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Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Rothgar, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-blackdog1 Guest

    Rothgar1 I for one apreciate you coming here and telling us the devs thought process.It gives us a chance to voice our concerns and maybe bring up some things the devs didn't think of.Case in mentioned the "possibility" of the 6% summoned arrow dps reduction.Maybe some of the things that are being brought up might make the devs rethink that among other things.
  2. ARCHIVED-blackdog1 Guest

    It's easier to just say 6%.Since thats what the dev said.Than actually calculate what the actuall damage factor would be.Each arrow does 6% less damage.Just easier to say and have everyone know what I'm talking about.
  3. ARCHIVED-LevLo Guest

    For the tenth time.. Summoned Arrows are NOT being nerfed, they are staying exactly like they are now, crafted arrows however is getting a slight increase, while vendor arrows are getting nerfed to about 3/4 of the new crafted arrows. Leaving summoned arrows between the two.
  4. ARCHIVED-blackdog1 Guest

    Please understand my man.I wrote the post BEFORE I read that.
  5. ARCHIVED-Nuladen Guest

    I'm thinking that this is one of those times that huge bold fonts might be in order?
  6. ARCHIVED-LevLo Guest

    Sorry didn't mean to come down on you, but considering the info was posted first on page 4, yet we have managed to fill this thread with 5 more pages because people did not bother to read the entire thread.
  7. ARCHIVED-nirav21 Guest

    Ok now is a question about how this method is gona work.
    Let say crafted arrow type has high range and low damage. I know the damage only effects Auto attack but what about range?
    Does that mean high range with auto attack only? So u can only use autto attack and CAs will be blanked out?
    CA Range will also be higher?
  8. ARCHIVED-Anaun Guest

    OMG Rothgar1 ... run it off ... yell it off !!! EVAC !!! EVAC !!!

    (Pictures Lockeye, Illucide, and Aeralik laughing @ Rothgar1)

  9. ARCHIVED-Giland Guest

    This update sounds very nice to me. Having been watching this thread through all 9 pages, I like the resolutions and can't wait for the implementation.
    Good work sir !
  10. ARCHIVED-TerriBlades Guest

    Pretty wishful thinking on your part. And for the record, you wont be getting a new arrow summoning spell next teir. So, unless you have a bow that summons arrows for you, you will be buying them from crafters or using the ranger summoning line from the previous teir.(read, pay for your dps, or deal subpar dps)
    But you know what. Im done trying to explain to everyone why being forced to rely on a crafter to yeild our peak damage is a problem.
    And yea, I know all the agruements.. Its only 2% of your total DPS, or possibly 4% depending on the boosts the crafted arrows will provide.
    We wont be spending as much money .... This can not be confirmed at this time. You dont know what your servers base market prices are going to be. Yeah, it could be less, it could be about the same.... and it could be more. Point is, we shouldnt have to continue to pay for our primary damage when no other class out there has such a thing.
  11. ARCHIVED-Faelen Guest

    Your argument amazes me. And after so many people disagree with you, you are still so stubborn you aren't willing to look at it from anyone else's perspective.

    Poison makes up a huge part of our dps, and we have to pay a crafter for it. So why aren't you complaining about poisons? Should poisons just be free or taken out of the game?

    Potions can also make a big difference when using things like Elixer of Tactics. Oh no, a crafter makes it and it costs money. In order to do our best dps we're required to buy it. Lets take out potions too.

    Using crafted arrows is absolutely NO DIFFERENT than using poisons or potions. Its another method to increase your dps with money. Why have you singled it out to be a big problem all of a sudden?

    If you can't stand the idea of paying for things to improve your dps, switch to a wizard.
  12. ARCHIVED-TerriBlades Guest

