Are resists ever going to actually work again?

Discussion in 'PVP Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Orthureon, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-mopeygothic Guest

    Orthureon wrote:
    pumice stone .. no more magi shielding or manashield and a variety of defensive buffs .. mages become the butter they were supposed to be

    also, resists really need to be brought back to a more reasonable level - or A level even ^^
  2. ARCHIVED-latesttoon Guest

    maybe you are fighting mages with much better gear or better skill, and you have bad gear or bad skill?
    I really cannot see a major issue..
    you are a tank.. you fight a brigand for example.. you use your parry buff, you use divine aura if you have it (which works against spells anyway) and you have high block chance... so you can kill the scout... but, because you find it harder to kill a mage then there must be a problem??
    Maybe the scout can kill a mage easy --- "swings and roundabouts" is the term we use.
    you can't expect to be able to kil everyone, it's impossible.. and being able to kill a very good healer in a 1 v 1 has always been virtually impossible (except for maybe an assassin).. i'm not including just before the update when autoattack almost one shotted people.
    What sort of tanks are you?(i mean that as a question, which class)... if you are fighting a mage, knock him back as often as you can, dispell him if he uses some temp (by looking at his buffs), use divine aura, stun/stifle him, dispell him, make a mage spec maybe ..
    you can't expect to be able to kill every class anyway .. and think about it.. you are a tank, your job in pvp is to taunt and have lots of HP... not to be able to easily kill every class in the game. If you want to kill everyone, make an assassin.
    I could understand if maybe you are a guardian and complaining.
    How do you think a scout feels when he attacks an SK who blocks 50% of attacks, then puts on some parry buff, then uses divine aura, while also putting out good dps.
    Resists are fine .. but if you really had to have something, you could have a 10% chance to resist a spell on tank only.
    across the board though, resists should not be a major factor again UNLESS heals are reduced.. as like i said, you could fight forever in a 6 v 6 fight.

    edit: also i jsut reread.. when you had a paladin you could cure surging tempest so you could kill a wizard.. buy crafted potions, cure arcane.

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