Am I missing something about the prelude event?

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Gharyn, Sep 15, 2021.

  1. Gharyn Well-Known Member

    I have completed everything in a couple of hours and see no point to do any more.

    In the past, the whole server would work together for some goal leading to the new expansion. Sometimes there were even small upgrades, such as mount gear, that we could strive for.

    Unless you're a house decorator, there is no reason to repeat any of this.

    Don't mean to seem ungrateful but I miss the reason to have everyone work together for a common goal.
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  2. isest Active Member

    you are not the only one I spent about 30 minutes, and was like ok that's enough. I might do the combat part on each alt, but there is no reason to do anything else on my alts. I was totally underwhelmed
  3. Ichoris Active Member

    Yeah. I miss the ones where we all had a common goal. I really loved the dragon one. Where both TS and adventure had stuff to do. Building those statues and in the end you got a dragon mount. How cool. Enjoyed that one quite a bit.

    I really HATE the zone reuse stuff. I'm hoping it's only for the prelude. The expansions keep getting smaller and the last few had 'dungeons' that were mostly just the overland blocked off. I want real dungeons again.

    This is just the prelude so I will cut them some slack. All the zones are pretty much exactly the same and reuse old zones. We will see what the expansion has to offer. I'm hoping new zones and an increase in the level cap. It's been awhile since we got that. If not then why even reward XP for anything?

    Really miss the old expansions were we got large amount of content. I fear those days are long gone. Was hoping with the new owners that the next expansion would knock it out of the park. We will see what happens.
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  4. Gelenor Active Member

    This prelude, despite the content innovator .. is very slim on content. I agree Dragon was a great prior prelude. I am still deciding on whether I hold on to or delete gear from that prelude event. This prelude event is lacking
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  5. Standard Member

    We all participated in ruining the dragon event. The lag, the zone crashes etc. It was great when it worked, and when the novelty wore off, but people complained. A LOT. Horseman was not as bad but still bad.

    And that's probably why we don't have a similar event this time.
  6. Melkior Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure the Dragon event was an anniversary event not a prelude event.
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  7. Scrappyz Well-Known Member

    This is correct.. Dragons was for the 15th anniversary during hero's festival. Preludes have always been one or two quests related to the upcoming expansion. With the exception of the BoL one from the key, they haven't ever been 100% necessary to do
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  8. girney Active Member

    this was a nice diversion for about an hour one day.
  9. Gelenor Active Member

    Yep, my wrong. As events goes I still enjoyed the Dragon event
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  10. DENSER Active Member

    I don't understand, I love this prelude, the beach ( Make sandcastles) pirates ( An aftertaste of deja vu), dinosaurs ( Nice, it made me want to bring out the toys from my parents house . Dinosaurs were all the rage in the 80's)
    ... What more could you ask for. It's great to think that we're going to have an extension designed for 8-year-olds.
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  11. Kurei Hitaka Well-Known Member

    I actually sort of just want to confirm if that mount I saw linked actually drops from inside the instances. It was a raid-statted thing...last part of the name was Pentalpha, I think?
  12. Diren Hold New Member

    it is, unquestionably, a total embarrassment
  13. Komatus Active Member

    Whereas the difficulty of the content was on the light side, at least they put some crafting stuff in. Kudos on that as crafting has been skipped over in the past. I have seen many crafters in Mara running around hunting resin and crafting for acorns for several days now. That seems to have worked somewhat. Perhaps because the acorns could buy some of the stuff from the merchant that was kind of nice. :) The whole idea of going to the 3 islands was to do the mini quests and get more acorns. ;)
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  14. NrthnStar5 Well-Known Member

    I concur with the sentiment here... a prelude should give us a tease of what's coming in the expansion. I snippet of storyline, a hint at the big baddie, show off a little of the new art work or mobs. It does none of those things and the items to buy with the currency seem like random things... shouldn't a prelude event have ties to the expansion it is preluding?

    At this point, I don't know if it's resources, if the game is too hard to design with, or if it's lack of passion/creativity for this title.

    The islands are re-used zones, random mobs scattered around, off the wall "bosses" at the end. Like... maybe try and put some effort in?
  15. Tkia Well-Known Member

    I'd expect the same to be true of the expansion announcement but it contained nothing more than a title and details of the prelude event that's been on test for some time.
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  16. Maldaris Member

    Truthfully, I don't think it's any of those things. Development teams can have all the passion in the world, with oodles of creativity, and the willingness to put in all the effort required and more. There have been exceptions, sure, but the devs in this game have historically been able to step up to the plate. This is from someone who considers himself a fairly strident critic (I have still not forgiven them for the whole Blissful Awareness fiasco).

    But none of that means squat diddly if they don't have the resources or the support of the company that owns the property, and I'm left wondering if Daybreak might not be convinced that it's worth it to infuse new content into the game, rather than simply employ re-used and re-colored assets already in the toolbox. The developers might be sitting at their station screaming "Um, HELLO, we have some great things we can do here!" - and the corporate overlords might be shaking their heads and replying (to quote the Critical Drinker) "Nah, it'll be fine."
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  17. AOE1 Well-Known Member

    I just want to finish the 3 shiny quest. I think I didn't have enough titles that I don't, won't and cannot use so I need to get 3 more.

    Totally underwhelmed. It did offer those who didn't get one of the tradeskill books the first time it was offered a shot at getting it now. Mostly it is just a rehash of past days and times. It has me concerned about the xpac they are coming out with. Is it more of the same?