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    I believe those two hands in Innothule Swamp in EQ1 were called Hands of Innoruuk or Hand of Innoruuk.
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    Isn't Sinking Sands in DoF meant to represent the Desert of Ro / Oasis of Marr? There are lots of similarities in that zone coupled with Oasis of Marr etc... i.e. Orc Highway, Hatar etc...
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    Considering the Specter Tower and the Oasis of Marr haven't moved 4 feet in the past 500 years I'd have to say yes..
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    Also on a different timeline. I got the impression from the book near the Sage Indis that we're on the leg of the Trousers of Time that didn't get rolled back by Druzzil Ro after Zebuxoruk was freed from his prison on the Plane of Time, since I know this is the story as it stands in EQ1. Druzzil Ro did reset things there, so it stands to reason that we're the other version.

    Although Pyrrhx does bring up an interesting point. From what I knew of GoD and OoW, I assumed when I read that book in EQII that the differences that happened were in EQ1 and involved all the Discordian things, especially since the gods turned their backs on all the mortals who dared to invade their realms.
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    Some great links to original EQ lore for those interested:

    The "EQ Codex of War" is a superb source for very early lore.
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    The Codex of War is notoriously well-known for being bits and peices of stories thrown together and massively warped with Fanfiction.
    Even Moorgard once said that site is to be taken with a grain of salt...
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    Yeah, the EQ codex of war is not considered actual and official EQ Lore.
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    Yes, quite true. Which makes my original post in error.
    However, given that I wrote it a year ago, it was true at the time =P
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    I must say you have done an excellent job. A lot of work, time and effort went into that I know.
    May the storms of Karan not blow down your house.
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    Very good stuff from all of you. But for those of arguing which lore is correct from which game, just remember, history is always different depending on who told the story... That's what makes it so fun. You have to read it all, and try to figure out what REALLY happened. :smileywink: Very good stuff though.
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    worst write up ever.. lol
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    what i want to know more about is Karnor's Castle which is where Venril Sathir was located. Is there any history behind who the castle is named for?
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    As with most Sebilisian strongholds, Karnor's was named after a hero of the first iksar empire. I cannot say for certain whom this Karnor is. Perhaps I need to delve deeper into my archives. Here is a bit I can tell you.
    Fortress Karnor is an ancient iksarian stronghold. It was most likely constructed around 825 A.G. by order of Emperor Venril Sathir. It was during this time that the Sebilisian Empire was involved in a vast campaign of slaughter and subjugation. This was known as the First Slaves' War, a war to enslave the Kromdul and frogloks. Fortress Karnor was built to contain the iksar army in the southwest territory of Kunark. It was there that the iksar crushed and enslaved the Kromdul, hill and forest giants. It was often called the Karnor by iksar officers. It was designed to withstand the pummeling of hurled boulders that you might find departing from the hands of an enraged giant. All aspects of the Karnor were designed to either withstand or contain the Kromdul.
    Although the Karnor was one of the most formidable fortresses in Kunark, it would eventually be toppled by the might of the Kromdul who had been integrated into a massive giant army commanded by the giant hero, Warslik. But the Karnor would not remain in ruins forever. Hundreds of years would pass and Venril Sathir would return to occupy the fortress to yet again plague the giants with his evil.
    What condition could such a formidable stronghold be in now? Who now dwells in the halls of Karnor's Castle?
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    Possibly ghost iksars like any ancient castle or place :D

    Y training days :D
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    Trains to the RIGHT! Not the left!
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    Have some nice memories from that place. You could get some really awesome trains in there.
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    Who could reside there? Venril Sathir probably. He is/was a lich, right?
    Makes me wonder if his dead wife Drusella is still looking in that mirror, pretending that she's a "pretty" iksar even after all those years...
    Hard to wrinkle scaly skin I suppose.
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    thanks for the quick reply, it sums up alot of info. for me...

    post 500 yay!

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