Apprentices becoming journeymen?

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Tayne, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Zahk Guest

    So weird... well just to see if it makes a difference I'm going to try changing mine to "Apprentice Tailor", etc... maybe they'll change too in a few days or something...
    What about race choice for the researchers... do you have all the same or are they varied? I've got a mix of othmir or human ones, didn't pick the coldain at all, but thought perhaps that affects it... coldain was originally the only one until it went live from what I recall, maybe it's something to do with that? I'm guessing you probably have a variety of types to help tell them apart though... would be nice if a TS dev or something would chime in and let us know how it works :)
  2. ARCHIVED-CorpseGoddess Guest

    Zahk@Crushbone wrote:
    All of mine are Coldain, actually, and all are wearing the same outfit. The names are the only thing telling them apart--although by now, I know where everybody's place is in the sweatshop line.
  3. ARCHIVED-Beagley Guest

    is it linked to whether you've done the daily quests for equipment or given them knowledge maybe?
  4. ARCHIVED-CorpseGoddess Guest

    Beagley wrote:
    Nope, I don't think it's that either, because I do the daily quest and coaching almost every day, evenly on all my characters. One of them wouldn't get more attention than the other.
  5. ARCHIVED-shots01 Guest

    I wasn't logged in yesterday when I read this thread LOL.
    None of my 10 or so apprentices are anything BUT apprentice. I have gotten you are now a lvl something apprentice but none of them are journeyman or higher.
    I have no idea how to advance them.
  6. ARCHIVED-Mysstie Guest

    Yesterday I noticed that my Tailor Apprentice was a Journeyman. Mine (4) are all the of the human variety. My Apprentice has only learned 12 Recipes but 5 of them are 90th level, 1 is 30th level, and 6 are 10th level. Total of 540 levels of Recipes. This one I got on the first day available and have been coaching and doing the craft quest every day. It can't be the number of recipes because she's not even close to knowing 20 of them. Maybe it's total level worth or the amount of time and/or number of times coached. Not sure.
  7. ARCHIVED-CorpseGoddess Guest

    Mysstie@Oasis wrote:
    Maybe. But as I said before, I do all the coaching and dailies on all 18 of my researchers evenly, so the Expert wouldn't have gotten any more time or attention than the Apprentice ones.
    I'm going to wait and see when the next one pops up to an Expert and see if I can find any common attributes between the two for comparison's sake.

    edit: I'm still thinking it's somehow tied to recipes learned. My 90's, which have researched the fewest recipes due to the length of research time, are still at apprentice. All my lower tiered toons are at Journeyman, with the one Expert exception. I'll do some poking around and number crunching with my spreadsheet and see if anything jumps out at me.
  8. ARCHIVED-Tayne Guest

    Ok I have a partial answer. One of my level 90s just researched her 10th recipe .. you get that little achievement ding "Researching 10 Recipes" shows up and then my apprentice went from apprentice to journeyman. So 10 is journeyman .. I suspect 20 or 25 is expert.
    And it doesn't appear to take time off the crafting of the item. Level 90 recipes are still at 15 days.
    So it seems the only thing that changes really is the title and that's it.
  9. ARCHIVED-Deornwulf Guest

    I certainly hope the Devs continue to keep us in the dark about what effects the title change has on anything we do with the Tradeskill Apprentices. The uncertainty is so comforting, especially when it comes to game mechanics.
    I just wish the Adventure Devs would take the cue from the Tradeskill Devs and hide more of the Adventure information from the players, like experience gain and DPS. That would make the game ever so much more fun to play.
    Remember, less information is more!
  10. ARCHIVED-Te'ana Guest

    Deornwulf wrote:
    ROFLMAO - thanks for making my day :)
  11. ARCHIVED-Beagley Guest

    Jayne@Kithicor wrote:

    The same happenned to one of mine today, was looking for any clues and as I got the achievement message the title of my apprentice changed in front of me. Equally no change in research times so I suspect if is merely a fluff unless you get access to additional recipes to research?
  12. ARCHIVED-Te'ana Guest

    I have several characters that have reserached 10+ recipes and none of them have changed their titles.
  13. ARCHIVED-Tigress Guest

    before reading this thread yesterday, i had three level 90 researchers. one was a 90 jeweler who had researched 2 recipes (one recipe was level 10 and the other was a 90 recipe). the other two are 90 provisioners and each had researched two level 90 recipes and were 1/3 of the way on their third.
    now, i have 14 researchers. thirteen of the researchers are level 90. twelve of my 90s are researching 90 recipes. one level 90 (carpenter) is going to research the low level recipes and work the way up to the 90 recipes. the level 20 researcher can only research low levels.
    i expect that i will barely coach them bc i do not wish to log in 14 characters daily as it will feel like a chore. the level 90 carpenter that is working her way up from the low level recipes, i will speed up daily bc i log in that character at least once a day to send out the pack pony. i won't be crafting anything for her to make her job easier so it will just be click for more efficiency.
    if/when they chance from apprentice to journeyman, i'll post here.

    someone posted that their researcher crafted recipes. what? can i get the researchers to actually make stuff? if so, how?
  14. ARCHIVED-Zahk Guest

    /sigh mine are broken... one char got the achievement for 10 recipes yesterday, and another one got the achievement for 25 recipes today... no change in titles... :(

    And Tigress, I think they were probably referring to items that they crafted from reactants once the recipes were researched (might have even been me that said it lol). The apprentices don't craft for you (though it would be nice if they did).
  15. ARCHIVED-GrunEQ Guest

    Now I am completely convinced it is tier based but from doing tiers from low to high.
    My low level provisioner just went up another tier and sure enough, her apprentice became a journeyman. It wasn't from the number of recipes as there was no pop-up or chat messages. That's 2 of my low level crafters that have had an apprentice become journeyman and because of the same event.
  16. ARCHIVED-Titigabe Guest

    I'm really hoping someone in red is reading about your concerns and will soon adress them.
    This should not happen, it's one of the smallest expansion an MMO has ever seen and this is on of the major feature for traskillers, it should not be broken!
  17. ARCHIVED-Meirril Guest

    Titigabe wrote:
    You know we don't understand enough about this to say if it is working or broken, right? Unless you can get the dev that made this to come in and explain it OR actually get people to cooperate and give information so we can try and understand it and narrow down the commonalities we're just kinda waiving our hands around and screaching at each other.
    Declairing it broken before you have any real notion of how it is suppose to work is reactionary. Trying to understand it before you declaire it broken would be the best move. It is too bad people just want to talk here and not try and figure this out.
  18. ARCHIVED-CorpseGoddess Guest

    GrunEQ wrote:
    But it's not tier based. My Expert toon is 2 tiers lower than some of my Journeyman toons, and they've all come up from 20 together.
  19. ARCHIVED-Katz Guest

    I have 10 apprentices. The two lowest tradeskill level are now Journeymen. All of the level 90's and the next hightest (high 60's) are Apprentice.
    No idea what levels them but I do know that of course the lower level spells are researched faster. So they have researched more spells.
  20. ARCHIVED-ATG Guest

    I think it definitely has to do with recipes researched. I have 3 Journeymans and 4 Apprentices, definitely related to the number of recipes researched. Another thing I noticed. All of them are in the same room. I believe when I zoned in, they all said Apprentice. However, after right-clicking one, selecting customize, and changing the name, the most advanced ones now say Journeymans. So if you have a roomful of apprentices, try changing one's name. You can always change it back afterwards.

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