Aftershock or Focused Casting

Discussion in 'Warlock' started by ARCHIVED-Orlac, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Orlac Guest

    Been running with Aftershock and so far not real impressed. Is Focused Casting a more useful skill?
  2. ARCHIVED-XustinuS Guest

    it seems like you are comparing 2 completely different skills...
    At end game you will have aftershock at all costs... but focused casting can be skipped as in grp
    or maybe solo you can have max casting speed.
  3. ARCHIVED-AziBam Guest

    If I could only have one, it would unquestionably be FC. Aftershocks is pretty lackluster for an endline ability. I take it mostly because I've already put enough points in that tree on the other abilities. It isn't game making or breaking. In the end though, you'll want them both.
  4. ARCHIVED-Orlac Guest

    Azian@Everfrost wrote:
    Thanks. At my level it's one or the other. I'll try out FC!
  5. ARCHIVED-nereid27 Guest

    Oftentimes, FC is useless since SF launching.
    must be more useful. I suggest, dmg boost instead of root portion. would be good.!
  6. ARCHIVED-sephris Guest

    Orlac wrote:
    if you're not 90 yes, Focus casting is far better, hands down. when lvling, being able to root/interrupt immune urself when a mob is beating on you to get off that last 1-2 spells to kill it before it kills you; is imo irriplaceable. When you're at 90 and decently/raid geared you'll be capped on casting speed (most likely) and Focus casting will become more and mroe obsolete in comparison to the procing dmg of Aftershock. Being that most fights you'd solo while lvling dont last all that long (either you kill it, or it kills you =P) aftershock isnt all that much of a diffrence; as compared to at 90 in groups/raids where fights last longer where it'd have a fair chance to proc
    hope my wall of text helps
  7. ARCHIVED-ajrm7000 Guest

    Eveningdress@Blackburrow wrote:
    acctualy FD is still quite usefeul as it doubles your recovery speed which means you can spam buttons faster :)
  8. ARCHIVED-wullailhuit Guest

    Leveled my warlock recently...nothing like hitting Rift in the middle of a mass of mobs beating on the tank then seeing aftershock hit , followed by another one caused by the first one and most of the mobs die.
  9. ARCHIVED-Oidan Guest

    There is a big possibility of FC being a lot more important with Velious. I guess we will have to see what they do with gear and aa choices.
  10. ARCHIVED-nereid27 Guest

    Today.. FC is changed on test server patch note.
  11. ARCHIVED-ajrm000 Guest

    Orlac wrote:
    Focused casting as of GU60 now has 100% spell double attack for 10seconds, very useful, but in the end, you will have both FC and AS :)
  12. ARCHIVED-Clarrice Guest

    Was going to make a seperate post about this anyway - so what end lines do people take now? Been readin posts about cast order etc but they don't really cover all of this. Assume Dark Agravation is a given?
  13. ARCHIVED-romulis Guest

    Wullailduo@Splitpaw wrote:
    haha i remember when aftershocks were super powerful and you would rift and watch aftershocks go off and then [explitive deleted] everything off at the same time.... it used to mean death if not done right :p
  14. ARCHIVED-Vedian Guest

    Both are very handy. One has a chance to chain a series of consecutive damages. The other lets you automatically spell double attack for 12 seconds. Go for both.

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