Any interest in a Prog guild on AB?

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by mothelm, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I am still watching and contemplating. But then you all would need to agree to having me. Not many like that I shoot straight from the hip and refuse to sugar coat things and I refuse to fleece other players on the broker.

    The only real concern I have is that list you posted about rules and such. That is in dire need of updating for the player base that is in the game now. I fear utilizing that list of rules and such, you will get off the ground and burn out within a couple of months. People these days are not willing to commit to something like that for too long.
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  2. mothelm Active Member

    well the rules as such are more outline at this time from a guild i ran in 2014...pretty much all up for debate and vote ....for new one
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  3. mothelm Active Member

    little Bumpage o_O
  4. ConcealFate Well-Known Member

    In a progression, the rules are pretty important. there will be people that join knowing the rules and how important they are and will still go out of their way to look for gear rule loopholes or try and use restricted gear anyway. This leads to confrontations where the offenders get mad or take offence and RQ over it. It's about topping parses on older content for fun mostly but people get bored between raids and want to run places for gear that they shouldn't be. It's a major PITA for leaders / officers to deal with. So I hope there's a plan for that eventuality. ;)
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  5. Frostfang New Member

    as mothelm is leaving things up for debate and vote, we don't need to worry too much about how the rules are going to turn out because we can, as a team under the wise counsel of mothelm, decide on the best way to do things when we meet on December 15 to form the guild.
  6. Loresinger Member

    I'd be interested in joining - although I can usually only commit to one raid night a week, two on a good week, but if that's not an issue, I'm in.
  7. mothelm Active Member

    not a problem ...i even use a system to help with DKP by awarding DKP or major questline completions per come on board ill see you 12/15 on gorowyn docks 9pm EST to go live with guild ....
  8. leoassflash New Member

  9. mothelm Active Member

    Awesome Welcome aboard! we will be forming up on 12/15 at 9pm Est on Gorowyn Dock ....cant wait to see you there =-)

    Eixx (Coecer For new Guild)...;)
  10. mothelm Active Member

    Also i got Dragon Language language finished today and am getting ready to go to Nagy to start Fire and Ice so we will be ready for a raid first 2 weeks of guild along with others :)

    The Dragons, Giants, and Drakes...Ohh Myy!
  11. mothelm Active Member

  12. mothelm Active Member

    ONE WEEK OUT! 9pm EST On Gorowyn Docks we'll Be off and Running!
  13. Strikin New Member

    Hi, I'm definitely interested. IGN is the same as my forum handle, or you can message me on Ognok or Alecka.
  14. Neurology New Member

    Happy to join, looking forward to it :)
  15. mothelm Active Member

    Discord coming very soon :)
  16. mothelm Active Member

    for thoose who are joining perhaps if you have decided on a class post which you wish to play:)

    Eixx.... Coercer/Sage
  17. Cobix New Member

    Good luck man. Miss those days. Think I have only played a couple times since we ended Vado. Miss it and wish I could play again. Maybe someday.
  18. Loresinger Member

    Rolled a fury. But I also have a beastlord if there's a lot of people wanting to be druids/a lack of dps.
  19. mothelm Active Member

    gotta love heals =-) .......another person messaged me with a SK tank =-) ...and Cobix man i hope to see you in game one day again =-)
  20. Braoka New Member

    I'm very interested in joining in on this, but my IRL schedule is packed until around Dec. 20th. Hoping I could join in after the Dec. 15th start date. Have the most experience playing swash/brig or heals but am open to trying out anything to fit the needs of the guild

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