Apprentices becoming journeymen?

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Tayne, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Tayne Guest

    Noticed today that some of my apprentices are now journeymen. Any significance to this? Do they research faster if they're journeymen? And how does this happen? Number of recipes researched?
    Anyone know?
  2. ARCHIVED-Kaito Guest

    Apprentice > Journeyman > Adept > Expert > Master > Grandmaster
    Well, anyway sound better though...LOL
  3. ARCHIVED-GrunEQ Guest

    I think what the OP is asking is what does this change actually they get more recipes? do they get improved recipes? or is this just for appearences sake and it means they learned all recipes that are available.
  4. ARCHIVED-Cloudrat Guest

    I have a toon who just got the achievement Learned 25 recipes and her apprentice is still an apprentice:(

    I still have a potful of toons who can't even get an apprentice because of transferring a toon that had their apprentice in that toons house:((

    Still lots of bugs to go around as well as the stupid time change thing:(((
  5. ARCHIVED-Tayne Guest

    GrunEQ wrote:
    Some of my apprentices no longer say the word "apprentice" as their names over their heads, but now say "journeyman" instead.
    Wondered if there was any significance.

    **** Lightbulb goes off over head*****
    Aha, I just realized the one that has the journeyman title now has crafted more than 10 items from reactants ... wonder if that's why.
  6. ARCHIVED-CorpseGoddess Guest

    I have several "journeyman" ex-apprentices now, and I believe it's due to number of recipes researched. My level 90 toons only have a few recipes done (naturally, they take longer) and they still have apprentices. The toons that started apprentices at level 20 and are working their way up through the tradeskill levels now have journeymen.
  7. ARCHIVED-KatrinaDeath Guest

    im 99% sure its based upon recipes researched. i also wonder if their higher tiers mean they can do more or they just have a better title. by the years end Grandmaster Dizzle surely should be able to craft on her own =)
  8. ARCHIVED-Gadfly299 Guest

    Any idea what the threshhold for the title change is? After I did the 70's items for my main, I dropped all nine toons to doing the level 10 recipes. No change as yet.
    The real change I hope for is as the Assistant gains in levels, the research time comes down.
  9. ARCHIVED-CorpseGoddess Guest

    Gadfly299 wrote:
    Not sure what the threshhold is, but one of my journeymen just moved up to expert tonight. Looks like they're following the same path as spells and combat arts--except he completely skipped adept. Unless he was called "adept" and I just didn't notice; this is entirely possible, seeing has how I've got 18 of the little boogers lined up in the same house.

    Edit: I checked my spreadsheet (yes, with 18 of them going at all different levels, I'm keeping one), and the toon with the "Expert" researcher is now working on her 25th recipe.
  10. ARCHIVED-Zahk Guest

    Wait, where are the names changing on the apprentices? I checked through all 10 of mine and none of them look like they've changed at all. Several characters have researched 25+ recipes as well (first one got that achievement a month ago)... and crafted possibly as many as 50 items from reactants on the lower level ones. I did rename all but one of them via the customize option, but all of them have the title "Tradeskill Apprentice" listed below their name - is that where you're seeing it change? I want mine to level up too! lol... and to start giving me reactants again, but kinda skeptical on that part. :)
  11. ARCHIVED-Meirril Guest

    It sounds like the apprentices gain new titles as they research more recipes. I'm betting that having multiple apprentices in one house might be interfering with the title change. Also I don't think that a change in title would actually have any effect on how the apprentice actually performs.
    So, lets see if we can narrow down the common factors? For those of you who have see the achievment for 25+ recipes researched please reply with:
    Apprentice changed title? Apprentice has a custom name? Apprentices share a house with other apprentices? Apprentice is in a house that this character owns (not trustee)? Does your apprentice have default appearance? Have you changed apprentices (gotten a new contract)? Have you moved your apprentice from one house to another? Have you moved the apprentice in the house you have now?
    I'm betting it will be a trustee thing or a custom name issue. That is perty much all the info I can think to ask for that might be relavent. If you can think of something else that might be relevant add it to the list.
  12. ARCHIVED-CorpseGoddess Guest

