April: New PVP TLE Server Coming.....

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  1. Freddie_Mercury Member

    So, the major question is this. Did they just copy and paste the failure previous PVP TLE servers or are they doing something new?

    The Lore and Legend server we saw a potentially great mechanic that would be very useable in a PVP server... Will they apply that to the new PVP server or just copy and paste the old ones and fail a month after launch like they did with all the other PVP servers after Naggy 1.0?

    We shall have to wait and see
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  2. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    only two ways to find out, they tell us what it's all about, or you will have to wait and see.
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  3. DENSER Well-Known Member

    It's all about making money again.
    Pvp serveur is very profitable at these beginnings, announcement effects, the desire to be at the top immediately. After that it's only loss .
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  4. Spiritus Praeteriti Member

  5. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I guess so Spiritus, they don't usually tell us much anymore.
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  6. Teju Member

    I wouldn't want the entire L&L concept applied to the new TLE PvP server personally.. Starting at max level would be boring long term not actually having to progress through the world.. However, I would love the auto mentoring aspect. That alone would solve so many problems people have had in the past with other PvP servers.

    Max level but traveling through Antonica? Now you're mentored to level 20! Want to group with your friend who just started questing in The Caves but you're level 50? Now you're mentored to level 16! Or whatever level they decide to use for each zone.

    Doing this allows you to play in any zone and participate in all content, both PvE and PvP without being completely overpowered towards the content in that zone as well as the other players.

    No more level 20s stalking players who just dinged 16 in The Caves. No more groups in Blackburrow with 5 level 16s and 1 level 22 being wiped by a group of level 30s.

    It just makes sense to apply this auto mentoring concept to a PvP server.

    While I'm at it, I might as well throw in another thought that may or may not be received well: If you're in a raid, you cannot engage in PvP content unless your target is also in a raid (or you are attacked first). It's never fun in any game to be subject to 24v6 or 24v1 odds. Just prevent PvP flagging altogether when in a raid unless it's raid vs raid.

    Almost forgot. Free Trade. Not everyone has time to or even wants to participate in raids or other content that provides non-tradeable gear. Make the new PvP server Free Trade so that people who just want to PvP can, I dunno, just PvP. They can buy the raid gear from other players using platinum from whatever they have fun making platinum doing.
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  7. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Tarinax was free trade.
    I absolutely agree on one point, Tarinax had a good number of zones where there was no level limit for PvP,
    So, a level 50 could murder a level 10, not even a below level 10 was save, what is the big idea for that?
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  8. Freddie_Mercury Member

    So when I hope for the Lore and Legend server, I hope this because its different. Will it be perfect? of course not. But they have released 3+ completely broken PVP TLE servers that were dead on day 1, it just took people a couple months to realize it.

    So if they did something completely differnt. It might fix the BIGGEST problem that is EQ2 PVP... the toxicity of the player environment mixed with the absolutely HORRIBLE mechanics put in place by the developers that allow a lvl 10 naked quester, who is new to the game and / or new to trying a PVP server out... and they dont even have 3 or 4 spells on their hotbars... all app'd out. getting absolutely ROFLSTOMP rekt by a full group of fully mastered, fully geared lvl 14s... REPEATEDLY, until that person quits.

    The players of EQ2 PVP do this to themselves, and if DBG recognized this, they would do something to fix it so they could get more subs from new players and soak the money on this PVP server for longer term.
    It absolutely boggles my mind that they dont fix this.

    It's because they spend zero time on the game and and don't listen to their player base about basic things that need to be addressed.

    Another possible solution to this... and a very very very very very simple one to make happen... don't even allow PVP until lvl 25. this would allow new players the chance to learn the game, learn that there is crafters and make their own stuff... experience the game a bit before they get stomped at 25 by a gang of 29's...;

    At least they would have the chance to at least learn the game and maybe learn to enjoy it before they get trashed. Give them a chance..

    And for experienced players, it takes all of a couple hours to get to 25...
  9. Freddie_Mercury Member

    The single most detrimental thing in EQ2 PVP is that which i mentioned above.

    Any new player to the game or the PVP server gets repeatedly griefed until they uninstall the game and stop playing.

    Prevent this, in one way or another, and we might actually get a healthy PVP server someday.
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  10. Freddie_Mercury Member

    And yes, I've played on PVP servers since 2006... VOX / Naggy / All TLE PVP Servers since day 1 until they are dead and gone...

    I don't make lvl 14 characters to grief newbies because that is only done by people who are bad at PVP and think killing their own server is cool.
    I do sometimes make a lvl 18 guy to roflstomp the rofltompers... but it doesn't do enough to stop them from being horrible at the game and killing the server off by killing naked 10s
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  11. Freddie_Mercury Member

    I still have a player that is alive and retired on Skyfire from Naggy back in the day... The only one of its kind on my list... all my other PVP toons are long deleted.. Those that I PVP'd on far more than Sprinng in the height of Naggy... For those people who think I'm just some crybaby Bluebie who tried it once on a TLE and got killed at 10 and left with my tail between my legs:

    PvP Kills vs. Deaths:

    4.3 : 1
    PvP City Kills:

    PvP Wild Kills:

    PvP Kill Streak:

    PvP Deaths:

    PvP Death Streak:

    PvP Last Killer:

    [IMG] Irontoes East Large Inn Room





    81d 12h 53m 24s


  12. Sunlei Active Member

    I'm still on Tarinax, its lonely place. posted in the other thread, I agree with you people left pvp server because they were slaughtered for loot and TITLES/PVP POINTS FARMERS.

    Even my level 9, 70 crafter was killed scores of times by one shotters... and lvl 9 doesn't ever drop ANY loot or give points.
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  13. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I feel you Sunlei, I had a level 9 toon to harvest for the longest time, yes, I was more afraid of getting killed by the mobs, but it was annoying at best, having to get back over and over again.
    I finally leveled up when I found a nice guild, full of nice people.
    The people on the PvP servers are a little more rugged but the comradery there is awesome, if you are lucky enough to find a good guild.
    One thing that always repelled me was that you lose at least 60% of your cash, that's kind of harsh.
    One day I went across Antonica on a level 20 toon doing some quests during the PvP Castle event, I got killed 3 times before I could make my way back into Qeynos, I had just a little silver left and was thinking very hard about quitting. The only reason why I did not was because my guild gave me back more coin than I had before.
    I have learned to bank my plat, but that leads to another problem, not having a coper on you but you have to repair your gear out in the field or in the depth of a dungeon using a bot.
    And yet again your group will put their cash together to get you going again, without scuffing at you.
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