Are locks crappiest mages atm?

Discussion in 'Mages' started by LastActionJackson, Mar 10, 2021.

  1. Goezer Master of Crayons

    Locks are more dependent on stacks and luck of resets it would seem vs Wiz. BUT Warlock is also more of a challenge to play and be good at. Personally prefer Warlock over Wiz. I can attest to Rev being one of the Top Locks out there.. known him a good while.

    As for over under on forum lock.. we've survived this long! lol
  2. MSMS New Member

    I agree: Warlocks are the crappiest players here ;)
  3. Goezer Master of Crayons

    Locks in general aren't bad... I blame the keyboard actuators
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  4. LastActionJackson Member

    Lock mechanics are so wrong right now. Decimation gets resisted too often. It does not instant cast. Locks are no longer AOE DPS classes given that Cataclysm range is so small and Rift has too long a recast to make a difference. The prestige AOE hardly does any DPS and is not relevant anymore except to instant cast spells that don't instant cast.

    Yes locks can still parse well. But that is only because the good ones have all the p2w items. But as a whole, the class needs a massive revamp.
  5. Baldzilla New Member

    Why is everyone saying Scout pet then? I have always liked my mage pet.
  6. Thalador Active Member

    Sad to see this thread. However just came back after a few months trying to gear up my lock again. Finished sig questline and doing all the sidequests (got a nice mythical item from a silly quest) so doing all of those. Will not be raiding but looking to get better gear. Here is my link

    Looking for suggestions on what/where to run solo with my merc to get the best solo gear I can.
  7. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    You might review the Reign of Shadows Guide to see if there's any easy-to-get gear you missed. Not just the top post, there are some additional bits of gear discussed further in the thread too.

    First off, you'll want to update your adorns. You are missing adorns in a lot of places.You should be able to pick up the Acrylica adorn recipe books at the least and get rid of most of the old expansion adorns.

    I would ditch the Health and the Ability Mod white adorns... you want Crit Bonus, Crit Bonus Overcap, and Potency. If you need more health, the best way to get it is by training up your mount and using at least Acrylia Bardings. You can get a BUNCH more health that way than you can with adorns, and also add Potency and maybe Crit Bonus there. EQ2U doesn't let us see the mount and its gear, alas.

    The Void Etched Aniquilacion red rune set (Foundation of Ruin, Ascension of Destruction, Firmament of Fire) is something you REALLY want to work towards getting. The "Ascension of Destruction" effect is VERY useful.

    I'd also recommend the Void Etched Zou Kunnen red rune set (Ascension of Magic, Foundation of Thought, Firmament of Power).

    ABMod is on nearly every piece of gear, and it caps at 2X your biggest hit anyway, so if you aren't doing hits in the 10 million range, I'd also reforge out of ABMod in favor of more Crit Bonus. Similarly, for some unknown reason the devs put freakin' tank stats on mage gear, and you can't even USE Block, and the melee stats (Flurry, Haste, Multi Attack, etc.) are not working right for anyone, so reforge that all into stats that will help you.

    AA Build
    I would recommend looking at the AA builds for other warlocks and comparing them to your own choices.

    I also suggest better food and drink, such as Tegi Meatloaf and Spiced Grimroot Tea, or Hogfish Fricassee and Pome Pome. Etc.

    Where to Hunt
    I would definitely suggest trying the new Vasty Deep Solo (speak to Doctor Arcana in Somborn in Loping Plains). The solo gear that drops is much better stuff. I do recommend pulling small batches at first until you get a feel for the difficulty (my 'lock Hulda has been killed a couple of times with over-pulls, though I haven't combed the logs for why yet).
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  8. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    shish , get your ER and you too can do more damage on a named focusing all your AOE power in to one target and hitting with 3 times the hit points.
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  9. Thalador Active Member

    Thanks so much for this. I went and did the Vasty deep solo. It was a bit tough due to not knowing strats but I got some good gear. I swapped out some adorns and reforged as suggested. I will continue to try and get some of these red rune sets you mentioned, not sure where/how to get some of them though as the fandom page doesn't give any info.
  10. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    For the "where to find", try EQ2U's Item Search, there is often crowdsourced info as to what drops it. The adorns can drop in some of the Solo instances, as well as Heroics and Raids.
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  11. Patienceiskey New Member

    My conjy would smack all your locks around.
  12. Paragonvii Active Member

    Okay you made me chuckle!! I do love my conjy =) butttt 1 conjy vs 2 locks in pvp may get messy =P