Ages End: The Final Chapter

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  1. Eles Well-Known Member

    For July, including this week:

    •Status Point Merchant Updates: New items added (300,000,000 status and 2000p for [Alberich the Expensive Mount]
    •Summer Ethereal weapons! And we’ll have Artifact versions of these too!
    •Aerakyn Lore & Legend Quest :cool: at least we will have more lore
    •Ages End: The Final Chapter (a X2 instance) :D

    Let's post all the lore info you can gather from the new zone!
  2. GIndotto Well-Known Member

    The question is: will this x2 zone be the start of the final chapter, much like Sleeper's Tomb launched before CoE, or will it be a final farewell so that the next expansion will be something fresh and new besides Ages End Prophecy business? Seems strange they could wrap up all the lore in one x2 zone at the end of this expansion? We'll have to wait and see I guess!
  3. Chronus Active Member

    What I want is this x2 to give access to an x4 with Kerafrym with the final fight. If they make the killing or re-sleepening of Kerafrym an x2 I'm gonna be upset =/
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  4. GabenBison Active Member

    Don't worry it will be as useful and used as Wurmbone's End X2 was. As in not at all.
  5. GIndotto Well-Known Member

    They stated very clearly on the last EQ2 Webcast that there's no room for any items in a x2 since the loot is so close together as it is between Heroics to entry raids (x4's).

    With how screwy all the itemization is right now I guess I shouldn't worry, they can't possibly screw it up any worse than it is! *rimshot*
  6. Errrorr An Actual EQ2 Player

    I b4 you kill Kerafrym in a x2, then he appears as a x4 in the Ethernere later in expac :D
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  7. Feldon Well-Known Member

    We already know that the expansion will be something totally unrelated to Age's End or anything from EQ.

    After all these years of Age's End and being told at SOE Live last year that Age's End was almost wrapped up *last year*, I don't know what to make of reactions that "It's over already?"
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  8. Ucala Well-Known Member

    really, this made me laugh with how sad it seems like it's gonna be.
    Ages end x2...where you are ideally supposed to overcome the terror that is Kefyrem. even a x4 wouldn't make sense.
    we had to get help from the hounds of war just to take out rallos zek. so it was more like a x5 for him.
    Kefyrem should be a x4 raid, with some kind of outside help (I would guess Nagafen at the very least)
    making it more a x5 or x6

    they already said that Ages End will end this expac.
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  9. SgtPmpkn Well-Known Member

    I hope this is planned out a bit better. I would think after seeing Rallos taken out in an x4, that Kera would be too. I would also, think that they would put in some sort of solo lore quest where maybe there would be some cinematic that shows the final battle with Kera from a spectator perspective, for those that dont raid. Such as the lore/cinematic in Cobalt Scar when Kera steals the Tear of Veeshan.

    I don't raid full time, and most likely won't be able to do an x4, but seeing an x2 for Ages End is a bit... underwhelming and disappointing. I would also hope there is a way for all to see the lore ending of this great Age we have been in for so long and everyone being a part of. Here's hoping we aren't fully let down by the ending we have built up so much for so far.
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  10. Feldon Well-Known Member

    Ok, I'll admit in a perfect world, defeating Kerafyrm would be a massive Public Quest that takes multiple days to defeat, is CAREFULLY controlled by an event coordinator who logs in every couple hours to tweak the completion rates and make sure things are going smoothly (Not like in the past when an Event gets launched and then 2 days later it's run its course cause nobody was babysitting it).
  11. GIndotto Well-Known Member

    But who's going to clean up the Drakota feces from the top of the Qeynos and Freeport buildings? This should be a craft-side questline released in tandem with this x2, creating house actors server wide to clean the "leftovers". After any disaster on this scale there's lots of cleanup!
  12. Uncle Active Member

    I agree but i also remember hearing Kandar saying that if Fabled death tolls loot system works that is how they will do X2 loot like that... *ducks for cover*
  13. GabenBison Active Member

    i think the entire might of the prismatic dragon is way over exaggerated. Most of his power is his cunning and planning. And as said in a previous lore thread I made, if he is so powerful then why does he have to rely on an army to do his bidding this entire time? Not saying he isn't powerful, he's just stronger then the normal dragon, but he's no god.

