Assassin CC Durations

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    I submitted 5 feedbacks in beta about this, and 3 more since launch.

    As it stands right now, Assassins are only able to use stealth combat arts by way of pure luck.

    Quick Maths:

    Cheap Shot duration in PvP: 1.3s
    Hilt Strike Duration in PvP: 0.8s

    Cast time of Masked Strike: .5s
    Cast time of Ambush, Jugular Slice, Eviscerate, Mortal Blade, and Assassinate: .5s

    Hilt Strike is already useless except as an interrupt. Cheap Shot looks okay until you remember that the global recovery speed will still require > 1.3s to execute a Masked Strike combo, meaning that Assassins have zero way to guarantee they are even allowed to use their most powerful abilities.

    Jugular Slice stifle duration has also been nerfed to 2.6s in PvP, which just adds insult to injury. Who needs pumice stones? Oh right, pumice stones are only useful against the 6+ second duration proc gear in the game that makes class abilities look like a freaking joke.

    The class has been neutered, all the while Rogues, Bards, and Rangers are allowed to use everything at their disposal and are barely affected.

    Concealment will alleviate the issue somewhat in DoF but it's still going to be borderline impossible to kill a Brigand who isn't actually AFK. It was already an extreme uphill battle on Deathtoll to fight Brigands, and that was with full CC durations.

    The global CC templates that were applied in beta have destroyed this class, but it isn't the only class that was affected. Please re-evaluate and fix this. It's just another awful thing to add to the pile of mistakes that comprise Nagafen 2.0.
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    I liked the cc durations of original nagafen much more than nowadays.

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