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  1. Accendo Community Manager

    Gear Up, Level Up is returning!

    You’ve explored, you’ve collected, you’ve done just about everything EverQuest II has to offer, and now it’s time for us to do something special for you once again. Gear Up, Level Up is back! The event starts tomorrow after scheduled downtime is complete and will go on until October 24, 2022 to give you ample time to . . . hmm, let’s see . . . gear up and level up, of course!

    Here is the schedule for all servers—yes, all servers:

    • September 27 – October 10 = Double Loot* (That’s two weeks!)
    • October 11 – October 17 = Mount Training Drops
    • October 18 – October 24 = Spell Research Drops
    You’ve heard, “Adventure is out there!”, and it really is. Wishing all of you great fortune!

    *Double Loot from the final bosses in solo and heroic dungeons, and from all raid bosses.

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  2. Rivenly Well-Known Member

    Mount training drops won't work on TLE - can we trade for more double loot?
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  3. Perrigrin Well-Known Member

    Or barding slots!
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  4. Smels New Member

    No! Give us Double Currency, Im trying to get hunters done on all my alts!!
  5. Jinksie Active Member

    Yay for spell research drops! I am also hoping for some double coins too - help us catch up on Obols. Thank you!
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  6. Arandar Well-Known Member

    I'd be nice if there were double hunters coins, but after the next hunters starts. Particularly given that DoF isn't going to be running as long as the others. However, the lesson we are taught, yet never learn, is that we do not deserve nice things.
  7. Riverbear Active Member

    Peace, respect, harmony & hold your horses!
    It is embarrassing to read the reactions from my fellow TLE's to an announcement clearly intended for Live Servers.
    The joy of Varsoon is ~NOT to be drowned in attendance awards nor easy nor free.
    Let's please compose ourselves!
    Take joy in the playing of a challenging game and let the live servers wail and beg :)
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  8. Arandar Well-Known Member

    The expansion has already been cleared by a few raid guilds, even broken as it is. Not sure what it is you're going on about.
  9. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    the announcement was to all servers, but don't blow your top the first minute after a brand-new announcement.
    It would not be the first time the people who provide us with this game relented and gave us on TLE servers the appropriate
    advantages in exchange for those we can't use.
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  10. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Arandar I have no clue as in what you're talking about, there are always guilds that will take the lead in finishing the expansion
    early, but one or two guilds are not an indicator for the vast majority of people who play this game on any TLE server.
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  11. Arandar Well-Known Member

    I'm talking about the whole nonsensical bit about challenge and whatnot, therefore people shouldn't want/expect whatever from events. Most people are on Varsoon for the nostalgia, or to escape the feature creep of retail, not some hardmode ultra-sweaty experience.
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  12. Boldac Active Member

    So I get the "Gear Up" part of the event. But just exactly how does double drops, mount and research bits equate to "Level Up"?

    Or am I missing something?
  13. Rucnisol New Member

    hope the mount training and spell researchers drops are not the 4hr no trade that we have seen recently. would rather have the heirloom items to bank for mounts next xpac.
  14. Scorpionbeauty Member

    I agree all servers could use more obols I think that is the only way we are going to finish getting the gear in time for next xpac.
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  15. Carribea Active Member

    what ever happened to double status and currency? the odds on getting decent drops on spell research or mount training items generally suck, sorry to say.
    now on a separate note could you all please stop with the thousands of temporary adornments in the Heritage crates, considering you can't stick em into a Depot even the so called Personal Depots, it's really at the point of being annoying.
  16. GamerGirl007 Active Member

    So... what is the level up part? Perhaps consider double status/currency/xp? These items would benefit all.
  17. discomboblatron New Member

    agree with gamergirl. gear up, LEVEL up, right? double xp interests me far more than more raid gear inferior to crafted gear lol
  18. AOE1 Well-Known Member

    And if you do not raid or don't have the uber stats to group, where does this 'gear' come from because solo instances don't offer enough obol to get a cup of tea. How about fix the stat bloat you all threw out there first.
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  19. Morukta The ORIGINAL Micro-Gnome

    I presume, as is standard, this is -Members ONLY- . All I'm saying is that should be spelled out in every one of these bonus events. Just write it as an incentive reason to subscribe...
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  20. Taled Well-Known Member

    The double loot typically is not, as it doesn't really have a check for that. It *could*, I suppose, but that would be a hassle not worth coding I would think.

    The mount/research drops I honestly can't remember being prestige but it's possible they added the flag for it.