Altered Spaces 2022 Competition

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  1. Misstake Well-Known Member

    I am hosting a competition called Altered Spaces.

    What: Anything goes! The only rule is that you CANNOT buy the 200 item expander in the marketplace, but can use the 100 item expander (MP or player-made). Other than that just create whatever you want. Depending on the alignment of your toon will depend on the house but there are only 2 choices.

    When: Feb 1st through May 15th

    Why:I want to see what people can do with the same exact space

    Where: Jade Tiger's Den Basic Room 02, Freeport
    Lion's Mane Vestige Room - Starcrest Commune, Qeynos

    How: Sign up or just let me know what toon and whether it will be Qeynos or Freeport. You do not have to sign up by the 1st to be able to participate. Just make sure you are done by the 15th. If you get done early please do not publish until May 8th through May 15th. When you publish please add AS22 in the title.

    Prizes (not per server but overall):

    Grand Prize: House off MP or 2000 DBC equivalent (I choose)
    1st place: 500,000 plat (Based off Judges)
    2nd place: 250,000 plat (Based off Judges)
    3rd place: 125,000 plat (Based off Judges)


    I need 5 judges per server, but you cannot judge if you participate. Judging will be based on 5 categories for a total of 25 points.
    Categories: Use of Space - How well is the space used
    Theme- Cohesive Design
    Inventiveness - Use of materials in different unique ways
    Aesthetics - How the person likes it (personal opinion)
    Creativity - Overall uniqueness of the build

    Please also let me know if you would like to judge. I would prefer to have the same 5 judges for the whole thing.
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  2. Iced New Member

    Hi I would like to sign up. I will be using my toon Danaty- Qeynos on Maj'Dul. Thank you.
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  3. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    I have Ennia on all servers, including Test and Kaladim, I'm not decorating so can volunteer to judge.
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  4. draidean Well-Known Member

    I'll judge if you still need =)
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  5. Misstake Well-Known Member

    Sure that would be great. Thank you I will get you down.

    Got you down as a judge as well
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  6. kloree Member

    Okay im entering Andreasjahn- MajDul server. is it the Lions Mane Vestige Room Starcrest commune that we are supposed to use
  7. Vichane Active Member

    I'll judge on Antonia Bayle, Vichane
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  8. Aelissa Well-Known Member

    Aelissa: AB to enter pls
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  9. Misstake Well-Known Member

    I will keep that in mind but hoping I can get 5 judges that can judge on all servers.
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  10. Quiarrah Well-Known Member

  11. Misstake Well-Known Member

    Yes I got you down =D
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  12. Aeval New Member

    If you still need judges I would love to help! I have characters on AB, SF and Kaladim and I can make a character on other servers if needed to judge everything :)
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  13. Vampirella New Member

    Pocket on AB to enter :)
  14. Misstake Well-Known Member

    Is that Qeynos or Freeport?
  15. Vampirella New Member

    Freeport, sorry. Forgot to add XD
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