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    Hi all, I have a few arrow questions for you, and being I dont even have a toon that can use a ranged I am!

    Normally I make titanium field points for everyone in guild. My reasoning is the Hit Bonus on it is the best. Now im working my faction for the panda's to be able to make the spirit-blessed arrows. My WW is only level 24 so all these stats are kinda crap looking to me, but looks like the spirit blessed arrows gets more hit bonus and more crushing.

    SO what im wondering is, what does the hit bonus really do for you guys? Is it something that a ranger looks at when buying arrows, or do you just look for who's undercut to the lowest priced arrow? Does the + to crushing even do anything for you? Would the bodkin or broadheads be a better choice? Are the spirit blessed arrows even worth my work getting faction, are they going to be noticeable diff for heroic running toons, or is it just a big deal for the raiders?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can give me a run down on this!

    oh one more question! Does the level of the bow make a diff also? Everyone in guild is using the HQ bow right now.
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    lillyofthevally wrote:
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    Nevao!! Thanks you rock! I have the woods from doing crafting instances, just wasnt sure if it was worth it :) I'll get cracking on getting my faction done now, so I can share those with the peeps in guild. Thanks again for taking the time to answer!!
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    Just keep in mind that you have an adventuring life too! ;) Rangers pay for their damage, and if some are not willing to pay the fair market price, then you shouldn't be too nice to them.
    I never openly offer to make arrows for guildmates . WHen asked I never make them for free unless it is for a class that uses them very little or I am giving them a reward for some participation in the guild. I will craft them for some people who are senior members and rangers, but I am trying to "push" them in another direction. I buy probably 95% of my arrows for my own ranger. I have had a max level woodworker for the past several expansions, and if I can make more money crafting other things, or crafting on other toons, then I would be foolish in the long run to sit and make arrows for myself or my guild.
    Your crafting time is YOUR time, and it always has a cost.
    On the other hand, if Rangers in your guild are upset by paying out more than other classed to DPS, then they can try and change the game...
    My initial feeling about losing makeshift arrows are not very positive, but it's still early. Doing trivial content or mentoring was pretty painless with those arrows. I guess we'll see

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