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Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by ttobey, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    That's a statue behind me, you get it for completing all the Kunark Ascending raidmobs flawlessly and.. maybe also shorthanded? It gives a buff. The equivalent item from PoP is a purple banner with a better buff, and not nearly so impressive.

    I do wish the bird scaled down to about half its present size, though. This is as small as it gets.
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  2. Bluhr Member

    Excellent! What are their names?

    Knuckles basically use the fighter Fist Only mechanic as far as I can tell. If you take the weapons out of any characters hands, and ask them to melee, you get the same animations.
  3. Tierisch Well-Known Member

    I wanted a snake from PoF badly for my baby BL, and after I couldn't tame it, I looked at petopia and there seem to be no snakes.. I did try a few more snakes around but no go.
    I would love to see some tamable cobras or something. It's not like the game doesn't have snakes or snake like beings in all forms and sizes.. So mechanically it should be doable?
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  4. Obano Well-Known Member

    I am surprised they never put a legitimate bikini in the game considering it has been part of the marketing forever.

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  5. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    I've worn Norrath bikinis. They are very unflattering.
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  6. Breanna Well-Known Member

    T M I now there is a visual I won't be able to get rid of.
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  7. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Well, yes, the idea is to not visualize.
  8. Xavion Well-Known Member

    please add a clickable table that flips over so i can flip a table maybe make it have stuff on it then when it flips over it spew some particles of cups and plates XD
  9. Obano Well-Known Member

    Here is something that disappeared a long time ago: the original castaway rags. Some NPCs still have it but hasn't been available for players since 2005.

  10. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    That guy wants real toes for Christmas.
  11. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    lol ttobey wearing a bikini
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  12. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    Once we ship expansion, I'll try to weed through here for useable ideas and send to the appropriate people.
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  13. Nazy Well-Known Member

    Can you make doors in places like the Obelisk of Lost Souls open faster please? And could you also make them clickable while they're closing so you don't have to wait for the door to completely close before opening it again. That would be great.
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  14. Exotwo Member

    Ttobey is not the coder guy. go ask Gninja
  15. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    It's fairly easy to spot all the BoL harvest nodes except for Lunar Berry Bushes. Could the bushes be made bigger, or use a bush representation with bigger leaves or something? Root nodes are easily visible due to their large leaves
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  16. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    This one should probably be bugged as no designers or coders are going to see it here.
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  17. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    I had it in the Bug forum and they told me it didn't belong there.
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  18. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    OK I will try to find out.
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  19. Tierisch Well-Known Member

    You are Hilarious :)
  20. Altho Active Member

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