Art Issue -- giant floaty pauldrons

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by ColbyJack, Sep 20, 2014.

  1. ColbyJack Well-Known Member

    I was looking at the appearance of some gear in my bags, and found something strikingly odd.
    The appearance-only stuff you get from SF collections is a cool set, I've got the plate stuff on my vampire woodworker and he looks amazing. However, put on a female rat, the pauldrons take on a cartoonish oversized appearance and are not even attached to anything. I know, magic and stuff, but it still looks too odd to justify wearing them.

    disclaimer : I'm too lazy to crop this down, pardon the huge image.

  2. Gnobrin Developer

    Whoa, that's weird. What's the exact name of the items in question? I've no clue what items the appearance items are nor where you've got 'em. If I knew the name of the items in question, I could directly figure out the trouble.

  3. Enric_of_Neriak Member

    Don't know the name but it looks like it could be the plate set from Ward of Elements or the appearance gear from the Sentinel's Fate collections.

    I am 90% certain now that the shoulders in question is \aITEM 1478964097 1968702775:Mantle of the Elemental Warrior\/a . I checked out the shoulders on a male half-elf and a male ratonga and they were just fine (in the dressing room). I created a female ratonga and tried them on in the dressing room and they looked just like the original posters screen shot. Too big and floating away from the shoulders.
  4. Deago Well-Known Member

    Yeah they remind me of the SF collection shoulders.
  5. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    Certainly sounds like they're the pauldrons from the SF collections..
  6. Droll Active Member

    I bug reported this back in 2010 when it started.

    It's not one particular item... it's pretty much all plate shoulders.
  7. Droll Active Member

    I guess to clarify, in the hopes it gets fixed....

    On my dwarf I used a MC cobalt (level 52) armor set as appearance because it reminded me of eq1 cobalt appearance. One day I logged on, and the pauldrons had lifted themselves up a bit... It looked really odd to me, so I stopped wearing that style of plate armor... It still continues to this day.

    They made it up to me by making the ToFS appearance gear the correct shade of blue.
  8. ColbyJack Well-Known Member

    Sorry, yes, the item is the appearance-only Mantle of the Elemental Warrior. Appears fine on all my male characters to date... are you telling me I need to stick with making dudes, SoE? ;)
  9. Gnobrin Developer

    Whoa, odd! That armor set is back from expansion 6... I've never seen this issue before with that plate set since it's one of the prime sets of armor since release of the game. I see the issue on that particular set now, and I am really scratching my head as to why it's happening. None of the other plate sets of that expansion (that I can see presently) have the same issue.


    I'll get that set fixed as soon as I am done replying here. If you see other issues, PLEASE be sure to give the exact names of the items in question and I'll be happy to do what I can to fix 'em! I can't help if the information is vague.

  10. Feldon Well-Known Member

    It is absolutely essential to paste item names or link to the items (or characters with the item equipped) on EQ2U so that devs can fix it.

    Saying "pretty much all plate shoulders do this" or "shoulders I got in zone X do this" makes Gnobrin's job more difficult than it should be.
  11. Gnobrin Developer

    Alright! Fixed the Mantle of the Elemental Warrior shoulders for Female Ratongas. For some reason, she was using the wrong race's pauldrons, so they were floating. Too, I fixed the placement of her special shoulders, the triangular ones. They were WAY off her frame too, and was super easy to pop on a little closer.

    Boy, that was weird. When we make armors, our system copies the same physical geometry from a prime original set of armor and then assigns the new texture to it to then make that new set of armor. This happens so if there's a problem, we can fix one set of armor and the system then fixes it for ALL that same armor. Why that one was wonky is a mystery. Perhaps someone made that set by hand way back then. <shrugs>

    This fix will be live whenever we get another art push! Thank you for the further information so I could get that fixed, Colbyjack and Enric_of_Neriak!

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