Armour builds for returning rangers/stat changes

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Keredh, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Keredh Guest

    Currently wearing t1 and assorted baubles at level 80, with a few shards in the bank. What's the advice to a ranger most likely to solo or group, raiding occasionally, who would like to gear up for 90.
    Can someone explain why our MC gear with SF has only STA and AGI on it? I've been told I no longer need STR - but not told why AGI is the only stat that matters.
    Should I bother to keep grinding Voidshard Armour or is there a different set of armour with SF?
    Your advice much appreciated.
  2. ARCHIVED-Ranja Guest

    Keredh wrote:
    AGI is our stat now. It decides how much damage we do, our power pool, and avoidance (avoidance is for everyone though). Str only lets you carry more now:)
    Void shard armor can take you to 90 if you want. It is pretty good for resists and mitigation. You will get better blue stats (and DPS) from the SF stuff but survivability will probably go down. It is a trade off. You can start getting marks at 85 as well from the hole contested and some instances.
  3. ARCHIVED-Pattywak Guest

    The new Mark armor from SF instances only fill three slots (boots, bracers, shoulders), so get up to where you can get to the instances and get the gear drops. There's some pretty decent jewelry for marks too but the instance stuff is better if you can get it. The quested stuff might be an upgrade from T1 shard stuff, not sure cuz I had mostly T3 and that got me up to the instances.
  4. ARCHIVED-Umub Guest

    I don't think "griding" for shards at 80 would make much sense. If you are enjoying the level 80 content then sure that's fine. The shard quests are actually really good AA/exp. Otherwise, I would suggest just using a mix of whatever you can find while you are leveling to 90. This would include Mastercrafted, quests pieces, drops and faction pieces. However, if you do have some shards, then I would personally get the T2 hands for the haste. There aren't any hands you can buy with marks and the quest hand pieces don't have haste on them.
    Also, once you hit 90 I would strongly suggest a shopping spree on the broker for level 90 legendary jewlery. With about 30 plat, you can get a lot of nice stuff (and 30 plat isn't very much considering how much plat you will be making on the new SF quests). Then as the previous poster said, you can get 3 pieces of armor with marks plus some OK jewelry. Even the T1 mark armor is better than the T2 shard armor in my opinion.
    Finally, if you don't have your myth go ahead and make that a top priority with the epic repurcussions quest.
  5. ARCHIVED-Keredh Guest

    Thank you for very useful responses.
    To be absolutely clear, the Epic Repurcussions quest gives you the mythical version of the Epic, with the effects drawn out as buffs (and that is regardless of whether you use the fabled or mythical version)?
    Funny how agi is now the only important stat. In beta, agi was the stat we were all out to max. Then it was str. Now back to agi. I assume somewhere there is a post on the stat mechanics (probably not in this forum?).
    I'm enjoying being back - though when I think back on the game I beta'd so much has changed - and I miss some of the complexity that has been wheedled out in favour of easier stuff. (I had a go at Darkfall the other day and the sheer nervous thrill from dying in the middle of nowhere, having to go and retrieve the corpse and all my gear - and the buzz at surviving - took me straight back to EQ1 and a feeling I'd not felt for years.)
    Anyway, thanks again. Will look to max out the agi. Going to be a little weird having a str stat crash after the effort that went into lifting it!
  6. ARCHIVED-Pattywak Guest

    Correct on the Epic Repercussions, you get the Myth effects in a buff and the Myth stats on the weapon. The hardest part of the stat change is lower levels gear didn't get an overhaul, its not too bad otherwise. You'll find that your shard armor has its Agi boosted to where the Str was and most of the quests will give you Agi high items.

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