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Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-tyrinon, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-fenixilius Guest

    Alot of the abilities the only "real" important change i've seen is the fact that they dont give the little extra "berzerk" in them. Such as raging strike, coup de grace....

    If i dont berzerk im not happy...end of story....
  2. ARCHIVED-DasanW Guest

    Sounds like a cross over to a druid. In-combat regen? Snare? Taking out the 'damage' numbers due tot he fact that we do not know how the HP's of mobs have changed, a lot of the spells have change more than slightly.

    I might be able to accept / understand an adjustment to our skills and melee, but when they said revamp, this is an entire CLASS defining revamp! Again, like a lot of others have stated, while not being a complete 180 degree change, this is a huge alteration of our characters. I am not sure how long it will take, but make no mistake there will be a learning curve on how to play our toons, after being sold on the orginal idea for 8 months, and so far, I am not that happy, nor are a lot of people in a lot of classes. Make no mistake, this is not a 'tweaking' of classes, this is EQ3, without the graphics upgrade. One of the major pains that I have is that we have been able to lean our class/abilities through leveling and working with them, now we have to go back and a)re-learn what old abilities do, then b)figure out if they can be use later. Talk about a pain in the neck!

    As mentioned, they are not done with the fighter/priest revamp, but if this is any indication, we are all in for a BIG time sink into a new game with old toons! :smileymad:
  3. ARCHIVED-Svanny Guest

    only took a few hours of playin around to be able to do everything i could before and more
  4. ARCHIVED-Ethelwolf Guest

    My concern is consentration slots. It may become very hard to play having to delete some buffs in the middle of combat to add new ones. That one fact is going to be a real hassle. If you have an offensive stance up with the appropriete buffs and the MT goes down on a raid, you'll have to cancel your offensive buffs and establish defensive ones before you can assume the MT's duties. Raids will be lost far more often if the MT goes down because of the offensive and defensive stance thing. They need to include a neutral stance that doesnt lower defence or increase offense but allows for stacking any other buff either offensive or defensive. If this buff type is included it will be much easier to manage the game. Berserkers can assume a neutral roll and be ready to respond to emergencies.

    guys i dont think we got nerfed
    well take a closer look at the special part of cast times :E
    almost all spells are instant
    especially interrupts :p
  6. ARCHIVED-Styker Guest

    Yall do know that berserkers will be on a rogue auto attack table right? Also take into account that we are ALOT more AE based in our attacks now, i know that alot of us are gonna have to rework how we are played now but honestly im welcoming a chance to be able to TANK LIKE A BERSERKER instead of partially having to use a Guardian template in our base tanking ability as in HP buff stacking etc....

    Thou my only concern is concentration slot managemnet with alot of our buffs, it wil really force you to play your zerker a certain way ( for me im going all offense except IF i do some type of tanking in a raid setup )

    but yeah lets discuss! :)
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  7. ARCHIVED-Guzz_Deaths_Door_EF Guest

    Personally I like the fact that we have to start to use our head when we buff up, and depending on what our role in the group/raid is, we can use the buffs that is suited for the situation, and not just stack all the buffs we got
    As for a neutral roll/stance you just click off the offensive and defensive stance, then you’re neutral

    I don’t see any of these changes negatively, I see it as a much needed change, currently there is too many "lose ends" in our combat system

    /clap SoE, good job J
  8. ARCHIVED-Jumbia Guest

    I was worried about the revamp at first but it looks pretty cool I like what I see in the abilities so far. Now I can't wait for it to come out giving more stragety to the class
  9. ARCHIVED-Dak-Dod Guest

    Our offensive stance proc attacks ALL nearby enemies and not just the target encounter
  10. ARCHIVED-Dulanic Guest

    If this breaks mez, there goes ever using that stance.
  11. ARCHIVED-Svanny Guest

    currently, only 1 buff requires you to be in a specific stance, and that is already removed on the beta server. also, you're not required to use either stance, so if you want to be ready to switch quickly, use neither until the time comes.
    a quicker way to cancel buffs would be nice though
  12. ARCHIVED-KFizzle Guest

