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  1. ARCHIVED-GenericName3147 Guest

    Just so I understand this...

    Let's say I plan to be a Weaponsmith. When I reach Artisan level 10, I choose Outfitter as my class. My Craftsman and Scholar skills can no longer increase.

    At level 20, I choose Weaponsmith as my subclass, putting a cap on my Tailor and Armorer skills.

    Now assume that I keep my adventuring and crafting levels closely matched. So by the time I'm, say, level 50, I can still be sure of always having a good weapon, but I can't make my own food or potions, because the only stuff I can produce in those areas is way too low-level to do me any good.

    Is that right?
  2. ARCHIVED-Looker1010 Guest

    Yes. No one can do it all in this game. That's why I have 9 gals, one for each crafting skill.
  3. ARCHIVED-pointytail Guest

    It is also recommended that you keep your Artisan level 10 levels higher then your Adventurer level if you are providing yourself with usable goods. This is so you can provide yourself with all the possible usable goods instead of just a few. This is different for Scholars as the recipes you would need are of the same adventurer level.
  4. ARCHIVED-GenericName3147 Guest

    Okay, thanks. Good point about the multiple characters.

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