm.
    I usually don't whine at all, but this is ridiculous. Last night in raid I barely beat our monk dps-wise.
    That melee nerf in january has had unforseen consequences.
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