    For the most part i wont complain about changes yet ... I just hope some of the damage changes aren't as bad as they seem there. The HP Regen to me is as good as bonus HPs for solo stuff....BUT I dont like the loss of our utility ability by being able to buff the group's HPs. I worry about becoming something totally unnessisary. Haste buffs changed, strength/HP buffs removed .... concentration stuff i dont nessisarily mind because well i never used the "Stances" and i'm a 46 zerker, usually my only concentration slots are that rage one (i forget the name) and Weapon Shield/Guard....And the changes to that make NO sence. Instead of blocking hits with my weapon, increasing my parrying ability.... i now hit them? Por Que?
  13. ARCHIVED-Khalad Guest

    Sounds like combat is going to be alot more involved and complex then before. The changes look fun though imo. Waiting for my copy to beta myself to test them out firsthand.
  14. ARCHIVED-Styker Guest

    Thou our utility now is great BUT lets be real, we have too much utility vs most scouts ( not including bards ) and fighters ( excluding guardians ) and we are overpowered dps wise vs at least 50% of the melee types in this game...

    If you take a close look at our CA/spell set post combat revamp it is clearly defining what a berserker IN EQ2 IS INVISIONED TO BE a Tank that attains his goal thru offensive abilities....

    Yes i understand that for almost 9 months we have learned to play our zerker in the way it is played now ( Great tankability, Great Utility , Great overall dps ) but that is just overpowered period , we cant have all 3 of those options

    Our tankability should improve marginally with the CC

    Our utility will almost for sure be greatly lessened

    Our DPS should fair well, we need to test out every possible combination of buffs/attacks and weapon types to get a full grasp of this, but IMO we will have decent burst dps , If you are equipt with a good weapon set we might have Fair extended dps

    I clearly see a good future overall for the Berserker class in eq2, at least now we know for sure that we will have our niche in tanking ( not needing to make a quasi copy of a guardian etc with the hp buff stacking etc )

    I think now it all depends on how you are able to push the envelope overall with your zerker is what is gonna make the difference

    Also to be quite frank currently it is too easy to tank as a zerker, i would like some challange along the road

    DIscuss :)
  15. ARCHIVED-Mithrull Guest

    Well apparently group haste is still in in the form of War Chant. Seems to have switched places with Tides of War. Procs like Anarchy are gone.

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  16. ARCHIVED-Memmoch Guest

    I'm not sure I'm going to like these changes in the least bit. I like being the MT, and reading over the CA's it dosn't look like this class is going to be a decent MT much less a good one like we are now. All our counter attacks are either gone or changed to AOE wide(not limited to the encounter), this also dosn't boade well for us, what group will want us with them if they have any form of crowd control? We'll be the mezer's classes arch enemy, I can see it now: /tell group Hey you guys need a zerker? /group tells you "Sorry, our enchanter says no, she dosn't feel like dieing on every pull from you breaking meze's constantly..." OR /occ Group seeking DPS or Tank, Berserkers need not apply.

    I'm a open minded person so I'll give the combat changes a fair shot, but if these changes go live and we're not given the option to test them out and change classes if we don't like the new and de-improved berserker guess this will be the sign I've been waiting on to go out and try some of the new MMO's on the market. I'm more than an little amazed that SOE would do something like this with a game that is already tettering on failure.

    Guess the best way to sum up these proposed changes is to say this is the death of a very fun class to play.../sigh
  17. ARCHIVED-Khalad Guest

    Berserkers will tank better after changes Mumnoch.

    And Weapon Guard is the new unbridled fury, counterattack, not an ae.

    Berserkers have 2 counterattack buffs after changes.
    1. Weapon Guard
    2 The new version of hold the line, counter attacks when you are hit that also gain hate.
  18. ARCHIVED-Svanny Guest

    weaponshield is also more dependable now, having a 100% reposte rate. the combined dmg does much more than any single target attack that i have.
  19. ARCHIVED-Splinterr Guest


    Whats the specialized combat training look like so far? Anything a MUST have, because on my zerk now i really feked up on specialized training and really want to get it right this time around..

  20. ARCHIVED-Swordmage Guest

    They have not updated any of the specialized training options (levels 10, 20, 30, etc.). SOE said they won't get to them until after the basic combat changes have stablized (which makes a certain amount of sense).

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