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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Shankette, Feb 26, 2023.

  1. Shankette New Member

    So, after an 8 plus year absence, i need a refresh on Arasi travel.

    I vaguely recollect that there is no mount graphic for them. I didn't think that they couldn't USE them however.

    I use the summon mount button and while i wasn't expecting to be riding a mount, i was expecting the buff to land. Instead, it's not in the maintained list. I'm only 58, so not high enough for the flight timeline. Is the only option for speed buffs totems??
  2. mouser Well-Known Member

    Arasai can ride mounts. Look under your character tab and make sure you have one equipped.
  3. Shankette New Member

    The advantage of having an old account sometimes means options.

    I went back and looked and i did have a mount equipped (Ykeshan Bear). I checked my claim list though and grabbed the winter wolf and that worked. Tried the bear again and it still didn't work, so apparently, either the bear is bugged or just can't be used by Arasai.'

    Thanks for the help!
  4. CharbrynEQ2 Well-Known Member

    I don't recall the level breakdowns because it's been a long, long time, but the Ykeshan Bear doesn't start out as a mount, but instead a non-combat fluff pet. It doesn't become a mount until later level, but I'd think it would become a mount by 50...but perhaps I'm mistaken. I know it doesn't become it's full, armored version (graphic-wise, the stats don't change if it even has stats) until 80.
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  5. Shankette New Member

    It's also possible it may have changed since the last time i played. It was the only mount i had on the character, so i'm near certain that it was a valid mount at the time or i would already have had a different mount option on the character. (i doubt i would have managed to play through to 58 without a functional speed buff.)
  6. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    There's been a bug reported several times fairly recently about problems with the Ykeshan Bear mount.
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