Ages End: The Final Chapter

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    I watched the replay of the cast, and they only got to the boss after Roehn Theer... not sure what ending you saw, but I would like to see it too.
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    You guys need to listen to happier music while raiding. Maybe some Abba.
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    Skip to 56:10.

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    haha :) That's so mental!
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    So kerafrym does like 20 barrel rolls and attempts to eat theer and then the moon reforms. Lore2goodinthisgame.
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    Expansion Spoiler: Level 100 Moon Dinosaurs!
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    That was me, sorry about that. I requested the channel's music bot to put on the song Bloodmeat 'cuz someone had put on a Frozen theme song earlier on the stream!
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    Moon dinosaurs > More Ethernere.
  10. Anaogi Well-Known Member

    Huh. So I was right about Luclin playing a role...just not quite on the details...
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    I'm a little skeptical of whether or not it will be the next expansion. Neither of the new titles fit the role of it. That said I had a feeling it would eventually be shoved into the game via a plot device,
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  12. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    we're not going to Luclin. (at least still not in the foreseeable future yet) read the chat text. all he did was force the fragments still up there to reform to seal Kera and Theer in the center he couldn't turn the time back to when Luclin was habitable. he couldn't even put the chunks that hit Norrath back up there. so it's not even a full moon so to speak. and the center is where the Nexus yeah....still no place for us to port to, much less to get there..and if we get there...yeah, all we'd prolly do is wake them both up. and that is bad.

    basically they turned luclin into a prison cell for Theer and Kera to be locked in forever. we're not likely to go back.
  13. SgtPmpkn Well-Known Member

    Have to agree with Rainmare... seems like Kera's new prison cell for eternity or until something happens to release him and Theer. The merging of the pieces of Luclin might play a role in the expansion or how we find the new lands... who knows.
  14. GabenBison Active Member

    I'll never understand the entire prismatic dragon thing. All it takes is two different dragon types to mate and then bore offspring which would mean Kerafyrm wouldn't be unique. That's a major plot hole...hope they have plenty of other places to put those dragons if they ever get born again.
  15. Ucala Well-Known Member

    the 2 different dragons mating wasn't the only thing that made Kerafyrm as powerful as he was.
    he got even more empowered by the swords
  16. Neiloch Well-Known Member

    Well it would explain all the Luclin related lore on the new ethereal weapons. Specifically mentioning the Akheva. Then again the Akheva are closely tied with the Plane of Shadow and Luclin herself. I still wonder how the spider-bears the devs revealed fit in, they were a result of the ethernere spilling into West Karana on EQ1.
  17. Anaogi Well-Known Member

    Um, suddenly occurred to me: The leaper-mount quest used partial remains to restore a living creature at adulthood. What if the chronomancy used to reassemble Luclin did something similar? Might explain the dinosaurs we've been teased with...
  18. Meirril Well-Known Member

    He used chronomancy to force the fragments back together. If he was a geomancer I would agree with your conclusions since a geomancer would simply force the fragments back together. A chronomancer monkeys with time and displacement to get things done. Since this wasn't a true restoration Luclin won't be the place we remember from EQ1...but it really could be almost anything beyond that.

    We even have an established lore method of getting to Luclin if the devs want to use it. Fighting can be herd in the Farasian Nexus. It could be that the Farasian and Luclin Nexus are linked on a fundamental level and due to the chronomancy used to seal Kerafyrm and Theer that they occupy the Nexus from before the Farasian Nexus was built, or at the moment of the Shattering. If that is the case...then the Farasian Nexus should physically lead to the chamber where Theer and Kerafyrm are trapped.

    As for the spiderbears...lots of possible sources. There is a population of Owlbears on Luclin. Its possible that they crossbreed with the cave spiders. Its also possible that one of the many powerful spell casters on Luclin is responsible. Greig in his madness could of just conjured them straight from his nightmares. Seru or Katta could of ordered experimentation to create more soldiers/shock troops. The Akava could be directly or indirectly responsible. The native vampire population could of attempted to make a creature similar to a Drachnid, or actual Drachnids could be responsible. The chronomagic could be responsible. Even the Vashir could of done it. They might even be from the dimensions of discord, and we're heading to Luclin because a portal to Discord was accidently created when Luclin was restored.
  19. Liched New Member

    I was sad that mistmoore didnt come to the final battle
  20. Avahlynn Well-Known Member

    So question: when I'm on my front balcony in Qeynos or roaming about adventuring and look up into the night sky, what will I see? I'm assuming the gorgeous remnants of Luclin won't look spread out anymore and more or less look like a ball shaped moon?