Are some adept 1s not dropping?

Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Asolandri, Dec 14, 2004.

  1. ARCHIVED-Asolandri Guest

    I have tried Qeynos and Freeport (black) market, and I check alot. I never see Crypt's Quiet, Verlien's Enigmatic Falsetto, Garsin's Funeral March, Luda's Wicked Warble, Death's Scent, Cry of the Departed, or Dissonant Rhythm, not even overpriced. Anyone have these? Or do you have to go App3, or Adept3?
  2. ARCHIVED-wildwood Guest

    I have seen Dissonant Rhythm once or twice, and I think I've seen Garsin's. But the rest I have not, and I was wondering the same thing.
  3. ARCHIVED-hizashi Guest

    I have Cry of the Departed purchased for when I level up enough to use it - so it exists

    Not sure on others~
  4. ARCHIVED-Kirruu Guest

    I haven't seen ANY of those for sale either... go figure /=
  5. ARCHIVED-Xeryna Guest

    I have Cry of the Departed, the others I have never once seen. In beta, Garsin's and Crypt's Quiet did drop, not extremely commonly but not rarely either. Verlien's...well snare is rather lame since they made it break on damage like root, and it barely slows mobs down anyway, but... still would be nice to see more adepts dropping, rather than Darkblade over and over and over...
  6. ARCHIVED-Havlen Guest

    I have Cry of the Departed, never seen the rest. Definately some problems with the drop rates of certain spells/skills, which is annoying. I finally bought an app III for warble today, but its been a pain goign the last few levels using it at app i then app ii when I found the NPC merchant.
  7. ARCHIVED-Poxer Guest

    Cry of the Departed here as well even though I can't use it. I am a casual player and level slow but keep an eye on the market and have not seen any of the others up through last Sunday. I am on a business trip this week so I am not up to date this week.

    Regarding Cry of the Departed, I paid I think 25s or maybe 30s last week from the Freeport Black Market.

    I am looking for Garsin's all the time as well as the Bria's and haste spells. Never see them.
  8. ARCHIVED-Glemo Guest

    I noticed that alot of adepts are region bound, so some apear to drop common near qeynos and less common/rare in freeport.
    So it might that these drop in zones where not many people hunt.

    As i am from freeport i bought some from the fence as i never saw them for sale in freeport.

    Piercing shriek and songsters luck seem to be the commonest adepts in freeport while Qeynos has 2 others
  9. ARCHIVED-Ingl Guest

    I got crypt's and brias (adept 1).
  10. ARCHIVED-GomFedj Guest

    I have looked on for LOTS of those adepts I, and it shows people HAVE found them but i telll you i have never seen MOST of those for sale and i have personally never seen one drop!
    There are just some common ones that drop and some rare ones, and i am not sure if that is by intention or by crappy code. and i DOUBT SOE will tell us saddly.
    App3's are not bad, i would suggest NOT GOING adept3 untill you check to make sure there is no upgrade to the spell at ALL or at least for awhile. Also some upgrade are laughable at best (bria's comes to mind.. each upgrade adds *drum roll* 1 point! woo *cheer* i even have the level 27 bria's at appIII and it is like 7 points a tick? i think... would have to double check
  11. ARCHIVED-Avocet Guest

    Adept 1 of anything but excruciating scream doesn't exist on befallen. Or at least for the most part. Bard and Dirge adepts are so rare they might just as well not exist.
  12. ARCHIVED-Glemo Guest

    I am starting to think that the ratio of adept dropping is linear with the number of classes of that type on the server.

    the more X the more chance an adept will drop for X.

    I hope i am wrong though.
  13. ARCHIVED-Tuna99 Guest

    Am on Crushbone... typically have all my adepts before I get spell... there are always lots on vendors... of course I am assuming that a couple of the spells you mentioned dont have adepts...

    I quest for all my armor, unless I get something I can use through the lotto, and save the rest of my money for buying adepts. Just check the brokers everytime I am back in town, and buy everything available that I dont already have.

    Also, I think I tend to favor high loot situations over high exp, and get a lot of drops as a result. Dirge adept drops seem fairly common (compared to chanters.. never see chanter adepts... but maybe that has to do with where I have been hunting).

    Have yer group constant pull groups of blue con gnolls... Or spend time getting to know dungeons well... chest drops seem to be greater in dungeons... You have to work a lot harder for the exp, but yer getting a lot more chest drops than ya normally would hunting at or above yer level.

    Gobi, Crushbone
  14. ARCHIVED-Tuna99 Guest

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