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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Obano, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. Obano Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the slow response but I will repost what I wrote earlier.

    1. Low level AA build goes something along the lines of:

    AGI line 4 - 10
    WIS line 4 - 10 - 8 - 1
    INT line 1 for eagle spin

    In the Bruiser tree go for 5 points ignore pain, 5 points indomitable will, 5 points upper cut, 5 points sucker punch, 1 point for drag.

    2. At low level the bruiser is slightly better than monk at AoE tanking. At end game it is debatable which is better. Dragonfire can situationally produce higher DPS but it lacks a snap component. There is really no way a Monk can hold multiple mem wiping adds as well as a Bruiser can with Wild beating fast recast +2 position unlimited target AoE. It becomes +3 position with mythical cloak and is one of the best agro snaps in the game. The Glokus adds in PoW come to mind where a Bruiser would out perform a monk as a real example of AoE tanking. A Monk would have to spend extra AA for mantis leap while a Bruiser can get by without mantis leap.
  2. Corydonn Active Member

    1. There isn't any reason for a monk not to have Mantis Leap at this stage of the game and lose ANY dps or survivability whatsoever.

    2. No bruiser is going to ever get the mythical cloak effect, For it is dumb and I don't like it.

    3. All you really need at lower levels is +weapon skill addornments to make sure you hit the mobs and likely bring an aggro transfering class if you are grouping with a beastlord and such. Also just using the paladin merc to tank for you is a good start as well since he just amend wins.

    For a combat art rotation just use your smallest reuse CAs to the biggest, You can cast your single target taunt while stifled and stunned so don't forget that. At low levels try to stick to small pulls you know you can handle and when crane flock is up go for a bigger pull.
  3. Hert Member

    i like the cloak cuz it turns beatoff into a normal ae in reckless! which can be love hate when you want a deagro, but still. the range is also cool. i used to hate it cuz i couldnt really use it off tanking cuz id just tank everything. but now in reckless, you can still have a huge range super blue, and not rip agro on the named! tada! i still think it should increase the damage of it tho. then maybe other people would want it!
  4. Corydonn Active Member

    I think the cloak should also drop in solo zones now that the zone is two years old. Laaaame
  5. easy_tiger New Member

    In the Tagrin fight in POW should stone deaf and inner focus prevent the death touch? I am pretty sure I was getting it of at the last possible second tonight and still dying
  6. Davngr Well-Known Member

    isn't the range like 5m?

    that's tiny or was it changed? guess i should just log in my bruiser and check
  7. Malleria Well-Known Member

    Myth cloak adds 5m to Wild Beating, making it 10m radius.
  8. Davngr Well-Known Member

    lol so the ability is good for the myth bruisers but crap for the others. awesome
  9. Genghes Active Member

    drop combat mastery and spec into stone cold. the 15% damage reduction will bring you down to 0-20% life. use that then when that isn't up use tenacity. you'll be able to take about 4 death touches on a row.
  10. easy_tiger New Member

    This means that stone deaf and inner focus don't work?
  11. Genghes Active Member

    Stone Deaf can work, but with all the other non melee damage going off during the fight it may not save you 100% of the time. Reason why is that the other non melee type damage will burn through your triggers. inner focus wont work because it will only block physical damage.
  12. easy_tiger New Member

  13. easy_tiger New Member

    Okay stone cold is not saving my *** =(
    What is the bruiser ww channel btw?
  14. Genghes Active Member

    what's your toons in game name? mine is genghes, welcome to check out my setup on u.qe2wire
  15. Bchizzle Active Member

    Pro tip, have another tank intecede you on the death touch, problem solved.
  16. Davngr Well-Known Member

    i'll fix it for you buddy..

    betray to monk if you want to tank names.

    there you go
  17. Sephyl New Member

    Better yet, intercede as a Shadowknight and nullify the damage with respite.
  18. Genghes Active Member

    the hell with monks, i mt for my guild and haven't found a hm name i couldn't tank easily
  19. Davngr Well-Known Member


  20. Genghes Active Member

    stone cold saves me every time when i have it active

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