Are we the only class Without screenshots from a 50 test Zerk?

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Ol'boy, Aug 8, 2005.

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    What about this question ? :smileymad:
    Plz plz plz ! ;)
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    I know i was being sarcastic. :smileywink:
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    Good question, one more question for you Khalad and excellent feedback man, job well done.
    Do we get to keeo the CA's we have at the quaility we have them at now, for example, Anarchy Adept III now, will it be Anarchy Adept III after the change? Just using Anarchy as a example so it goes for all other CA's and skills except the totally new ones we will recieve that we never got before of course.
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    Yes, they will all be of the same quality of your current spells on live servers.
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    One thing I am not very happy about. Weapon Guard which I mentioned earlyer in this thread that I thought was bugged had it's description changed today. It is a 30 second buff with a 30 second recast that drops after 3 procs. I see a reason to limit it to a point, but I think 3 is a bit low.
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    Some more changes that seem better.

    Berserker changes:
    - Havoc can once again be cast on group members.
    - Battlechant and War Chant no longer require the offensive stance in order to be cast.
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    Just think of it as 600 damage for 82 power on a 30 second timer. That's pretty good.
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    I understand what you mean and what SOE is doing, but I still don't understand why making changes if players are having fun... What is more important, having fun in the game or playing the more balanced game ever made? I would say fun... Maybe I am wrong, but I don't really care if it's not balanced as long as I have fun. If the balance prevent me to have fun, then it should be changed, but why changing something if players enjoy it? Just my 2 coppers.

    Also, here more changes:

    Mitigation values have been spread more evenly across armor slots. Chest and leg slots still provide slightly greater mitigation, though less than they did before. This should make it more beneficial to wear high-mitigation armor in every slot.
    - The mitigation provided by accessories (ear, neck, ring, wrist, belt) has been reduced by 50%.
    - The base mitigation of very light armor has been slightly increased.

    (Unless I misunderstood, all characters are loosing mitigation? Jewelery 50% less...)

    Berserker changes:
    - Havoc can once again be cast on group members.
    - Battlechant and War Chant no longer require the offensive stance in order to be cast.

    Fighter changes:
    - Call to Arms had its duration removed and can now be toggled.

    - Fighter spells and combat arts have received a balance pass. In general, Fighter combat abilities have been made more efficient, either by reducing their power cost or increasing their damage. Please examine your spells and arts, as some effects have changed.
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    the way I read it your not loosing mitigation because all your Main Armor has been leveled out with the legs and BP being worth just a bit more mitigation but significantly dropped. So it seems we will have around the same mitigation due to the rise in all the other pieces of armor how much mitigation does jewelery really give you anyway. If you played well you worried more about what the stats of the jewelewry was than what the mitigation was.
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    That makes no sense, please explain your theroy.
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    The best way to think of it is this: Assuming all 7 pieces of main armor are of the same quality, lets say, ebon. Then the breastplate and legs lost about 50 mitiation each, and the helm, shoulders, gloves, boots, and bracers each gained about 20 mitigation. Your overall mitigation from armor is still the same, its just more evenly distributed. Note, I'm not using actual numbers as servers aren't up so I cant go check, but this shows the overall effect of whats going on.
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    hey Khalad, thanks for the feedback! The spell shots and feedback has been most helpful at trying to figure out how we are going to shape up!

    Thanks again!

    Lucan D
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    Spent a few hours today with my templar friend duoing level 52-53 heroic mobs, from triple ups to large grps. We were able to do so at a decent pace and didn't even have to burn a ton of power. Large grps go down fast due to out AE capability. The triples took longer, but It still was fairly quick. Auto attack on this level of grp mobs was hitting from around 60-250. 250 being on a mob in a large grp and the 60 range on the triple. I was useing the prismatic 2 hand sword. None of the fights were really close, even when we had some adds. Often while fighting a heroic encounter a solo encounter would add. I would stay on the heroic and the furious counter procs, slaughter and berserker assault would kill the solo encounter before I was done with the group.

