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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Obano, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. Kalmaraa Active Member

    Bruiser is my first tank lass and well a couple of things about this conversation strike me as odd.

    Now then the brawler AA lines seem off to me.

    As a brawler, MA is more important and that's in the STR line, as the MA offers more chances to get off attacks then attack speed for a fighter. Attack speed is for more DPS based classes, which are scouts not fighters. Heck with my bruiser I choose to favor STR, WIS, and INT lines. Working on these lines has not only helped overall DPS, without trying, but allowed my bruiser to blow through alot of content quickly.

    The only thing I could see avoiding in the brawler line is mantis leap, as it's just a hate gain, and even if one does bother maxing it out a minor one at that. The most handy thing to try and max out with the main brawler section of AAs is Brawlers Tendancy, as it can help if heals are lacking.

    As for stone cold, it's a group AE, not a pesonal one. All you have to do is read the text on it to understand that. My brawler tends to rely more on Combat Mastery as it lets the group do max damage for a limited time. It also seems to proc faster then Stone Cold. So if the group can do more damage, the mobs die faster and folks can move on faster if that is what they want.

    Now am I the most experienced bruiser in the game? Hardly only been playing for about 4 years now. Am I a raider, hardly I don't raid as most of the ones on my server have huge egos and tend not to like the more causal player. I'm not causal but I am not one to support that line of thinking. Also my bruiser is geared more toward soloing as when it comes to a group I get asked for my guardian more then the bruiser. So my advice come from a solo point of view in the long run for a bruiser, with minimal grouping.
  2. The_Cheeseman Well-Known Member

    I am not sure how you figure that attack speed is better for scouts than fighters. Attack speed is good for anybody who melees. DPS mod and Attack speed both provide basically a 1% increase in overall melee DPS per point (below 100), which is effectively the same amount of extra DPS you get from your first 100 points of multiattack. However, each of these stats multiplies the others, so you're much better off with 100 attack speed, 100 DPS mod, and 100 multiattack than you would be with just 300 multiattack. Also, attack speed increases your proc rates, since normalized proc chance is calculated using base delay, and does not account for attack speed modifications.

    I highly recommend getting your attack speed up to at least 100, as that is where diminishing returns starts to really kick-in.

    Also, as far as Brawler AAs go, the Int line is only good for the extra crit chance, if you really need it. Otherwise, the entire thing is mostly worthless. Wis line is not up for debate, the entire thing is gold and you should max as much of it as you can (except for Crane Sweep). Mantis Bolt in the Stamina line is also non-negotiable, as its among our top DPS AAs. Mantis Leap is actually really amazing for snap aggro purposes, especially if you have to deal with memwipes on raids, but isn't necessary for most non-raid content. Agility line is only good for Ambidexterity, as both brawlers derive massive benefits from ability reuse speed, and I can't imagine putting those points elsewhere unless you're effectively capped on reuse speed. Strength line is generally good, with both Multiattack and Block chance, plus the melee mitigation debuff in Pressure Point is actually pretty cool. Chi is also a nice ability until you get your ability reuse close to cap.
  3. Attikus New Member

    Weapon or no weapon for Bruiser? I remember in eq 1 that a monk unarmed would be preferred. Not sure how much has changed but I can't find anyone talking about it. thanks
  4. Malleria Well-Known Member

    Definitely weapon. Also the no-weapon thing in eq1 didn't last long.
  5. Jeorge Member

    So I made a bruiser recently, cause I like the idea of it and I hear they solo rather well, which is mostly what I like to do. Just curious when it starts to pick up a little? I'm not trying to cry and be like I want easy mode and stuff, but I guess I'm just used to melee healers who power through everything once they hit level 10 (essentially).

    Atm my bruiser is only level 12, but it seems like there's not much I can do but get better gear to solo really well, is there? Just kinda curious about how this all works, I'm entirely new to non-healers and how stats work and whatnot. I can kill stuff fine, but after a few mobs, my hp bar is usually in the yellow, and I have to rely on mini-dings to fix it, and ignore pain. Does it get better soon, or am I in for a long ride? Either is fine, cause I enjoy it so far, but I'm just curious.
  6. Obano Well-Known Member

    Try using defensive stance and put AA into ignore pain. The other strategy is to turn the mob with eagle spin and then stun lock it so it can't attack you at all. Try to get to level 33 so you can get devastation fist. It will one shot solo mobs and should make things go faster for you. Bruisers really don't become powerhouses until later in the game. Buying expert and master CAs will make things go more smoothly though. Hope this helps.
  7. Jeorge Member

    Haha, alrighty then, I shall stick it out. Unfortunately I don't have a sub atm, so buying things is a no-go, but I may just have to suck it up and do it. Thinking I could buy AoD and get the starter Inq merc from freeport for some heals too... In the mean time, I have an SK who can already power through mobs like no ones business at level 20. I shall alternate between them. Thanks for the help.:)
  8. Obano Well-Known Member

    Buying lifetime Silver sub $10 will be a better value than AoD. Silver sub will let you purchase the Expert spells which will help a lot. Some classes will do very well with only Bronze membership but Bruiser is not one of them.
  9. Notouchie New Member

    I have made a bruiser who is just level 10 right now and I am loving it. I started it to see it was worth getting the 85 heroic and didn't want to waste time trying to learn how to play it at that level. So I made a lowbie to get the hang of the class.