    That said, SoE sort of dug a hole for themselves when it came to Kerafyrm. It took them ten years to get to this point and it sort of lost its steam in terms of hype long ago. His design is kinda of lame and honestly they should have drawn more inspiration from that one dragon from Guild Wars 2.
  14. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    I think it's a x2 becuase your x2 is going to meet up with another x2 made up of heroes and legends, and then that x4 is going to meet up with Theer and any Void servants he might have left and THEN all of you are going to face Kerafyrm.

    Or it could be an idea of 'where the broadsword fails, the dagger may succeed.' Kerafyrm has always planned on facing massive forces arranged against him. maybe your x2 is a sneak attack during a distraction made by the Combine...can't have to large a force it gets noticed...but not so small it's ineffective.

    groups 1 and 2 are frodo and sam,and the combine is aragorn marching on the black gate to keep Kera fixed on them, and blind to all else.
  15. Vallaria Member

    I agree. I'd hate to be locked out of the ending of the story due to not being able to raid. There needs to be a balance so that everyone, every player on every level (Crafting, Raiding, Solo, etc.) can see, or participate the end of the age. As you said, perhaps via an in-game cinematic that we can all view in game the end of a quest (perhaps we get a house item orb that lets us view it anytime).

    I'd even be happy with an in-game illustrated book.
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  16. Lucus Well-Known Member

    I think they should do something like a solo signature line to unlock the heroics leading upto kerafym then as you said give them an orb they can place in their house to see the battle cinematic anytime then with the signature line done then people can run heroics/raids to gear up for kerafym and then decide wether they want to run the heroic or raid version.
  17. Ebofu Active Member

    I randomly saw an old interview Kander gave, it was back in 2013 but something stood out.

    Age’s End
    • A lot of this update was planned like 3 years ago. We’re really happy to be moving on with Velious. Chains of Eternity was a cool break for us to do something totally out of the storyline of Velious. Kander would like to say that this is the final chapter, but there’s a little more. We’re coming close to the final chapter of Velious. You’re here to help the Combine Army drive the final stake into the Army of the Awakened.
    • There’s a lot of stuff that’s still Top Secret that he can’t give away.
    • Dell asked if we’re getting close to the end of the Age’s End Prophecy, to which Kander paused, let out a deep sigh, and said “Sure.”
    • The Age’s End Prophecy is complicated. Everyone involved, the Combine Army, Skyshrine, Kerafyrm’s Army, the Pantheon of Gods all have their own idea of what the prophecy entails. There are a lot of old school characters involved. When we do finally complete the Age’s End Prophecy, it may not be what everyone thinks

      Episode #63
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  18. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    that could, and probably is, a referance to the idea that we're not going to 'kill' Kerafyrm. more then likely reimprison him after draining the Godslaying power from him...or, we'll find that he wants us to take it, and is willing to take the potentially mortal wounds to have it stripped becuase he knows what happens if he can't control it/store it in his body, which Theer told us about.

    Kerafyrm right now is a walking timebomb. if he dies, the power gets loose and can/will unmake creation. if he can't control it, which Theer says is impossible, it'll overwhelm and vaporize Kera and then the rest of us.

    we may take a x2 after Kera..find he's pretty weakly guarded now, and see him frightened, paniced and desperate because the Godslaying power is getting beyond his control and he knows what happens when it does. he might be eager to see us and happy we have the Twin Swords to siphon it from him...but may put up a fight when, invariably, Lucan/Mayong/Duality intended to inflict a fatal blow to get it out. then it'll become a fight of 'if your going to kill me anyway, lets see who I take down with me.'
  19. Ucala Well-Known Member

    no, we probably won't kill kerfyrem, he is far too powerful for that.
    atleast we won't kill him along, we would need outside help to even stand a chance.

    if there is an ending that we won't expect, I would say we lose :p and dragons take over norrath.

    as much as it would be nice for "solo" people to hear about the stories of norrath, and be apart of it. it just isn't possible 9/10 times.

    I don't see how you could have done a solo version of slaying Rallos Zek, and I don't see how you can do a solo way of beating kefyrem.
  20. Malleria Well-Known Member

    Veeshan will appear, address all the dragons and say "He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy!", and take Kera away. The end.
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