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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Deckerd Smeckerd, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. Deckerd Smeckerd Active Member

    What if All Access Members could trade platinum for DBC? Is that ridiculous?
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  2. Bleed Member

    I think Daybreak would lose too much $.
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  3. Beee Well-Known Member

    In this case a platin exploid simply exploids dbc too.

    But very simple: A player can gift you something from Marketplace and you trade him the platin.. so both are happy :)
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  4. Deckerd Smeckerd Active Member

    Good points. It is a big risk. On the other hand, since you have to be an All Access member to participate, you still have to pay 15 dollars at least once to trade platinum for market place items (DBC currency). It is really a reward for those that acquired a great deal of in-game wealth. Usually that will be the veterans. Suddenly those veterans can take huge amounts of platinum which they might not have a good use for and purchase DBC and go on a shopping spree in the marketplace. If they trialed it for a week they might get a better idea of it.

    The ability to trade plat for DBC could be done different ways. One, as a trial run, they could just open it up for 1 month or 1 week and see what happens. Maybe nothing or maybe many people will take advantage of it. For those with the plat, but don't have the subscription, the value of the whole market place gets added to the Krono, so it might entice some people to buy a Krono.

    Another way to do it is where they could occasionally award a token to members that could be redeemed. Upon redemption, you could gain the ability to exchange plat for Krono for a limited time, like 7 days. This way, you don't necessarily have to possess the plat immediately as you would if they open the exchange directly for a predefined time period. But this gives more control to the players which means that if an exploit were to develop, someone could immediately redeem the token and exchange plat for DBC. If they opened the exchange for 7 predefined days, then they could do it at a time when there doesn't appear to be an known exploit. But if it were only 7 predefined days, some people might miss it because they were unable to play the game and would be unhappy.

    Finally, they could just have the exchange open 24/7. This gives full control to the players about when they can exchange plat for DBC but it will also be probably the most appealing.

    There might be other ways to do it that might reduce the risk of an exploit. The upside is that DBC cash can be a tool to reduce platinum in the game.

    They could also create a DBC exchange related merchant(s) in the game that appears or is accessible during this event. (or all merchants could be adjusted during the event, if it isn't hard.) This merchant(s) could give you a better amount of platinum for fabled and legendary and maybe even treasured items. This could entice players to take items that do not sell well on the broker and trade it for platinum during the event so that they can exchange it for DBC.

    Then depending on how badly they want to remove items or plat from the economy, they set the exchange rates appropriately. And since it is a big advantage to players to buy items from the market place for what is, essentially platinum, it makes the Krono more valuable during the exchange period. So it kills multiple birds with one shot. It removes items and currency from the game. It potentially makes more money from Krono sales. If it is email marketed to all players, both current and former, you will probably get a few people to come back and at least look at the market place to see whats in there.

    Lastly, the other advantage is that a plat for DBC exchange makes everything in the market place acquirable for free. It just takes more time to do it for free. So the game steps a little farther away from pay to win. Which, I wouldn't classify EQ2 as close to that model but "totally free to play" is a selling point. But that isn't the model I propose. It just makes the market place items aquirable for plat. lol
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  5. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Probably not gonna happen as kronos to station cash was an idea thrown around and told it wasn't gonna happen due to technical issues.
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  6. Siren Well-Known Member

    When you sub and become All Access, you get 500 SC per month. Voila! There's your station cash right there.

    As plat can't pop right out of the game and pay EQ2 devs' salaries, I suspect they are going to hold out for the real-life money from your wallet as payment for Station Cash shop items (whether you get the 500 SC from paying real-life money for a subscription to EQ2, or you just buy SC directly). :)
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  7. parissa Well-Known Member

    They just added cobalt crates... I dont think they are gonna do anything to step away from the pay to win (as some put it) feature... if anything they will add more cause it helps with their salaries...
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