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  1. Antiquia New Member

    Antiquia says, "You look like the right type. Are you [interested] in hearing about our group of adventurers?"
    You say, "I am interested."
    Antiquia pulls out an old parchment, and begins to read...

    The Shattered Lands are vast. And yet many travel blindly toward power and glory without any knowledge of the world they inhabit. There was a time when the known lands extended no farther than Antonica, Faydwer, and Odus. Before the discoveries of the Nexus and New Tanaan, our world was small, but it felt much larger and the challenges seemed greater. This was a time of great discovery and great risk, and the early communities of Norrath had no choice but to live, travel, and adventure together. Sadly, times have changed.

    Since The Rending, we have found ourselves scattered and alone. But today, we come together again to rebuild and reshape our world. As disciples of the ancient ways, we are not on a quest for riches and power -- such things are for the short sighted and the self-absorbed. The joy that comes from exploring the hidden wonders of our world, with friends at our sides -- this is our goal. It is not a destination, but the journey itself which calls to us.

    There is so much more to life in Norrath than the pursuit of wealth and status. For those who understand this truth there is something different. We are a band of adventurers dedicated to taking our time and exploring all that Norrath has to offer. As Erud himself once said, '...knowledge is the greatest quest of all.'


    <ANTIQUITY> is a new guild for players who prefer leveling up slowly, and taking their time to see everything Norrath has to offer. We started leveling up together with all new characters a little more than a month ago. We are focused on adventuring together as we explore all the old content that most players never see in their frantic rush to level up. This makes Antiquity a great guild for new players and nostalgic vets wishing to revisit older content.

    If you are mainly concerned with your level and gear, this is probably not the right guild for you. But if you want to take your time, have fun, and explore Norrath as part of a team, then you will enjoy Antiquity! We emphasize grouping together regularly, and mentoring as much as possible to keep everyone within the same level range.

    We have regular fun events and contests, and we raid at least once per week. If you've never raided before, Antiquity is a great way to see some of the best content EQ2 has to offer in a relaxed, stress-free, fun environment. And because most of the older content is much easier these days, everyone is welcome on our raids regardless of gear and previous experience. We are taking a leisurely tour through the forgotten lands of Norrath!

    Our current cap for characters is level 50. This will increase regularly as we complete all the major content for each tier. There are no restrictions on AA, gear, or tradeskills.

    We have just finished up the Splitpaw Saga, and are now working our way through Bloodline Chronicles. In the next few weeks we will be starting the original release end-game (tier 5), which includes the first prismatic timeline, as well as a variety of other fun, small raids. Once finished, we will be moving on to the Desert of Flames, and then continue to progress through each expansion pack, locking our levels as necessary.

    Please visit eq2antiquity.guildportal.com
  2. Radubadu New Member

    Very interested as I'm looking to start over after only having played a few months prior and don't want to have to rush to the level cap to really play... Do you guys have a problem taking complete noobs... Cuz I am lol. Also, what is the RP like or is there any?
  3. Antiquia New Member

    We have lots of noobs, and lots of experienced players to share their insights and years of experience! However we do expect people to be somewhat self-sufficient, and use some of the tutorials and tools that are already available online, rather than think of our guild chat as their own personal help channel... :)

    We don't really role-play, however we do encourage people to stay focused on their life in Norrath. Our guild is a place to escape reality -- it's not a chat channel for talking about your job, your favorite boy band, and the game you are watching on television. We are here to immerse ourselves in Everquest 2, as much as possible!
  4. Chojo New Member

    I recently came back to the game and was looking to do exactly what you are describing. Who are some good contacts that I can try to reach in the game for guild requests?
  5. Namotai New Member

    Sent an application on your forums. :)
  6. Skoda Zek New Member

    Will create a toon on freeport tommorow, this actually sounds like a ton of fun!

    Will be a necromancer. Your levels still locked at 40? Intend to catch up to you guys as soon as possible. Wish I had known about this when you guys started. Sucks that I have missed splitpaw and likely bloodline by the time I am caught up.

    Some info:
    Returning player from launch, all expansions, over 10 year of vet rewards. Full subscription player. I intend to create my toon tomorrow morning, so I will have a character name for you guys then. Will also wait to register on your website until I have secured an in game name on Freeport server.
  7. Skoda Zek New Member

    Well I decided not to wait, character created: Gurista

    Application submitted via your website.

    Managed to hit lvl 8, max out all gathering skills at 40/40, do all hate's envy and first outpost quests and several tradeskill quests. Lol wasn't planning on starting until the morning but I really like your guild modus operandi.

    If they won't give us progression servers, make your own (in a sense)

    P.S. Updated my signature to track my new character on Freeport via EQ2U. Please reference it for progress details.
  8. Draconic New Member

    Bee having a blast with these guys so far!
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  9. Antiquia New Member

    Current Cap is level 50. We are working on the original prismatic timeline. We'll be starting Desert of Flames in a few weeks.
  10. Gilasil Active Member

    Tried to apply but you want a guildportal account user name with the same name as my character. My problem is guildportal won't create a new account for me. I click the create button and nothing happens. No error message no nothing. Like it's a dead webpage. I have an old account but it doesn't have the right user name.

    Since you say the application won't be approved if the user name isn't the same as my character, I guess that's the end of it unless and until guildportal fixes their website.
  11. Valisto New Member

    Current Cap is level 60. We have just started raiding Desert of Flames. Having a great time working our way through the content. We just beat Pedestal of Sky, and will be doing all the raids, including the Djinn Master's Prism!
  12. Darkale New Member

    Hi Antiquia, I'm very interested, but always have time challenges since I'm in Hawaii. What days and times do you usually Raid? Late night weekdays or weekends work for me. Thanks.
  13. Elemond New Member

    Darkdale, We raid Saturday and Wednesday 9 EST.

    We've just started working on Kingdom of Sky and our current cap is 65. Always looking for more people! It's never too late.
  14. RavnPyre New Member

    The Story So Far...


    It has been an epic time for the forces of Antiquity.. Conquering the deep realms of Fear to the heights of the dragon’s lairs! Time and time again we have stood up again unmeasurable forces.
    And in the end stood triumphant!

    Ascent of the Awakened Halls of the Seeing
    The Lyceum of Abhorrence Clockwork Menace Factory

    All have fallen..and yet…there is still more who oppose us!

    We Need you!!!
    Are you someone who Wants to see the lands of Norath as they were meant to be seen?
    Do you enjoy the company of heroes?
    Do you want milk and cookies?
  15. RavnPyre New Member

    /bump Thats right it's the /bump in the night!!!
  16. Ejszakai New Member

    Great bunch of people, really glad i joined up with them!

    So anyone looking for a progression themed guild, go for it:)
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  17. RavnPyre New Member

  18. RavnPyre New Member

    But in all seriousness...
    Were tearing up KoS and EoF! Looking for a few good men...err...women and men...err...Whatever you may be..Come on and Ping a recruiter today!!
  19. caderyn5142 New Member

    I'm a long time player of EQ1 and just started EQ2. I'm loving it and think it will become my game of choice for the foreseeable future!

    I'd love to experience all the game has to offer so this guild strikes my fancy. Question though - how far behind you guys would I be if I joined now? I'm only level 10 but am leveling pretty quickly.
  20. caderyn5142 New Member

    For some reason it won't let me edit my post. I forgot to add, I see you guys are in KoS and EoF but since I've never played EQ2 that doesn't mean a lot to me :) Just wondering how much work I'd have to do to catch up and start raiding.

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