    First off Faelen, I seem to recall you telling me that we were going to need to "talk" after you and I first raided together. Unless you've gotten super uber in the month and half since Ive left D12, you can stop right there.
    Yes, we pay for poisons, but we arent the only class to do so. There are 3 other scout classes that do the same thing. When you can name 1 other class that has to pay ANYTHING for their primary form of damage, then we can talk.
    Are we going to get an upgrade to the reclaimed line in T8? No... so then what happens? You get 3 choices if you dont have a bow to summon T8 ammo for you.
    You can use your T7 reclaimed arrows (not recomended), you can buy vendor arrows (also not recomended) or you can buy player crafted ammo.
    Im all for reducing the arrow usage of a ranger, I think its a great change. Im also all for giving woodworkers some loven. I dont think the way to do it, is with a bandaid fix that involves making rangers the primary source of income for a woodworker. So come T8, T10, T12, T14 you will be buying all of your arrows from crafters or vendors. Does that sound fixed to you? When rangers were supplementing thier arrow usage it would cost them several plat to raid.. EACH night. How much are you willing to spend next tier just so you can continue to raid?
    So again, one more time. Being the only class that PAYS for their primary auto attack is flawed. Being forced to rely on crafters every other tier further compounds that. We already spend money to boost our DPS, why do we have to continue to spend more money? Everyone is looking at this as though someone just invented the wheel. Yeah, On paper, it looks good. It also looks good this tier because you have the OPTION to not increase your DPS and saving some money by using your summoned arrows.
    So please.. anyone that doesnt have a Bazkul or Ichorstrand, please... enlighten me on just what you plan on doing when they raise the level cap. What are you going to do for arrows? And dont give me hypotheticals. Dont tell me that "Well we could get a new arrow summoning line" or "maybe we'll get new bows to summon arrows". Cause at the moment, its all wishfull thinking.
  13. ARCHIVED-jjlo69 Guest

    your right it wont effect me or anyone else with t8 ammo or anyone that gets one after until we get to t9 by then rangers will get a newer a new makeshift arrows ca and raiding ranger may have to farm again for arrows unless endless quiver makes it aa wise to t8 or t9 but util we get to t9 if there will even be a t9. right now for the moment u ask what happens when/if we start leveling again and point blank t8 will and should be used for a long time to come. so lets just get this right now and worry about t8/t9 when and if it ever comes into play
  14. ARCHIVED-Nuladen Guest

  15. ARCHIVED-TerriBlades Guest

    Nuladen, I really dont recall saying that his points were, or were not valid... that was more or less for the remark of "go play a wizard".
    Im still waiting on an answer to my question.
    To rangers without T8 arrow summoning bows, what are they going to do when T8 rolls around?
    Concern for how this is going to impact players after this tier, should be a concern for every ranger. If all anyone wants is a fix for this tiers arrow problems.. then great. I'll stop thinking about how this will affect us. Because for the moment, due to reclaimed arrows.. and not having to buy arrows, this is a great fix. However, until they change the reclaimed arrow line to every 10 levels. Its still an issue. If you cant, or wont acknowledge that.. then fine, we can end this discussion right here.
  16. ARCHIVED-Nuladen Guest

    Yes you did, 'You can stop right there' is pretty much dismissing his remarks, unless I've misunderstood which is always very possible.

    Yes it's a concern and I'd like an answer to your question too, but for now I'm more interested in a solution we can use in this tier rather than shooting it down in flames over an assumed fact. I'll say it again, devs are attempting to fix our current situation, if they really don't listen and leave us in the position you have assumed will happen in later tiers then there really is no hope, but for now lets concentrate on fixing what we can and do use.
  17. ARCHIVED-EQ2Magroo Guest

    Well I have a lot of options:

    1. Use the new T8 summoned arrows spell we will get at level 70 now that the devs have changed when we get the spell.

    2. Do the new diety quest to get a Ranger only endless quiver.

    3. Use the new Ranger only lvl70 HQ bow that summons T8 arrows which is a new quest for T8.

    4. Use Woodworker made T8 arrows which are now really cheap because the devs reduced fuel cost to 1 sandpaper rather than 4.

    None of these options actually exist, but you know what ? Neither does T8, so your assertion that all of us non-uber players will be in trouble is equally as (in)valid.

    The fix Rothgar and his team have put in place is addressing T7 and below issues that exist *now* and it does it better than we could ever have imagined. All of our complaints have been fixed.

    If you truely believe there is the possibility of issues in T8, then go start a thread like I suggested previously and get some dev involvement, rather than trying to derail this thread with "what ifs ?" that are based on your guess work and have nothing to do with our current issues.
  18. ARCHIVED-Gareorn Guest

    Why wouldn't people just use their makeshift. Since it gets upgraded every 14 levels, we should get a T8 version at level 76 under the current system. Am I missing something?
  19. ARCHIVED-Stormwolf86 Guest

    Can we get a definitive answer? Are Summoned Arrows from Ichorstrand and Bazkul the Soulseeker going to be better than all other arrows? They really need to be.
  20. ARCHIVED-Teksun Guest

    Now they need a WW made Point Blank Arrow... I think they would clean up then :)

    /sits back and watches the storm

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