    I still have yet to group with any large damage dealers to see how agro is. My templar never pulled agro off me with heals. One time though an encounter added on her as she was healing, it took a little time to get the mobs off her. No more instant peeling with promise of violence. DPS seems to help alot with agro generation. When my taunts failed to pull off her, a few styles after would get them. I duoed with a Troubador last night (same type of gear as me, if anything even better, most of his spells are masters as well) and we did close to the same DPS. I had parsed the whole night and I prob led in dps 75% of the time, but it was fairly close. He was not duel weilding though, he was using the CL bard shield and a Vox spear which he said had better stats now. The troubador never once pulled agro off me either. And I wasnt taunting, just DPSing.
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    I would like to see some real dps parsed numbers but I understand the pandora's box that would ensue if you posted them. My concern is you are saying you out dps'ed 75% of the time but you are only grouping with a Temp and a Troub, both are at the very bottom of the dps tree. I will miss the instant aggro of Promise of Violence for when it is needed but wont miss accidentally hitting it after a night of drinking while on a raid. If you can get us some data from a 6 man group that would be great just dont say too much cause I dont want to hear the scouts whine anymore.
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    Darkdog wrote:
    "My concern is you are saying you out dps'ed 75% of the time but you are only grouping with a Temp and a Troub, both are at the very bottom of the dps tree."
    According to Moorgard, Bards and Enchanters are above Berserkers and SK on the DPS tiers that he has spoken of.
    T1- preds, sorc
    T2-rogues, summoners
    T3 Bards and Chanters
    T5 Zerk and SK
    T6 pally and guard
    T7 priests
    And to make it clearer, I duoed with the Troubador last night, and with the Templar this morning. The templar was not coming close to dps btw.
    DPS for triple ups was around 100. Groups of mobs were closer to 175 or more.
    Do not let these numbers scare you. DPS scale is much differant then it is on live servers.
    The important part to me, was that when a Berserker and Bard and a Berserker and Templar duoed, we were killing all types of level 53 group encounters at a nice pace. The fights with the templar went slower of course, and some of the fights with the troubador ended with me in the orange and sometimes red.

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    Khalad, can you ask a developer what the heck we would need a buff that procs a slower rate of movement on the encounter ? Like we dont kite... wount it supposed to lowe Atack speed isntead of movement ? semms so pointless since we all tank standing still , or almost, after positioning.

    Thanaks ;)
  18. ARCHIVED-z2xm Guest

    Rememebr though he said the Bard was using a 1her, so likely if he been using 2 compariable DWers he would have had a higher DPS. Plus I seem to rememebr at some point it was stated that when tanking it would not be unlikely to see a zerker's DPS jump a level and be closer to bruiser/monks.... I want to say this was from something right after they announced the little chart thing they did..... of course I could just be thinking of something some random person said, but I think it was from SOE....
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    I remember reading this as well, Moorgard said it but I have my doubts. Mobs block and parry alot more then they do on live. The berserker tanking has to deal with all that. I guess that a Berserker tanking vs a brawler tanking that statement might be true. But a Berserker tanking and a monk flanking im not sure its gonna work like that.
    Spent some time today with a grp of 4, berserker, wizard, troub and mystic. The wizard was 2 levels higher then me. We no longer have uber agro generation like before, but its still decent, and our taunts work well. I pretty much had to hit my taunts right as they came up, or I would risk loosing agro near the end of the fight. Remember he was 2 levels higher. I was also using offending defense instead of destructive rage ( no need with troub in grp, we were capped on hp regen) and Tides of War. Offending defense is pretty nice, it is only a 20% chance, but the counter attack at app 1 was hitting for about 100. The spell is pretty easy to use too. You can toggle it on and off very quickly, it has no sort of recast when done, so its easy to just drop it as the mob dies and keep up with the moving grp. Putting an SS of Offending defense at the bottom of this post in case it wasnt posted anywhere else.
    Overall the fights are alot of fun so far. The battles are much faster paced and intense. Combat arts use alot less power so you can go nuts. I think people are going to be pleasantly suprised when they try it out. On another note, my self buffed attack rating is over 1000, pretty nice.

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  20. ARCHIVED-scl Guest

    Hey Khalad, thanks for all the info, really appreciated. I just have one question, sorry if I've missed the answer elsewhere. You mention that you're using your 2h Prismatic - does our new defensive abilities make it feasable to tank without a shield?
    It sounds like you're doing fine, I was just wondering if that was because the rest of your gear is so good or if we really don't need a shield to be decent group tanks.
    I've heard something about shields not working properly too, is that the reason or are shields working just fine?

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