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    I know everyone has their idea for the best TLE and what they enjoy and that's fine. But I've been trying to watch for mine and haven't seen there any chance we will ever see a TLE that is an actual representation of each expansion as it was and not modified much?
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    ^ what they said.
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    The only way that happens is if someone finally brings out an eq2 version of p99.
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    original source code is likely long gone or no longer accessible and even if it wasn't, what a nightmare that be trying to get it up and running well. iirc there was quite a bit of technical issues at launch which is why everyone needed a very high end pc for that time of 2004 to even run it and it has always been core intensive, but originally it didn't have support for multi-core processors. rebooting to how it was at the time would likely be most ppls dreams who look forward to TLE servers however gotta make do with what we got. maybe someday we will be able to jump in a time machine and get to relive the nostalgia in perfect paradise, but alas we have to rely on sweet memories and a makeshift expansion restriction server to try to mimic the feeling of what it used to be like. i applaud the efforts from the dev's but it'll never be the same again. too many permanent changes from one GU to the next. the game is practically unrecognizable from how it was 17 years ago. at least in some aspects.
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    Someone was slowly working on something like that, but I haven't seen a commit in the change log for 2 months now. I hope it's not being abandoned.
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    You mean you want the old days- run back and get your shard?

    or do you want them to add something mentioned in prebeta but never started. Your armor has a set lifetime, die 10 times and your armor vanishes.
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    Don't forget group XP debt, because that was fun.
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    I'm cool with soulshards. I understood their reasoning behind group debt, but it ended up just discouraging groups from even happening.
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    The ultimate TLE classic edition:
    - The original dank and dirty cities pre revamp.
    - No Neriak or New Halas
    - No Darklight woods or Frostfang sea
    - Overland zones are full of Heroic ^^^ (solo mobs exist but are scarce)
    - Soul shards
    - Class quests (pick archtype at level 1, pick class at level 10, pick subclass at level 20)
    - No auto grant to new spells (Apprentice I, II, III, IV must be crafted)
    - Sub-combines for crafting (to make armor requires first requires making cloth, leather, chain links, and plate sheets, etc)
    - crafting deaths
    - Spell "Fizzles"
    - Coin has weight and copper no long combines to silver or gold unless exchanged at the bank
    - All items have weight and there is a limit to how much stuff you can carry
    - Original stats mean something again.
    - All physical Combat arts require STR, all magic requires INT, healing requires WIS, avoidance requires AGI

    Requires Box (DLC) + Subscription to play on server.
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    Yeah, that would be a dream. We probably all wished they did that with the first TLE already. But oh well..
    But you have to refresh my memory, but wasn't wisdom only for power pool and resistances? I can't recollect to have healed better with more wisdom, just longer?
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    This is what I hope they do with every TLE. Then I play it and am disappointed because it is not what they did.
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    I vote for all of the original access quests being required again, lock teleport spells to EoF, and put the paid bell to TS/Nek back on their respective city docks.
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