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Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Nivak, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Nivak Guest

    I recently came back to EQII and with a sense of enjoyement I read that kiting is back. I hear necromancers can get snares, dolls etc.
    What my question is : do the several snare spell stacking work as intended or is this another typical SOE alike bug they gonna let remain in game and then when everyone is nicely used to them they gonna remove that abilities and state it was a bug all along ?
    I see a lot of necromancer kinda "spec" there way into agro kiting with the 40 snare choice, the doll,etc, so I wanna know this.
  2. ARCHIVED-tenebrarum Guest

    Unfortunately, SOE is the only one who can answer that question. The hex doll, the level ten training option, and the level fourty training option all three stack now, but who knows the the future will hold.
    I'd also say don't just play your Necro now because you can kite and have fond memories of kiting yourself to uberness in EQ1. Kiting in the two games is very different. It's a lot more high maintenance in EQ2, what with our dots lasting less than half a minute and the fact that you need multiple dots to keep them snared to an acceptable speed level.
    Best of luck.
  3. ARCHIVED-Divine Power Guest

    Kiting, I hear people talk about soloing iceberg - how is that possible? I can kite single ^^ mobs, but how would you do two at once?
  4. ARCHIVED-Handlebars Guest

    You can use your root to keep either TJ or Iceberg at bay.
  5. ARCHIVED-KaptanX Guest

    I read comments in forums alot about Necros using roots, but what effective roots do we have. Eternal bindings (adept I) doesn't work for shiat, and Convulse (adept I) works great but the reuse timer sux. What root am I missing here? I have never been able to use these roots to effectively hold back a partnered enemy. They always break out of eternal bindings and I can never get convulse off quick enough. Either I'm delayed by the reuse timer or it gets interrupted cus it takes so long to cast. I guess I need some knowledge from Necro root masters.

    Having said that, I find convulse works great on one enemy. When they break free from my pet, I am usually back away enough to land convulse with only one hit taken. THen I chain cast words of the wicked and rending frenzy, get my distance, and most times my pet (RT adept III) has regained control.

    -Vanir (49 Necromancer)
  6. ARCHIVED-MrGrimm999 Guest

    It's simple, root tundra. and agro kite iceberg, if root breaks prematurely, fear him, then root again, keep your self warded and sprint when needed. You have to have all 3 snares for this to be effective.
  7. ARCHIVED-Divine Power Guest

    yeah, tundra jack and iceberg 2, divinepower 0
    they smoked me good. Is the strategy that you need to keep recasting your root every 30 seconds? it only lasts 36 seconds. that is hard given the fact that we have to put all this effort into casting our snares as well. Is there something that I am missing?
    For your snare path, do you snare iceberg and run circles around a rooted tundra? Is there an easy to to switch back and forth between targets?
  8. ARCHIVED-Handlebars Guest

    You're not missing anything, you just have to be thinking and watching the timers carefully to keep the root and snare up on each mob.

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