Any interest in a Prog guild on AB?

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by mothelm, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. mothelm Active Member

    Is there anyone interested in a re-roll progression guild on AB....I am a returning player who has access to both a established and start up guild already in place. Rule set and such can be discussed...if interested please post here or email Rixxia in game

    guild will be forming on 12/15/18 on Gorowyn Docks at 9pm Est...hope to see you there!
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  2. Mundar New Member

    I'd be interested.
  3. Virgil New Member

    I'd be interested - if we could get enough momentum. Feels like most people who wanted a progression experience are just playing on Fallen Gate though. I'll keep checking back on this post for updates.
  4. cece New Member

    I would be interested.
  5. mothelm Active Member

    ok cool i see we have some interest building ......please feel free to talk to anyone you know in game about this project.

    now since some people have posted lets start a discussion about the guild its self .....please feel free to add to this on any topic for guild

    first off as i mentioned i have access to 2 guild atm
    1 Vado sensim has most of the amenties and a tier 3 commonlands guild hall

    2 shattered dreams has a few amenties and a tier 1 guild hall in Gorowyn i beleive

    and of course option 3 would be to start a new guild.

    which would you prefer ?
  6. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    My opinion on this, would be that if you are truly going for a Progression Guild, you would make a new guild and level it up with the members you get, so that you earn the hall and achievements by working together, not simply joining an existing guild that already has all the bells and whistles.

    I might be interested in something like this, I have a couple of unguilded baby characters. I will keep looking back and seeing where your interest and discussion goes.
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  7. ConcealFate Well-Known Member

    back for more punishment Rixxia? :p

    Vado was fun, forgot what my toon name was when i was in it

    Good luck, and ill keep an eye on the post.
  8. mothelm Active Member

    ok well in furtherance of the project,i went looking for the post with a progression guild i thought it would be good place to start as far as discussions on our new guild, of course somethings our out of date but over all i think its a good base for guild =-). the old post follows in classic copy and paste.

    I am 6 year plus vet player who is looking for some like-minded players
    to begin and build a progression guild which is slow paced and as traditional as possible. I am seeking participants who will be actively involved in the formation as well as continued success of the guild. Monthly meeting for building the guild will be held and attendance is encouraged. All events will be posted on in-game calendar.
    Below I will outline some of the high points:

    1...Starting characters should be below level 50 with a blank AA Profile for raiding available. Re-roll characters are encouraged but not mandatory. In-game voice chat capability for guild and group is also encouraged but not required. The ability to hear during raids is required. Server and guild name can be determined in this post. Deadline for guild creation is December 28, 2014. If interested, reply to this post. Characters will meet at noon EST on 12/28/14 on the Gorowyn Docks. All announced times will be in EST United States.

    2... This will be a level locking guild that progresses by expansion, adding levels and AA's when appropriate to the expansion. The first lock will be at level 50, with No AAs....(AA,s may be used when not raiding as you see fit), to maintain the traditional atmosphere for the raiding. An honor system will be used, asking that you refrain from purchasing equipment for the broker and avoiding Agnostic and DM equipment, as well as MC Fabled gear. Quest obtained and crafting equipment would be preferred to maintain atmosphere and allow for completion of raid goals.
    Starting with Shatteredlands, advancement to the next expansion will happen when all Major Non-Contested raid mobs have been killed twice, 2 tier epics have been obtained by 2 different players and all Hall trophies have been obtained.

    3...DKP system will be used for all raid loot, not awarded as the result of quests. Points are allocated as follows: 10 points for arriving on time and being prepared. 10 points for being present at the conclusion of the raid. 5 points for every major raid mob down during your participation in the raid. 5 points for attendance at writ events. When loot is to be awarded, an auction will be held in raid chat with a minimum bid of 25 DKP. Unclaimed loot will be transmuted. DKP will be reset with every expansion. 10% of DKP will be carried over at reset.

    4...THE BOOK: A book will be placed in the guild hall with a list of priority quests, including DKP awards for completion. These quests will advance raid objectives and prepare guild for larger and more powerful raid mobs. Book quests represent hallmark, heritage and signature quest lines where available by expansion.

    5.... SCHEDULE: Raids will occur 3 nights per week, for approximately 2 hours each, or until objective is reached. Writ event, both crafting and adventure, for guild leveling will occur once per week for 1 hour. Raid and writ nights and times will be voted on by members.

    6...ORGANIZATION: Guild leader duties are to guide and maintain guild charter and atmosphere. Prime Officer is the senior officer and has same responsibilities and duties as guild leader. Lore Master's primary duty is to write the book and update it to the current expansion. They will also assign DKP awards to various quests inside book per expansion and coordinate with raid master. Raid Master leads and schedules all raid events, coordinates with lore master. Recruiters find new and veteran players with like mindsets. Crafting Liason will set up craft area, assemble amentities necessary to facilitate crafting portion of guild activity. Also responsible for hall decoration. Any officer may promote another player to hold any office equal to or beneath their own in order to assist them in carrying out their duties. Initial applications will be taken for all positions at start of guild. Subsequent promotions will happen on merit basis. Vacancy in a major office position must occur before any other player may be promoted to office. A monthly officer meeting will be held, to be scheduled in advance. Attendance for all officers is expected except in extreme circumstances.

    Thank you for your interest. I look forward to hearing from many of you and beginning our new adventures.
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  9. mothelm Active Member

    t: 6529926, member: 6813"]back for more punishment Rixxia? :p

    Vado was fun, forgot what my toon name was when i was in it

    Good luck, and ill keep an eye on the post.[/quote]

    yes i going to try again! :D
    could use any help any old vados could throw me =-)
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  10. Mundar New Member

    Looks like a good jumping off point. I'll mail you in game as well.
  11. mothelm Active Member

    Ok so it seems best if we set a date for guild creation or rebirth of one of the former guild .....So i purpose a meeting {Sat 12/15/18 9pm EST on Goro docks} to create or take live our new guild...
  12. mothelm Active Member

  13. Frostfang New Member

  14. mothelm Active Member

    great glad to have you on board ....we will meet to get guild moving dec15 at9pm est on gorowyn docks till then feel free to make a charecter and start leveling we are going to lock at 50 for tier 5 remember any sig,hertiage,hallmark quest you get done will earn you DKP =-) ....spread the word if you find any like minded folks

    thanks rixxia
  15. mothelm Active Member

    bump...with note for 12/15 9pm est meet for guild to go live on gorowyn docks...can mail or message me here or in game
    Rizzia or Eixx in game
  16. mothelm Active Member

  17. Dharkarai New Member

    I'm definitely down and here's a free bump!
  18. Svit New Member

    Very Interested. Cant wait for the form up!!
  19. mothelm Active Member

    welcome aboard :)
  20. Lukie New Member

    Lamal here I am interested

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