    My question is this, I looked and found nothing on the internet at all in reference to macros for the bruiser. I have CTS in both hands and it is hard on me to use complex button pushed and mouse moves. I can do okay if certain repetitive pushes are in a macro that I can bind to my Razer Naga.

    I am looking for macros that level 95 would use. Which abilities can be bound to one key through a macro and I can figure out how to set up the rest of my bars. I will be DPS only and have no plans of tanking as it is too stressful lol. Thanks for the help.
  10. Regolas Well-Known Member

    2 things.

    Unless you group with friends who understand and accomodate you, you will very very rarely be invited to a group to dps as a fighter. If you don't want to tank, you'll do a lot better as a dps class. If you enjoy your bruiser, he'll be a solo bruiser.

    As for macros, I don't really know but generally my experience with the macro buttons are that you can't really have multiple combat arts on the same macro, as the abilities seem to take too long to refresh so the first one goes off, but the second won't because your hotbars are refreshing, if that makes sense.

    I could be wrong though and others may have more knowledge on this kind of thing than me.

    Sorry to be pessimistic.
  11. Notouchie New Member

    No need to be sorry. I was under the impression that Monks were the Tankier of the two and Bruisers were the DPSier of the two options. So you are saying that Bruiser DPS so far below any other class that it is not viable? Seems rather strange then that Bruisers would be worthless because Monks can and often do tank or off tank so where does that leave the Bruiser?

    I am willing to let go of my dream of playing one but begrudgingly lol. I want to be able to group and such and do it playing a class that I want to. I don't want to be the kid that wasn't picked to be on the pickup basketball team because I am chubby and slow to get up and down the court even though I can shoot the three ball!:p
  12. Vladislav Active Member

    It is not that. Bruisers are one of the 6 tank classes. As such, they are expected to tank. While they can do decent dps, they are not a true dps class. When groups are being formed, every dps/utility class in game will be ahead of you when they are searching for dps. "DPS monk" is a running joke in the game, and are generally considered worthless.
  13. Regolas Well-Known Member

    Worthless is a bit strong. You're better than no one as dps. But you don't compare to the 9 pure dps classes (5 scouts and 4 mages) or even the bards and enchanters. So it's correct to assume you'll be "last to be picked" if you're not prepared to tank.

    FYI Bruisers are very similar to monks, just they have a few more area effect abilities at a sacrifice to single target stuff monks have.

    I have a bruiser, I also have a ranger and a dirge. Both ranger and dirge will get a spot in a group that already has a tank over my bruiser, and I'll admit I've ignored someone saying they're a dps monk when I'm advertising for a group on more than one occasion.
  14. Genghes Active Member

    Ok to start, macros.... you want a macro for combat mastery for your group. Also, you want a stop spell cast macro on every parry, dodge, death save, inner focus, stone deaf ability you have. I don't recommend macroing any abilities together because it will slow you down.

    For dps...
    You want to get a set of weapon dmg bonus armor, flurry cloak and belt that has weapon skill on it. Also, you want an aa spec for dps. Now for an easy tank set up get a set of mitigation armor in the event you need to tank something difficult. Feel free to copy my dps aa spec for deeps and my dos tank aa spec for tanking.

    Message me in game if you want
  15. Notouchie New Member

    Thanks Genghes. I am leaning towards scrapping the idea. As much as I would like to be the Bruce Lee, seems I will end up being the Bruce LEROY. :eek:

    Such as shame. To say that a Fighter class is left to the "expected" to be a tank area kinda sucks even though I have seen SK's and Zerkers put up some pretty high parses for dps. Maybe on aoe fights but most fights seem to have some sort of AoE component to them.
  16. Genghes Active Member

    If in wearing weapon dmg bonus gear and have my dps aa spec I can beat a sk and zerker on an aoe fight. I think you should still sick to the idea, but it will take some work. The current state of the game leans more favorable towards zerkers. A bruiser can still shine, it just takes some effort and multiple aa/gear setups
  17. Silzin Active Member

    I think the closest Scout to what you are talking about would be a Beast Lord. you can use the brawler weapons, so you make make it look like a brawler... appearance armor and you can do anything... it will not be ideal, but it would be excepted as a dps class and you should not have more then 8-12 buttons you need to press if you stay with 1 of the 2 stances.
  18. Notouchie New Member

    Ill check out your builds.

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