Any word on Zerker Fixes

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Thetmes, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Thetmes Guest

    Like it says. Anyword on any of the problems that have been listed here in the forums?
  2. ARCHIVED-Triste-Lune Guest

    Everything the zerker needed to see fixed was fixed with GU60 !!! At least that s what SOE and Xelgad like to think
  3. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    What berserker problems?
    You mean...

    Open Wounds is terrible, the damage thingy isn't worth casting.
    Juggernaught is terrible. - It takes away too much but grants you almost nothing.
    Berserk Is still capped. - Ward of Rage only grants you 250 Points of Warding... at level 50 thats awesome! at level 90.. I'm being hit for 28000 and 270 of that is warded! great!
    That Parry/Defense buff sucks since enemys ignore it, they should remove the block chance from it to, and replace it all with reposte chance since im almost 90% of the time without a shield.
    Warrior AA's suck, because they were made with 76% Multi-Attack in mind, so all the end lines except the int one are useless.
    Berserker EOF AA's are pretty much useless, they need a complete revamp, the damage spells and combat arts parts unlike guardian (OUR defensive brothers) don't have there 35% extra damage, makes sense.
    Guardian Trees have 15% Strikethrough Chance and 3% Flurry Chance, Isn't that more of something berserker's should get?
    Guardian's Abilitys seem to make more sense, Max Health and they're offensive Stance has +strength AND stamina, which berserker's lack.
    Berserkers have NO health buffs, I'm at 37k health While if I was a guardian I would have 45k.
    I love the class and I will never betray it, but ... wow... I expected alot more from Xelgad, we were completely ignored.
  4. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    yet the more you spew about everything sucking isn't helping. or cluttering up the threads that have useful information with terms like "not worth casting" all over the place.
    it's people like you who make getting issues fixed even more difficult when the devs come in here looking for information and leave with a bloody forehead even more confused than when they entered.
    should zerks have 45k health? being the offensive warrior, no. should zerks have as much defensives as a guardian? no. should zerks have .5 second cast AE's? debatable, we can still cast them while moving where crusaders cannot. should the cast timer still be reduced from the 2-3 seconds they currently take? hey, you got one right! is juggernaut antiquated for the benefits it still gives? yay, you got 2! does adrenaline suck? no, it's still one of the best defensives in the game and power cost is finally about where it should be. is opwn wounds still not worth casting? it's always had some use, not everything is going to be useful 100% of the time but at least it does something 100% of the time now. how is it worthless to cast? you should be casting it between fights... and finally, should elves be allowed to play tanks? probably not.

    about the only point you have valid is that they should quit putting in these pansy fixes when most other classes are getting REAL upgrades. like 1% damage reduction and 1% damage output across the board would suffice, riiiiiiiiiiight...

    major problem is zerks have a specialized place in this game, which is AE content. when there is a lack of AE content then the class suffers. when the content does not suit the class then the arguments about single target viability start to haze the line for the developers to distinguish what is an appropriate fix and what isn't without stepping on the other tanks. when in all honesty at endgame zerks can do it all, but so can any class.that said they already have their hands full keeping things from losing balance, arguing amongst ourselves serves to make sure nothing gets fixed.
  5. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    Ok, I admit to


    a bit...

    Adrenaline is still pretty awesome but it needs to crit threat.
    We could use Damage Reduction and Auto Attack Modifier. (a new Juggernaught?)
    And we could use them UNCAPPING AOE Autoattack. (Needed for Future)
  6. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    i would prefer they focus on adding more AE content.
    raids have lacked in AE content for so long that i lost all faith in this class being desired a long time ago because of it. aside from that it is a decent solo/duo/group class but will never be a great tank because of the simple title it was given which represent an offensive character.
    BUT what benefit as far as offensive does this character have any longer? even guards get AE abilities now which come close to making them Zerker-ish yet have no stupid drawback abilities like juggernaught which the benefits do not outweigh the cons, not even close after fixes to the ability. so why continue to call the class "berserker"? sure it's a mindset most of us have adopted that we are bloodthirsty killers who put ourselves as tanks second but are we really? not now, we aren't.
    so until sony sees that everything i have said about raid zones lacking in AE content, that the berserker offensives hardly make up for the lacking defenses are what make the class undesirable today. i will continue to not hold my breathe for any fixes even from newly appointed developers. i will simply enjoy my retirement from raiding and for the most part, from EQ2.

