Are rangers now fixed?

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-PeterJohn, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Scillion Guest

    Ironically i am still working on my woodworking (only level 32). I will be working on tradeskilling to get the skill up as I agree MC bows are sig better. Currently using a warpwood bow so the Raincaller is a significant upgrade.
    Question, back when the changed the stat rules i thought all damage was through the Agi stat. As i do have mostly str gear back when i was melee focused pre SF.
  2. ARCHIVED--=Hoss=- Guest

    I get a kick out of this title everytime I see it because I immediately think of 'fixing' the same way you 'fix' a cat or dog. I'd say they've been 'fixed' for a while, eh?
  3. ARCHIVED-Toughone Guest

    Rangers are still not fixed. Not even close!
  4. ARCHIVED-Osp Guest

    -=Hoss=- wrote:
    /ROFL, yes you are correct, we have been "fixed".....neutered
  5. ARCHIVED-Aaramis Guest

    So, just out of curiosity (and no, I'm not pot-stirring, I'm actually curious), if Rangers were to be changed, how would you guys on the whole want the changes to be?
    There seems to be a general dislike of having to stay in a certain range for max dps and/or having to joust. Would you rather it was a literal copy of the Assassin, only in favour of ranged where you had 90% ranged CAs and only a few melee CAs?
    Or do you prefer having a nice mix, but wish it was simply a matter of one auto-attack method being permanently on until altered so you didn't have to macro in autoattack swaps?
    I've also seen in other threads a general cry from both Predators for more utility. Is this still an issue as a whole?
  6. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    /sigh depends. They did say they planned on making us more ranged, but earliest we will see any of those changes is velious unless they consider the bow mechanics changes those changes, which would be extremely lame.
    the auto attack selection is just something that needs to be put in regardless. It's fast becoming standard fare in MMO's. Be it an auto switch between melee and ranged depending on distance or a hard lock until otherwise specifically changed by the player (command or pushing one of the auto attack buttons).
    If I could have what ever way I wanted I would say shift more of the melee DPS to ranged, and change the melee stuff to be tools to help with staying at range. Like a reverse lunge and/or movement impairment breakers. having melee attacks that are purely only good for high DPS just seems silly on a ranger. Would be different if it was some of our worst parsing stuff but instead its some of the best.

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