Alt viability concerns

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Wgrace, Feb 15, 2023.

  1. Noknok Member

    I fully support the OP. It's virtually impossible to come back as I did from a longer AFK and actually catchup on alts.
    There's way too much legacy required like buffs and certain must have items to be able to actually compete again.
    Training times are crazy long. Forget about alts having spells higher then Grandmaster level for the most part unless you dump in some serious cash. And even if you could, it's more like work then actually playing with them and having fun adventures. That's the most important thing. Ohh and did I already mention the absurt amount of spells nowadays? It was already almost too much during the old days, but who the heck thought Ascension spells were a great idea?
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  2. Noknok Member

    I've had about 30 drops now recently. The amount is fine, but 0 spell research reducers.
    It's like 45/45/10 for mount/mercenary/familiair sofar.
    RNG hates me, or I'm doing something really wrong.
  3. Heresford Active Member

    I don't think I've ever encountered a spell reduction potion from the Overseer quests. Is that supposed to be a thing?
  4. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Oh yes. The potions are the rare rewards, but that's always the case with the most worthwhile things in a loot table.
  5. Melkior Well-Known Member

    As far as I know the Reasearch Reducers are only from the Daily Heritage crate, not the other missions. But I could be worng. I don't recall ever getting one outside of the Crates, but I could have issed it.
  6. Taled Well-Known Member

    There *technically* are overseer research reducers, but they are not remotely common as you can see if you look at them via eq2u -
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  7. Wgrace Active Member

    I just got lucky and got a 40 day spell research reduction, but its mostly barding slot unlocks (worthless after 6) and freakin temp adorns.
  8. Wgrace Active Member

    Calling it "loot table", while technically correct, makes it sound like you can expect to get that sort of thing from actually playing the game, which likely aint gonna happen and just makes it even worse.
  9. Hartsmith Well-Known Member

    The 40 day is super rare but I've gotten a decent amount of other spell reducers since playing the OS portion. Not as many as I need, but still.

    Barding slot unlocks? Wouldn't call them worthless if you are a true alt'aholic that has so many mounts per character that you can assign specific tasks to different mounts; i.e. Antony (because ants are such hard workers) is the perfect mount for wearing all crafting gear, but there are multiple varieties of harvesting mounts of differing level access that can also be worth unlocking. This does make the need for mount training reducers even more needed sooner than they tend to appear in loot crates.

    Temp adorns? Ugh! Most frustrating when you didn't notice that they are level attached to the character that ran the OS quest it was awarded from. Do you have any idea how useless they are at level 10? .1 crit bonus??? At least they created that new "stash" bag (reward for completing level 40) to hold them all on each character that is able to use them. Just not sure why there is a "skip deposit all" when there is no way to "deposit all" anywhere for these. It is not like there is a trash bin you could bulk dump them into. Hmmm?!? That might be a novel idea for a new guild amenity; trash can! LOL
  10. Wgrace Active Member

    Yes, I do appreciate them being heirloom and being able to unlock the slots on alts, but that really only counts if I feel like playing an alt is viable in the first place, which I don't thanks to the stuff outlined elsewhere in this thread sadly :(
  11. Melkior Well-Known Member

    So I tracked this over the weekend on both accounts. Here were my results from Friday night through tonight:

    Account 1
    Famliar 50k 1, Merc 10 day 1, Mount 15 day 3

    Account 2:
    Famliar 50k 1, Merc 15 day 2, Mount 10 day 1, Mount 15 day 1

    So 5 on each over 4 days.
  12. Wgrace Active Member

    That's honestly not bad by the new standards we have developed for alt expectations, but only because we're treated so badly in regards to alt economy at this point so our standards are so warped =/
  13. Sleppen Active Member

    Wow. I've been doing the regular 10 per day, plus 15-20 charged missions. I have a big stockpile of familiar, mercenary, and mount potions. I've even managed to get most if not all of the super-rare agents to drop (Xiang Jie evaded me until a couple weeks ago). I think I got one spell research potion about a year ago. I thought it was just some special event drop, like the 4-hour temporary potions that drop every now and then from various places. I had no idea that these were a regular part of the loot table.

    As an aside, it would be nice if the devs gave us a use for all of the temporary adornments and junk potions. Remember the recipes that Raffik gave you that allowed you to convert 1000 junk harvestables into something else? I could go for something like that with the junk potions and the temporary adornments.
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  14. Wgrace Active Member

    Honestly those garbage temp adorns from the 24 hour quest feels like someone slapping you in the crotch...
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  15. Aethos Active Member

    Staying current with just one character in RoR already feels like a second job. I love alts, but the idea of keeping one current makes me wanna die. Which sucks, because I like having alts generally I can't do this thing that I like in other games, and used to like in EQ2. In 2012 I had six characters all current (granted only two had raid quality gear, but still).
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  16. Heresford Active Member

    Yeah, I've gotten to the point where I pretty much run my alts through the tradeskill timeline to unlock flying and save the adventure timeline for when it's no longer the current expac (generally n-2.) There's no running heroics with them if you do that, just questing.
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  17. Alterino Member

    20 Missions?

    I'm clearly missing something as I thought there were only 10 missions available a day? Oh wait, is this charged and non charged?
  18. Sleppen Active Member

    Right, 10 regular missions plus 10 charged missions at a time (no daily limit).
  19. Tweedles New Member

    You nailed it on the head. I’ve spent the last month shaving my toons down to three but I do realize that the shave is not close enough until I arrive at one.
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  20. Wgrace Active Member

    This here exactly.. I'm pretty sure my two cousins that I talked into trying the game are quitting because of this. Could have been two new members, but they kept making new characters because,well, its fun to play more than 1 thing? I had to break the news to them that it isn't really going to be sustainable at end game unless they turn the game into their whole life and ever since then they have logged in like once a week with a lot of grumbling and I can't blame them and probably wont be far behind.

    3 subs down the drain just because of alt drought.
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