Are we able to solo/duo PR ?

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Kiintac, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Kiintac Guest

    Is it possible to farm PR solo or with a Merc when you only have 90/91 PvP gear? I tried it a few times with my Troub friend and we just get rocked ! Also, tried Templar Merc but he gets aggro right away.

    I believe I have specced into everything to help my tank pet but he can't seem to keep aggro.

    One other thing that seems different since I played last is that I can't cast MM or SoS without canceling them after casting them once. So during the fight I have to frantically click them off the maintained spells bar so that they will recharge and I can cast them again. As long as they are still on the mob I can't recast them to heal pet. Without fear and stun spells being usable, MM and SoS are a must.

    Any helpful suggestions ?

    Thanks all
  2. ARCHIVED-PrometheusAfire Guest

    I haven't had much luck in PR soloing with a merc on my necro (lvl 92 in a mix of 90/91 pvp gear, and charms and shoulders from dungeon maker). The big problem is the detriments- you have no way of curing the dazes/fears/stifles, all of which are of long duration, so often times you will be chopped down before they expire. I had some success killing the 3 first names, but it took several tries and a good bit of luck, especially on the Fear guy. I suppose with the construct mercs, and full SS gear you could feasibly run the entire zone (you will need the self rez from the heroic aa tree, of course), but I haven't gotten that far on my necro quite yet. The zone is, however, a piece of cake on an inquisitor, or SK, both of which have self cures that can be cast while under the effects of the detriment.

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