Are 3rd Party UI's still popular?

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  1. Skoda Zek New Member

    Just wondering if custom UI's are still popular among the EQ2 community.

    Especially end game raiding players. If so can someone recommend one? Thanks!
  2. Tayz Member

    I use one and can't imagine not using one. I use Drumsui, well most of it there were a cpl pieces i use default or other for but 95% is Drumsui
  3. Mermut Well-Known Member

    I use darqui here.
  4. sugarmetender New Member

    same here, darqui still the only one that has everything working for coe expansion
  5. Buffrat Well-Known Member

    Drums, Profit both good too.
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  6. Coolit New Member

    I use DarqUI also, everything works out the box with little setup and the past three expansions have had support from day one.
  7. Estred Well-Known Member

    I use Profit whoever is running it still keeps it updated and I much prefer the window borders over Drums myself. I need as much space as possibly out of my UI given I keep somewhat larger Icons any extraneous "pretty borders" is extremely detracting.
  8. Rolaryn Active Member

    I use profit also i like the updater
  9. Erszebeth Active Member

    I use the frankenstein special, i.e. multiple pieces I like off various UIs pieced together, I haven't found any actual complete UI where I even like the majority of.
    Best thing to do is just browse through and see what you like, and experiment.
  10. Mae- Well-Known Member

    This exactly. I have used Profit almost since its inception, mainly because every corner is a 90 degree angle, there are no distracting fancy borders, and it all lines up so pretty and neat. That's all I really need in a UI, I have never even used the click-to-cure that was first added to Profit long before it became default in game.