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    Nonnag wrote:
    Seconded. This was sooo interesting and helpful! Please update it to bring us up to speed before SF releases.

    Thank you in advance.
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    we need RoK, TsO and the new expansion SF timelines
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    Given that the OP hasn't logged into the forums since 2008 (click their profile, it shows last login), I don't think they're playing the game, and thus won't update the post.
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    Posted from another thread

    Rezikai wrote:
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    According to Jinan Haffah at the entrance to Quel'Ule, teleportation was cut off from Norrath only 200 years ago.
    If the Tome of Destiny is to be believed to have happened in a chronological order of events, then 300 years passed between the gods leaving and teleportation being cut off. Chapters 1 and 2...
    However, we also know from in-game books that the Rending itself lasted for 300 years, and the 2nd Rallosian War happened before the Rending.
    The Tome of Destiny also suggests that the War of the Fey had not yet happened when teleportation was cut off, as Felwithe seemed to still be the old city we once knew, before the war had changed them into extreme inbreeding xenophobes. Though to be fair, we wouldn't learn about the War of the Fey until an NPC in Willowwood gave a subtle hint about it's existence.

    This timeline is starting to conflict with itself...
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    Cusashorn wrote:
    I'm catching up on all of the lore that I missed while I was out and I'm having the same issue. I'm being optimistic and hoping that we are mising something though.
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    Well, its been a few months now and it would be nice if some hard core raider/lore buff could fill in any gaps and bring us through SF. Hint , Hint....
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    The big one that's missing is Rise of Kunark, I can't seem to find the lore on this expansion.
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    Can someone post RoK and DoV summary please?
    I have good idea of what happens in DoV but not RoK. Plus it will be nice to have summary in one place.

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    Cusashorn wrote:
    I believe you read Jinan's text wrong. The Uterial Spire Network was first activated 200 years ago and Odus was pushed into Uteria then. I believe he was refering to that event.
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    After a good deal of searching I managed to find a WIP lore write-up by the OP (IrishWonder) for RoK before he stopped posting, although it's incomplete as the final steps are not shown and I cannot vouch for its accuracy.
    This is mainly the write-up for the Fate of Norrath raid questline, which is the only major overarching story lore I've so far found in my searching. I've looked around on the actual quests involved and found the final dialogue so hopefully we can fill in the gaps. Unfortunately I can't speak to the rest of the lore on RoK (for various reasons), and the lore here is extremely raid-heavy with a couple steps being nothing more than an excuse to send you to kill several raid mobs.
    Remember that this takes place prior to TSO. Please see the below thread for further comments on this lore.

    From what I can see, your search for Trakanon takes you to Veeshan's Peak, where a slave named Snyr'dok will give you access to Trakanon's Lair if you slay every dragon in Veeshan's Peak (all 12 of them).
    At the beginning of the fight with Trakanon, he says two things: "You must die to fulfill Elizerain's final prophecy. Take your place in history!" and when someone with the Chelsith stone uses the altar in the room (which creates a bubble that helps protect against Trakanon's abilities) he then says "The stone of oblivion! It is the final piece of the lost god's puzzle of Ages End. You have saved me from a risky battle with the Leviathan." (, best quality I found)
    That second statement is referenced in the quest completion text, BTW.
    When you take the completed stone back to the Moppet Shoppe, instead of Fiddy you find "A Stranger" within. Here's the dialogue from the conversation as I'm sure you'd rather see that than some paraphased statement of mine.
    Hopefully that covers most of it. I'm sure this isn't covering much new, but I figure it's nice to have it here.
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    IrishWonder wrote:
    Is that confirmed? If I understand the lore correctly than basically what happened was that the adventurers traveled back in time, were found and send back with only a few hours lost without success (EQ1). According to;pli=1#gid=0 they travelled back to 3150?
    Question 1: What was their starting time?
    Question 2: The two worlds generated were starting at 3150 or at the starting time of the adventurers?
    What really confuses me ... the ingame time function and ingame lore say that the EQ2 timeline is not one of "500 years lost and fast forward compared to EQ1" but instead of "500 years differently".
    Question 3: If the EQ2 time did not fast forward but as the ingame time measurement indicates just was different in these 500 years then ... what DID happen during the 500 years in EQ2 and what did not?
    I've established by several measurements over the last years that one month real time equals roughly 23.3 month ingame. That means the EQ2 ingame at release was around 3713 on Valor. Today we have the year 3892 on Valor (how much differs that with other servers btw?).
    From what I read in the EQ1 lore the gods there left around 3350 (
    So Question 6: Was there a Cataclysm in Everquest 1 too or is that still potential future btw?
    Question 5: When the Rallosian army was active ... were the gods of this army still in play at this time? Because I read that the Rallosian army was defeated in 3571 finally in front of Qeynos and Freeport ...?!?

    Basically from what I've puzzled so far but feel not too confident about is this:
    3150 is the time the adventurers arrive when travelling back. Druzzil interferes and sends them back without any success to whenever. EQ1 and EQ2 fork from here. Rallosian Wars happen with the Rallosian Army of Orks and such reaching the Plane of Earth and fighting the Rathe but loose. The gods are rather ... upset about this (mortals bothering them and the gods of power in their planes). Roughly around 3170 (between LoY and GoD of EQ1) the gods meet to decide they leave Norrath. Do they have imprisoned Zeboxurok by that time or already by 3150 or just do now? Rallosian army destroy the spires in Norrath to close the access to the planes but are defeated by the other mortals finally when going further rampage. By that time the gods of influence have left for quite a while. This is all still around 3200-3300. 500 years later with a massive story gap but an ingame time counting 500 years LATER (is that an oversight by the devs or 500 years of recorded history missing indeed?) we have the launch of EQ2 at an ingame clock of 3710-3720 depending on the server. In between rending etc. but nothing too specific.

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