    once upon a time i was asked to write a theme for the class, i would have written it differently had i known now what i knew then.. that there was no hope for this being a true specialty class that i hoped it could be(and was, until everyone under the sun started getting our abilities and BETTER versions of them). these days i almost prefer to be lazy and die, to be annoyed, to not want to log in, to see the title knowing it means nothing to it's roots, it's just a simple word under a name to a generic mild do-it-all class similar to how brawlers were but without FD. all because the devs are scared to step up their game, yet they give REAL upgrades to other classes in efforts to balance them.

    if it were up to me i'd have thrown in the towel and just combined zerk and guard and focus on making that one class better. because as it sits now there is almost little point having both.
  7. ARCHIVED-schizolic Guest

    from fan faire..... no, seems the man thinks things are good the way they are, although maybe some things in the aa revamp to help

    edit- btw, the answers were put very rudely and in such a way to prove some people are clueless.
  8. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    schizolic wrote:
    He thinks we are overpowered apparently.
    He also thinks brawlers need love.
  9. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    schizolic wrote:
    then that is truly sad. whenever i look at the "fix" to open wounds i see how the class is seen, a single tick dinky AE DOT that pretty much sucks balls. why would anyone who was implementing changes to the class think that in this late expansion that the so very MINOR MINOR changes that were implemented would put things where they should be? perhaps the real issue is that the average zerker is well below par where endgame zerks are about where they should be, because i see freshly rolled crusaders still doing things that make me wonder why i still play a zerk while wearing similar gear/AA's.

    just roll a crusader already and you probably won't regret it.

    kind of glad i didn't bother to go to the FF then, i would probably be even more irritated hearing it in person.

    want a small list of easy to do changes?

    make the open wounds tick off every 2 seconds for a real amount such as 1100-2200 AE unlimited targets for 8 seconds for 4 ticks total. that would make it somewhat appealing and not a smack to the face for usability(seriously, 750AE damage for one tick? come on guys.... this is 6 years in, not 6 years ago still running through blackburrow!).
    fix the casting timers on our AEs to 1.5 second, which would bring them down to .7 seconds after modification. they would then actually get used instead of sit dormant after a zerk gets their mythical buff, even without my mythical on my re-rolled zerk i still have to think about whether i want to bother using them or not and have to time it otherwise lose DPS AND hate.
    numb down the negative affects of juggernaut, say cut the health cost in half since the benefits are almost negligable to at least make it somewhat worthwhile. or leave them as is and add a flurry proc to it instead of the joke of the current state of crit bonus/crit that it has. i'll say it plainly, as it sits it's pure junk.
    just get rid of the death effects of death's door on unyielding will, every other class doesn't have to deal with a clicky to save them from death after proc. the proc is hardly on par for anti death effect as most others currently anyways, with that said it's just a joke that we have to watch the proc itself and be sure to have the clicky enabled to avoid it's death effects. guards would be more appreciative of this than we would unless they have gotten an AA that trumps ours in death avoidance of the proc. either get rid of death after death or make the heal proc more substantial, say twice what they currently are(Unyielding Will and Vision of Madness).
    optional but something i would also like to address:
    being the offensive warrior we have the weakest CAs in the game short of perhaps some healer classes. this puts our CA mod in the dumper for climbing the ladder as the OFFENSIVE warrior goes for DPS versus survivability is concerned. so why does the defensive warrior benefit more from their stronger CAs than the offensive warrior does? don't know, been scratching my head at that for years. not like our long cast timer AEs are worth much after wasting time casting them. so if you think the class is perfectly fine, think again.
    if there is going to be a continual lack of AE raid mobs then what is the purpose of the class again? give the class it's job back and you won't have to continually hear cries about balance. i NEVER had a problem being an offtank yanking 10 heroic mobs onto me in a raid, i enjoyed it because it was MY job to blow the piss out of the weaker gobs of mobs.

    there you go, a few small simple things that would go a long ways to helping the mood of this almost forgotten class.

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