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    Whether you're returning to Norrath or starting an adventure for the first time, this guide to some of the newer features will help you get into the swing of things!

    Ascension Classes
    Ascension classes are the gateway to ascended power for characters over level 100 who have the Kunark Ascending or Planes of Prophecy expansions. Within Kunark Ascending, speak with one of the masters in the Obulus Frontier to begin training. In the Planes of Prophecy you can find a Trainer in the Coliseum of Valor.

    Ascension Forms
    Each Ascension class grants the ability to shift into an avatar of that Ascension, converting all damage done from any ability that is based on your weapon's damage type. This will also convert most pet and swarm pet damage.
    • Elementalist: Wielders of the opposing forces of fire and ice, Elementalists have the power to rain down destruction or degrade the defenses of an opponent. Elementalists convert ability damage to cold.
    • Etherealist: Master of arcane and planar energies, Etherealist abilities deal with the manipulation of ambient or latent magical power. Etherealists convert ability damage to magic.
    • Geomancer: Sometimes the most effective form of persuasion is brute force. Geomancers are able to bring staggering power down on opponents, converting ability damage into crushing.
    • Thaumaturgist: Most things have some form of life energy, and Thamaturgists are able to manipulate and control it to meet their needs. They convert ability damage to disease.
    Leveling Your Ascension Class
    Once an Ascension class has been initiated you will start receiving Celestial Ascension potions from mission crates which can be used to level your class.

    Changing Your Ascension Class
    To change classes, visit the appropriate Ascension master. All of the progress made on your current Ascension class is saved, and you will pick up where you left off when you return to a class. Ascension abilities you have earned will remain in the Ascension tab in your spellbook, though you will not be able to access them until you return to the proper class.
    Abilities in the above spellbook are greyed out because they are from a class that is not currently active.
    Ascension abilities can combo with other abilities to add an extra effect. In addition, Ascension abilities have the full range of spell tiers from apprentice to ancient.

    Equipment Infusion
    The planar energies released by the opening of the Subtunaria in Terrors of Thalumbra have invested items with latent energies, granting them stat bonuses when looted or by tithing coin and equipment infusers to enhance the effectiveness of the item.
    We have infused Cinder so that we can see the stat bonuses that have been modified with the default infusion. Note the "Base" checkbox in the top right. When unchecked (left) the window will show the items current infused stats. When checked (right), the four grey numbers will indicate the item’s base stat. The checkbox will only appear if an item has been modified.
    Infusion is accessed by right clicking an item in your inventory or by /toggleinfusion. You have two options to infuse an item. The default option is to directly tithe platinum to the gods, enticing them to unlock bonuses. Each subsequent infusion attempt will increase in cost. The second method is to apply infusers, which can be crafted or looted throughout Thalumbra. Purchased infusions work toward one cap on infused bonuses, while crafted and dropped infusers work on a separate cap. This allows you to maximize enhancements by pursuing both methods of increasing power.
    The picture below shows the default platinum tithe further infusing Cinder. In this case it costs 5 platinum to attempt infusion, and has a 25% chance of successfully infusing a stat bonus.
    This premium infuser is represented by a white crystal icon. There is no platinum cost and the chance of success is 100%.
    If an item is no longer able to be upgraded by a method, the chance to succeed will read 0%.

    Mercenaries: Leveling and Equipment
    While mercenaries are adept at walloping the occasional moss snake, anyone can learn from an experienced adventurer. With each level gained, your mercenary earns access to more equipment slots for armor or Accolades. To train your mercenary, open up the mercenary window and press "Start Training."
    The training time required to obtain the next level begins at 3 days, which progresses whether or not you are playing, and increases as you obtain higher levels.
    You may accelerate your mercenary's training by completing each level immediately for Daybreak Cash.

    Mercenary Armor
    Training your merc allows you to equip them with new armor. Mercenaries do not have restrictions on what they can wear and do not change their appearance based on the armor that they equip.

    Mercenary Accolades
    While a mercenary cannot wear the same jewelry as you, they make use of special accolades which can be obtained through adventuring or crafting.
    Mercenaries do not gain the benefits of Adornments, Item Sets, or Effects on their worn items.

    Familiars are critters found throughout Norrath that that can enhance the power of their master and grant them triggered or passive effects.
    They come in four tiers: Treasured, Legendary, Fabled, and Ethereal.
    Obtaining a Familiar
    You can get a familiar by visiting Steward Kres in Freeport, or Steward Aelin in Qeynos who will grant you a daily mission for the reward of a random familiar. Familiars can also be earned through many adventuring or public quest missions.

    Leveling Familiars
    When obtained, your familiar will be level 1 with base bonuses. Familiars can be leveled up to 10, and each level increases the statistic buff values by twenty percent. Triggered and passive effects are not modified by levels.
    Familiar Tonics and Training Potions are available through various events, such as the Days of Summer merchant Yun Zi. When consumed, these potions increase your currently summoned familiar's level by 1. Different tonics have different restrictions, so apply them with care.
    You can also use new familiars to level your favorite familiar. Common treasured familiars are worth 100 experience, while uncommon legendary familiars are worth 1,000. Fabled and ethereal familiars are worth even more!
    Familiars cannot be consumed out of your collection, only from your inventory bags. Familiars earned through /claim, quests, and any other special way will not be able to be consumed for experience.

    Is your bank a giant shoe closet? Do your bags double as a coat rack? With the Wardrobe, players can store their items to be worn as appearance gear without cluttering up precious inventory space.
    To add equipment, click the Wardrobe tab in your character window and drag the item from your inventory to the "Add to Wardrobe" section at the top of the page or onto any of the icon rows.
    You will receive a prompt explaining the item will be destroyed and noting the category the item will be added to.
    For One-Handed or Dual Wield weapons, you will be asked to choose the Primary or Secondary category, which can be changed at any time.

    Equipping Wardrobe Appearances
    There are no class restrictions that prevent you from adding equipment to your Wardrobe.
    There are two ways to equip Wardrobe appearances:
    1. Click the "Appearance" tab on the character window, and then click on an appearance slot. If you have Wardrobe items associated with that appearance slot, a pop-out menu will show these items. Clicking on an item in this menu will equip its appearance.
    2. Right-click the item in your Wardrobe and choose "Equip Wardrobe Item."

    Removing Equipment from your Wardrobe
    To remove equipment from your Wardrobe, right-click on it and choose "Remove from Wardrobe." Removed equipment will be destroyed!

    Switching Weapon Categories
    One-Handed or Dual Wield weapons may be placed in the Primary or Secondary categories.
    If you wish to move one of these weapons to the other category, right-click on the weapon and choose "Switch Wardrobe Category."
    Note: This option will only appear once the icon's examine information is done loading (when you can see the item's tool-tip).

    Appearance Item Sets
    Wardrobe equipment is fully functional with Appearance Item Sets.
    Once you have your Wardrobe appearances equipped, click on the Sets tab (in the Appearance section) and click either the "Create New Set" button or save over an existing set.

    House Displays
    When dressing a Mannequin, you can access appearances from your Wardrobe by left-clicking on the associated equipment icon slot on the Mannequin's UI.

    A lot of changes have come to EverQuest II, but they should help make your adventures a little easier. Return back to this guide whenever you need a quick refresher - we can't wait to see you in Norrath!
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