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Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by ttobey, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. Riverbear Active Member

    Is it out of the question to have appearance "Dyes" back in the game? Not sure how cumbersome that would be, but it was nice when we had it.
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  2. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    I remember those, but on the EQ side.
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  3. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    EQ2 has never had dyes. Instead, we have the Appearance tab and the Wardrobe tab in the Character window.
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  4. Riverbear Active Member

    In the early years of the game, EQ2 never had an Appearance tab nor a Wardrobe tab.
    Those two fine and much appreciated mods came years after launch.
    I remember dyes at some point. Possibly other players do too, idk.

    Any player from the early SONY years remembers the dreadful reign of awful gear color clashes.

    EQ2 never had dyes because they have always had Appearance and Wardrobe mods
    is completely false.
  5. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    You deliberately twisted what I said. I did NOT say we'd always had the appearance tab and wardrobe tab. I simply said that we had them.

    We have NEVER had dyes in EQ2. Ever. That's baked-in because of how the graphics work. There's a "skeleton" that is overlain with a detailed graphic image that comes pre-colored. The image is what it is.

    One of the really fun parts of EQ2 for some of us playing is the joy of hunting down gear to make outfits. I usually start by shopping the broker. The Wardrobe makes it possible to have appearance gear that your class and/or level can't actually equip, which widens your options considerably. What do you WANT your outfit to look like? Post an image from somewhere, or describe it (in a new thread, natch!) and several of us will go and have fun power shopping to see what we can find that's closest.

    My 125 warlock just hunted down a really attractive robe from an old zone, Xilaxis The Explorer in Perah'Celsis' Abominable Laboratory (\aITEM 2117398389 299384755:Robes of Visionary Being\/a) that I'm delighted to wear! I collect "witch hats" (such as Hoo'Loh's Witchy Hat) and I'm always on the lookout for outfits that go with hats in my collection, though I admit my 'lock leans towards purple.
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  6. Tkia Well-Known Member

    No, EQ2 never had dyes. They were requested and reasons were given why it would never happen.
  7. Riverbear Active Member

    The tech. in EQ2 to alter shades/colors/skins of a toon model already is in use in class/race flavor spells, everyday.

    Wizards can be sheathed in ice. Bruisers can wear an Iron or Wood texture, on and on, etc.
    - what does that even mean?-
    A quick way to implement shading toward a given color would be to utilize the already existing Class/Race flavor-spell tech.
    Tech which not only is used every day, but has also been in place for years.
    EQ2 Devs can implement a User Dye type of effect at any moment they chose to.
  8. Riverbear Active Member

    That the same "Never" we received when we asked for Sokokars for flying mounts?
  9. Tkia Well-Known Member

    No idea. You'd have to ask the dev that said it.
  10. Riverbear Active Member

    The above mention of class flavor spells illustrates the errors offered to us, in this thread.

    BTW Skeleton is an extraordinarily poor term in that 99% of readers will not recognize
    what it means in relation to rendering arts and worse to the lay person, anyone can look
    inside any avatar with 3rd person camera to discover....... no skeleton at all <Grin>
    It is probable the term we were looking for is Model.

    There now remains only one road to what was true in the gap of years between EQ2 launch and current tabs.
    Possibly there is a current or former Developer who can officially address the question.
  11. Riverbear Active Member

    Can you look into and let us know if EQ2 ever, however short lived,
    IF cosmetic equipment "dyes" or coloration consumables might have been used in game or not?

    Several players are firmly convinced dyes, or some such devices were, never, available in EQ2.
    I am confident for a short time dyes were is use, prolly between launch & Kingdom of Sky.
    It would be very much appreciated if you could give us a yea or nay on the "Never" question.
  12. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Dude, I played from the beginning. No dyes!
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  13. Breanna Well-Known Member

    I've played since launch too, and NO Dyes! Ever!
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  14. Tkia Well-Known Member

    Also played since launch. EQ2 has never had dyes.
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  15. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    EQ2 has never had dyes. One of the very first things the community asked was if a dye mechanic could be added. This was right in the first months of launch. The devs responded with how the various armors are so detailed that it's just not possible to do.

    One of the earliest armors that can be found in lower level areas is a purple shirt with an intricately designed coat of arms with various gold and white colors. The whole thing is like 8 or 9 different colors. A dye system would require being able to change every single color represented.
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  16. Riverbear Active Member

    Thanks for your courteous and well stated response. I am sure ttobey will contribute at some point.

    The tunic you mention, ( along with everything else at once ) can currently be altered right now in ways
    already noted. I offered this as a go-to if dyes were still not doable, ( if it is, as others agree with you :)

    Color me stubborn - only an employee-tagged authority can settle an intractable disagreement
    between us "because we say-so's".