"Arena Endurance" needs fixed.

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Talathionwins, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. Talathionwins Active Member

    Currently this is the only fighter healing in the game that is not percent based. It needs to be changed.

    My suggestion:

    Arena Endurance
    On a successful combat art this spell will cast Arena's Endurance on caster.
    Heals caster for 2.0% of Max Health.
    Heals caster for 5+0.5*lvl Mana. (This can critical and is affected by potency.)

    This puts Arena Endurance up to par with other classes advanced achievements.
  2. Controlor Member

    You are completely ignoring the Paladin ward which only heals for about 15-18k hp (depending) when you say "Only fighter healing in the game that is not percent based".
  3. Silzin Active Member

    is this the Warrior Tree STA line endline? what is the ability doing atm compared to your proposed ability?
  4. Estred Well-Known Member

    This ability has been needed changed for years, there are really long in depth threads regarding it. Remember Warrior's cast roughly twice a second (at least my Guardian does). My Guard also has about 1,100,000 HP Solo-Buffed while in combat. So at your proposal of 2% HP Per hit for an investment of 24 Points I get the ability to passively heal for 4% a second which would place my HPS at 44K which is completely fine for the Guardian. However, here is the problem add that amount of HPS to a Berserker and they really won't be touchable. Zerks will be soloing heroic at that level of healing.

    5 +.5(level) = 52.5 Base Power now you say it's only effected by CB and Potency, not Ability Modifiers.
    - So this makes: 52.2 * (Potency) using my value of 303 flat since we can't count on Sadist to be fully stacked all the time.
    - This is 52.2 (1.0 +3.03) = 201.2 Power. Now everyone I know will have 100% CC chance so factor on Critical Bonus (mine is 512 and power-feeds crit at 1.30 + CB/100)
    - This is now 201.2 * (1.3 + 5.12) = 201.2(6.42) = 1350 Power per combat art or 2701 power-per second. I have a 104,000 Man Pool so this is 2.5% Power Regen Per Secon.

    That's not "on par" with other abilities, that's totally shattering them. An ability that passively heals 4% HP and 2.5% Power as long as they keep attacking? Keep in mind I am in full Potent Gear so I am pretty high on the Heroic Gear Levels. These are numerical and will weaken as stats increase but this is still really powerful stuff your suggesting.

    Guardian's need a way to heal, Arena Endurance is a good way to do it but sadly it can't just be buffed due to how Zerks got effected by the huge HP Pool. Keep trying.

    Yes, it's the STA Endline in Warrior Tree and currently parses a whopping ~30 HPS.

    Another ability that already has a thread asking for it to scale better. You are correct that the OP's statement of Arena being the only Numerical Base Heal in the game that Tanks have is a false one.
  5. Daalilama Well-Known Member

    This endline sucks period.
  6. Buffrat Well-Known Member

    Um...It is percent based though, just not of your max hp~

    A lot of KoS AAs are worthless, nothing new.