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  1. BaldNinja Member

    I unlocked Ascension, Geo class, etc. I have yet to gain any level xp for this. Still at 0.
    what quests/ areas start giving this xp?

    i am 110, boosted from 87, returning after couple years. TY
  2. Bludd Well-Known Member

    afaik you need to do quests in KA (gives xp up to level 10), PoM (gives xp up to level 15), CD or BoL (both gives xp up to level 20)
    so either skip all and go straight to CD or BoL or do progression through the old expacs
  3. dorotea Well-Known Member

    Note that the panda quests (the series of summer quests) give many good things. Among them is instant level 5 in an ascension when you hit level 100 and then level 15 when you hit level 101.
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  4. BaldNinja Member

    Ah yes. There are so many too! I think I'm a good halfway done them. Sun Zi or something like that.

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