An Amusing Anecdote-The Betrayal to Qeynos

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  1. ARCHIVED-Dreega Guest

    Here is a poem I wrote about my poor Iksar Summoner, Dreega, who attempted to betray from Freeport to Qeynos (to become a Conjuror) only to find out first hand how incredibly difficult it was! If you can stand some of my poor-matched rhymes...I hope you can read through and enjoy! (And have a good laugh or two! Especially those of you who also betrayed!)

    The Iksar lived within Freeport
    Though she was not the evil sort
    No poisons did she mix or brew
    Nor did she like the halfling-stew

    The arcane arts she wished to learn
    To be a summoner, did she yearn
    But only the dead could she raise
    So towards Qeynos she turned her gaze

    She packed her bags and waved farewell
    Little knowing she left for hell
    Deer she would nuzzle, trees she would hug
    Tired of being a 'scaley-faced thug'

    Nek Forest was a deadly place
    She felt as though she ran a race
    With owlbears following in pursuit
    And fiery shrillers close, to boot!

    And when she reached the harbor bell
    Off the dock she almost fell!
    But then she made it to the Steppes
    Where therein from the watery depths...

    An octupus launched a rude attack!
    And followed closely at her back
    And as she ran towards the gate
    She found she suffered worse a fate

    Into ranks of skeletons she ran
    Who laughed and taunted, as skellies can
    And bashed her with their rusted swords
    And with no healer, she had no wards!

    Soon death came and she chose to revive
    Little knowing she'd have to survive
    A long walk back to fetch her shard
    She started to miss dreary Scale Yard!

    And once her spirit was hers again
    Then the journey once more could begin
    She sprinted through to the Antonican door
    And then once through she kissed the floor

    A place of singing, happy elves!
    A home to place her books and shelves!
    But as she tried to pass inside
    The villagers did run and hide..

    Guards drew their swords, and shouted loud
    "For the glory of Qeynos!"- strong and proud
    She turned her scaley tail and fled
    Into a field of bears- conned red!

    The battle was both harsh and long
    And there was no bard to sing her song
    As she limped towards Vishra at the falls
    She heard the gnolls' taunting calls

    And when she fell down at his feet
    He gave her names of foes to beat
    Alone she faced these dreaded gnolls
    But they're the ones who paid the tolls

    She proudly returned to Vishra's side
    An arrogant step in her stride
    Only to find her task not complete!
    She must admit her sins to some deadbeat!

    So to the Towers she finally did trek
    Cursing the name of Rallous Zek
    And when told to confess her crime
    She told a lie, quite sublime

    The lady, though, she did not fool
    And though she tried to play it cool
    A fine was placed upon her head
    To pay three gold or leave instead.

    And so, though with a weary sigh,
    The Iksar gave it one last try
    And entered the gates of Graystone Yard
    The new home she had worked for so hard

    Only to find the inhabitants rude
    Their jests annoying, their insults crude
    The guards still threatened to attack
    And now she had to watch her back

    "I heard in Freeport you lose your tail,
    If in obeying the Overlord you fail.
    Why don't you go see if the rumours are true?
    Because here in Qeynos, WE DON'T NEED YOU!"

    And worst of all, the Elves were not
    A nuzzling-deer, tree-hugging lot!
    An innroom she found she could not buy
    For she 'owned one already'- she thought she would cry!

    And when to Freeport she finally returned
    To relinquish the house she once had earned
    "We don't sell lollipops and daises here!" was heard
    "Return to Qeynos, you conjuring nerd!"

    Here ends the tale of the Iksar who tried
    To find a home in which to abide
    No one would accept her, evil or good
    Though she did the best any Iksar could!
  2. ARCHIVED-totallynumb Guest

    I love it! And I understand your pain. I betrayed to Freeport with a high elf crusader. The worse thing about it was the constant insults from the NPCs. There should be quests to improve your standing within your new home. Of course the dark elves always cheered.
  3. ARCHIVED-Iggmarr Guest

    fellow iksar conjuror here, I loved your poem.
    But i have no regrets of having betrayed to qeynos. Even though they treat me more like trash than anyone in freeport ever did, I find solice in the fact that i do "The Right Thing". In eq1 i was an iksar shaman as my main, I always wanted to be good, and now I am. Even though i faced all sorts of hardships getting here and getting treated like crap after having gotten here, i still remember Vishra's parting words to me with a tear in my eye and pride in my chest. Because at the end of a long hard day of adventuring or scribing spells i can look at my scaley butt in the mirror and be happy with what i see. Not all iksar are bad, just keep that in mind :smileywink:
  4. ARCHIVED-Markhera Guest

    That was a fun read. :)

    I've betrayed three iksars to Qeynos, and in the end I always end up sending a feedback asking to be able to sucker-punch all the rude NPCs in the city. Then I log to my Kerra and find the NPCs are just as rude to those who haven't betrayed. Rather lame on the dev's part IMO.
  5. ARCHIVED-Dreega Guest

    Thanks for all the great feedback, guys! I know the rhyming is a bit off, but I was glad I wrote it down because betraying was a pain to go through!
    I would have it no other way. 6 Months later, she is still my only chara that I ever play and I love her to death. I used to hiss at the dogs when they growled/barked at me...but I long gave that up. Too bad having a good guild and doing writs doesn't make them a bit more respectful! Ah, well.
    Thanks again, everyone, I appreciate it!

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