Are these quests still in the game please?

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  1. Mercychalice Well-Known Member

    For the past week, I have been chrono-mentored between levels 5 and 15, trying to get these 3 quest starter items to drop:

    1) Antonica: Meteoric Chunk, for Meteoric Hoop. I have also tried the associated zone Buccaneer's place under the lighthouse, and every ocean creature between Traveller's Isle to Blackburrow's Brewery entrance.

    2) Blackburrow: A tarnished silver key, said to drop from any gnoll
    3) Blackburrow: a broken morningstar, said to drop from Blackburrow miners. I have cleared Blackburrow top to bottom probably 200 times in the last 4 days. Neither of these two quests have dropped. Every other quest, besides these two, listed for Blackburrow's timeline has dropped and been completed.

    I ask, because, besides the large number of times I've been dedicated to trying to get these items to drop, I have noticed other quests that have been listed for Antonica's timeline that have been listed as having been stricken from the game.
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  2. Mezaka Active Member

    Historical data on eq2u shows that it has dropped on the Rivervale server in November 2019.

    My guess is that these quest starters either have an insanely low drop rate, or, it has been removed in some update unknowingly.

    I'm right there with you, though, I'd love to either see the drop rate increase or be able to buy them off of the loyalty merchants.
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  3. Mercychalice Well-Known Member

    it's so hard to tell because these zones are so much older, and when folks do run them, they don't stay there very long, certainly not long enough to pay attention to quest starter items, unless they're in it for the completionism. I was sorta hoping for a gm or dev verification yay or nay if they're still there. of course, that's not always feasible, they're certainly very busy atm. but a "for certain" answer never hurts my feelings. (lol)
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  4. Matik Member

    Yes, I farmed them on Rivervale in november. For meteoric hoop I camped the sand lurker goblins I think. I did all level 1-35 quests on karan recently and some on d'lere, the wiki is mostly correct about what is still in game, except where it says "not sure confirmation needed" off the top of my head the ones I came across that it was wrong about was mispelled guttersnipe note in whatever outlying freeport zone that is, and "in his name" quest in commonlands, both are still in game but wiki says they aren't.
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  5. Sunborne Member

    First, check ZAM. If the item is still in the game, ZAM will have the percent chance of it dropping. One of your items has a one-twentieth of 1 percent (0.05%) chance of dropping....

    Second, get someone at the level the starters drop to come with you. Two weeks ago I was trying to get a strange gem to drop. After almost 2 hours of slaying highwaymen, I dragged my mentor dummy out to Ant instead of leaving him safe in town. The starter dropped on our second kill. I had been told that level check was how (some? many? all?) items triggered, but only tried it then out of sheer frustration of a 25% chance item not dropping.

    (I play on TLE Kaladim; we do not have chronomentoring.)

    Good luck and have fun.

    (PS - ETA: this is a thread I started 7 years ago. Welcome to EQ2? :eek:)
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  6. Fangrim Active Member

    All those quests you listed in BB are still in game,The tarnished silver key can be bought off the brokers but the other's are no-trade.Luckily you didn't mention 'Unfinished Breastplate' from BB spearfishers, that one is the worst to get in there. I've got them all 4 times on different servers and each time it takes from 5000- 10000 gnoll kills! The hardest quest drop left in game is in the Feerrott 'tattered robes'.
  7. Feldon Well-Known Member

    Just be aware this data is from 2011.

    For Expired (removed/unattainable) Quests on EQ2U, we used a combination of crowdsourced data provided by players and a deep crawl to find quests which *nobody* has completed in at least 4 years. I am completely reliant upon players to help me keep this feature updated.
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  8. Matik Member

    Is it possible for us to flag quests that made it in the new 2.0 log, that are not obtainable currently, because of old characters who might have had an old quest in their logs, starter in their bags, that type of thing?
  9. Feldon Well-Known Member

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  10. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    There's still some books from Permafrost and Temple of Cazic Thule that haven't dropped for me after slaughtering thousands of giants and lizardmen. I know how you feel.

    At any rate, Matik says he found them on the Rivervale server when it launched last year, so that confirms the quests are still available.
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  11. Mercychalice Well-Known Member

    yeah i checked zam, and have been going around to all the mobs listed, despite their low chance of dropping them. However, since the zam is unlikely to be well maintained since there's no longer any updates for it, it's hard to know if something listed on zam has been retired or not. :) it may be better to have my hubby's account make a lowbie toon and lock him to a particular level for the sake of mentoring instead of chronomaging. one of the quests is listed at an odd level (13iirc) and 5/10 might be too low and 15 too high for peak loot might just be one of those weird ones. i'll keep at's bound to happen eventually if it's still there.
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  12. Wulfen Active Member

    I found the tattered robe within living memory (could have been within a year from present). I felt blessed from heaven. Nevermind my character was over twice the level for wearing quest reward. I have been encouraged to find all the other available quest starters... Rivervale items, meteoric hoop from lurkers, Blackburrow drops.... still looking for that Commonlands item to drop, and that elusive Permafrost book drop? Or is it OOLS? At any rate, I mentor down periodically and play the Small Chest drop game. Blessings from heaven only last about 9 seconds, but they do produce memorable dopamine. And occasionally I run into other interesting aspects. The game gets screechy when it isn't generously seeded with blessings.
  13. Fangrim Active Member

    Wulfen, the last time I got the Meteoric Hoop drop it was off the octopi straight off the Commonlands docks. In the water where you search for hadden's earring.
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  14. Feldon Well-Known Member

    If anyone needs to review the Expired (hidden) Quest List on EQ2U, here's the link. You'll have to remove the space for it to work. I don't want Google to index this as it is a very heavy page: /quests/questlist_expired
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  15. Fangrim Active Member

    I was Talormane on Stormhold TLE did every single drop quest left in shattered lands apart from Feerrott 'tattered robes' Was also top on Fallen Gate up to 60 and Kaladim 60 with Talormane (2) and Serendipity. Most quests that are no longer in game (drop wise) are from the original game. This is Talormane I transferred from Stormhold TLE,every quest he did is still in game (not counting world events ofc but you can get every drop from SL)
  16. Mercychalice Well-Known Member

    I read over a lot of this list and cried a little. I remember many of these quests from years ago. Some of them I didn't realize were gone. I really do wish they would have left them in, especially since some of them gave more meat to some of the zones, like the Down Below. I remember spending a week in there going back and forth doing things there.
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  17. Matik Member

  18. Evangel New Member

    I've been camping the spot in the image above (Chrono'ed to lv20), as well as the Sand Lurkers on Traveler's Isle and the underwater ship in nothern Antonica, and the Oar Grapplers by the southern lighthouse for 3 days now, just earned the Goblin Destroyer achievement (10k) and still no sign of that darn Meteorite Chunk. Soon gonna move on, could have been removed from the game since January and i'd never know. Really wish they would announce when items/quests are removed from the game.
  19. Evangel New Member

    Apparently, I just needed to complain about it (sigh, maybe the Karen's are right). Confirmed drop of Meteorite Chunk on 07/13/2021 from an Oar Grappler octopi southeast of the Lighthouse docks (84, -45, 1,106)
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