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Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Haun, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. Redlight Well-Known Member

    How about you show me what you parse in pedestal of the sky, as that seems to be the best measurement of single target dps. Prefer Barakah as I only have Barakah parses (the AoE reduces attack speed massively, letting your AA go through without a cure leads to massive dps drops).
  2. Haun New Member

    I know that Dark fury, Argent Blade of Speed and crossbow are best in slot for us. What would you consider as BiS for armor and jewelry in T6? Again thanks for all the helpful info!
  3. Tobias Fünke Member

    PoS is a single-target fight? Who knew.

    Haun, BiS in T6 is basically anything that gives you more +DPS and multi-attack, IMO. If you're always getting a perfect raid group, maybe you don't have to focus on +DPS, but haste/potency/crit are on mostly everything, and IMO ability mod is not worth sacrificing DPS or multi-attack for. Your main buff already gives you a big chunk of multiattack and if you don't always have a dirge/coercer/inq I would go DPS first, multiattack 2nd. Or you can do what that other guy says and reroll an easy-mode class.
  4. Venser Active Member

    Blatantly ignoring my first comment. It's ok, but just like everyone is saying. DPS mod is a priority. It is not on every piece of gear with another stat that is better than 1.5 haste... 4.4 dps mod with 2.3 make on it is what you are looking for. The jewelry you can get away with a few changes, like the MC ring for either the 18 dps mod or 24 dps mod proc. The wrist with 20 haste if you dont have the belt from RoF zone drop (which is only 22 haste). Neck and ears should reflect 4.4 dps mod / 2.3 ma. You can wear the 4.4 dps mod 1.1 flurry items, but the flurry adding up wont yield you any more dps until you have myth and will be at 15-24 flurry added up with weapon + gear (haste over cap). You will see some decent ab mod I'm sure from kos, which you will still retroactively need on top of other things. But you can disregard a lot of MA items in the near future just considering your buff that already adds a good amount. Things that are easy to obtain are potency and crit because it will pair with all of the loot. If you can reach 125% extra auto damage in raids, you're in good shape. As the levels grow the soft cap for dps mod goes up, you can reach a threshold of overcapping dps mod an go beyond 125%, but it definitely takes quite a bit of dps mod. You're still looking at 6 sec delay weapons too. As a pred you need lots of ab mod. Look for it in kos, dps mod and ab mod are going to be the primary source for better gains vs just adding 10 MA or something. So for now in DoF you're probably around your peak with every stat, so not much to do now except wait for kos.
  5. Redlight Well-Known Member

    For assassin it pretty much is yes.
  6. Tobias Fünke Member

    On my raid I'm the MA and I switch targets back and forth to keep them close. And there are 2 mobs so your aoe's are hitting. Do you just attack Barakah when you do it? I don't get it.

    Anyways, asking people to post parses is dumb. Parses are only useful if you can control the circumstances. i.e. 2 chars with the same exact buffs fighting the same mob. My parses vary widely depending on group makeup. And single-mob parses are not necessarily as useful as a ZW parse if you're trying to compare stuff. When I was using parses to figure stuff out, I was using the SC epic area. Good mix of AOE and long-fight single targets (the ballllllls).
  7. Redlight Well-Known Member

    Just show your best PoS parse.
  8. Naneeje Well-Known Member

    Ok, so I dumped everything in favor of AB Mod. Not a bad difference, I topped out at about 1.8k zonewides.
    This last raid I was in, No buffs except for Primal Instincts, (5%).
    But Interesting enough, this was on Siyamak and Barakah in Pedestal of Sky: I hate URL pictures so I'll type in the breakdown
    22% - Slash
    6% - Anuk's Undying Wrath, (proc from GodKing weapon)
    4 and 5% - Quick strike, Impale, Ambush, Masked Strike
    3% Limprovised Weapon, Spine ****, Crippling Strike, Stealth Assault, Head ****, Not so Paralyzing Strike
    Rest was under. This is a 17 minute fight and we got it down to 1 and 4%, just couldn't get the last percent.
    So interesting enough, 1.4k.
    All of my groups are now 2k zonewide's instead of 1.5-1.8k. I'll try to get a parse posted of a good single target fight as well as a zonewide for GodKing next time. The only class outparsing me right now is my son, who is a Swashie. AOE fights are still Mage/Swash toppers, but all single target or quick add deaths leave me at the top. Another note, equally geared Assassin in the last raid was about 400dps lower zonewide, favoring heavy on DPS/Haste gear.
    More to follow as we get ready to head into KoS.
  9. Tobias Fünke Member

    I really don't think AB mod is the way to go. Also, is your raid separating the mobs or something? Your stealth assault is very low. We put both dragons basically on top of each other so everyone can AOE.

    My last two PoS parses:
    9/2 - (16m38s) 2.67k dps, 23% slash, 8% stealth assault (warden (primal on me), dirge, illusionist)
    9/9 - (14m39s) 2.83k dps, 25% slash, 7% stealth assault (warden (primal NOT on me), dirge, illusionist)

    The first one, stealth assault hit 392 times, the second it hit 333 times.
  10. Tobias Fünke Member

    A couple ZWs:

    PPR 9/16 - (56m16s) 3.06k dps, 21% slash, 13% stealth assault, 11% anuk's (warden (primal NOT on me), dirge, illusionist)
    Al Afaz 9/2 - (21m26s) 4.13k dps, 21% slash, 10% stealth assault (warden (primal), dirge, illusionist)
  11. Naneeje Well-Known Member

    Definitely outparsing me Tobias. The thing is that I improved my own dps with AB Mod, and I was topped out with broker gear, not much raid gear and no GodKing weapon until 5 days ago. I am looking forward to killing some trash mobs and single target fights in one of the raid zones to really get an idea of what I can do. Could you Pm me your character? I would love to look it up on EQ2u, thanks.
  12. Haun New Member

    Since hunters is worth doing now, what would you all consider as the best two items for us? Please take into account the upgrades coming soon in KoS. I am thinking dagger #1, but I’m torn on #2. Neck, cloak or updated crossbow? Lmk what ya think, since you can only wear 2 prestige items..,,
  13. Tobias Fünke Member

    I'm assuming Flay doesn't stack, so the neck seems like the way to go. 10% CA bonus and 0.5 fervor is a lot. Not even counting the click buff.
  14. Haun New Member

    Since they nerfed the neck item so hard I’m leaning to dagger and cloak. As far as the neck now, A clickie effect that will be active 16.66% of the time and meh stats, doesn’t look too appetizing. Also, can’t think of any damage proc cloaks in KoS. But there are a few proc bows, that will potential be better than crossbow. Thoughts?
  15. Tobias Fünke Member

    I was mistaken and Flay does stack with itself, so I was leaning towards dagger & xbow. Trying to get my reuse back to 10%+.

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