    Zahk@Crushbone wrote:
    Yes, it's the name itself that changes. I changed the names to "Apprentice to...<character name>" so I could keep track of who belonged to who.
    Some of them now say "Journeyman to..." and one of them says "Expert to.."
  13. ARCHIVED-ratbast Guest

    Meirril wrote:
    really what i'd like to know is how long the level 90 appearance recipes take for those who 'leveled up'. greater essence of shadow/illusion/pestilence etc. im betting almost noone is researching these in the first place, so they should be visible, and show 15 days to research for everyone.

    Adding something cosmetic that is bugged is something i would rather not even know about. on the other hand, if leveling up cuts down research time, i WOULD like to know.
  14. ARCHIVED-CorpseGoddess Guest

    ratbastard wrote:
    My 90's are researching them, and they're still "apprentices" and yes, they still take 15 days like the rest of the 90 recipes do.
    When my toons that have been leveling up since 20 hit 90, I'll let you know how long the recipes take. Gonna be a while, though.
  15. ARCHIVED-GrunEQ Guest

    I went thru all my toons and only one had a journeyman apprentice, and I think the difference is that she started out as a low level jeweler and has completed 3 tiers of recipes. So I think it's based on tiers completed. It's easy for her as jewelers only have 4 recipes per tier. <rolls eyes>
  16. ARCHIVED-CorpseGoddess Guest

    GrunEQ wrote:
    Nope, it's definitely not the tier. My "Expert" toon is the same tier as some that are still Journeyman. I'm pretty sure it's number of recipes researched. She's a provisioner, so she has all the belt and food recipes. Also, I lagged behind with bumping her up a tier, so I had her research the level 10 recipes that my other toons had already done (I wasn't planning on doubling up recipes until everybody had learned all the unique ones, but I was staggering levels). She's got the most recipes learned so far, so that's why I'm convinced it's the reason for the "Expert" tag.
  17. ARCHIVED-Banditman Guest

    If someone with a "Journeyman" or "Expert" researcher could take a look at the L90 particle effect recipes and post the research time that would be great. The whole thread devolves into a mere footnote if the titles are nothing but fluff. However, if the titles mean the researchers work faster, it's a huge game changer.
  18. ARCHIVED-Zahk Guest

    Streppoch@Guk wrote:
    How many recipes have your journeyman and expert researchers completed? (easiest way to count that I've found is use a filter and select all of the "ancient teaching" books and either count the number there, or apply the filter and count recipes)
    My level 36 tailor has 32 unique recipes researched and still has just an apprentice (as far as I can tell), he has only 4 recipes left in the book to complete, and was my first to obtain the "Researching 25 Recipes" achievement on 1/27/12. My alchemist of about the same level has had nothing left to research for a couple weeks (but can still do the coaching and crafting quest, which is the only way I'm leveling my crafters at the moment).
    There may be something else I'm missing, but it doesn't seem to be solely based on recipes researched as far as I can tell since mine haven't changed at all. Again, mine all have custom names (labeled "Tailor Researcher", "Alchemy Researcher", etc.), so I don't know if that's affecting it at all either...
    Just a random thought... anyone use the "Dance with me" option on the researchers? Is it just there for something amusing, or does it actually do something other than make you look ridiculous? heh.
  19. ARCHIVED-GrunEQ Guest

    Zahk@Crushbone wrote:
    I've done the "dance" and it didn't enhance anything. I'm pretty sure it's just for sillyness.
  20. ARCHIVED-CorpseGoddess Guest

    Zahk@Crushbone wrote:
    The Expert toon is in her 30's and has researched 25 recipes. A random Journeyman toon I picked is in her 40's and has researched 23 recipes. I keep a spreadsheet, so I know this is accurate.
    The Expert toon has not crafted more of the researched recipes than the Journeyman toon, so I know it's not that.
    Streppoch's the only one who's tried dancing with her researcher, so I know it's not that, either.
    I'm stumped on this one.

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