After 15 years in Norrath.....

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by Vunder, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. Vunder Well-Known Member

    I am finally moving on.

    Firstly no you can't have my stuff. I put it all in Vinyard's "Raising money for my wow sub" yard sale fund raiser.

    It's been a fun ride, I have enjoyed Norrath since 1999 on a dialup modem on my Gateway 2000 Pentium 2 with a quantum harddrive that would wake the neighbors.. A tiny 6x6 screen surrounded by a horrid slate gray UI repeatedly spamming complete heals for 6 hours thinking that 2% of exp gain was an accomplishment. I remember getting kicked to death by snakes and missing with my fireball and hitting a guard standing behind him and getting my face owned by said Freeport guard.

    I've enjoyed my time in EQ2 leveling every single class to 95, a few to 100 but not many. Crafting when it was lethal and searching for groups to do quests in the Common lands because everything would own your face.

    Do I go on to another game? No. All MMO's are blended together to become the same old thing and I've grown bored with them. If EQnext ever launches I'll give it a test run, don't lie every single one of you will do it, you're all guilty.

    I graduate with my masters in a couple months and begin my doctorial studies for a couple years so now is a better time than any to say goodbye.

    Being an active part of a community for so long deserves a goodbye.

    So, Goodbye Norrath....general chat trolls...and friends of AB. Find yourself another healer.

    Your loving ogre

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  2. Shesaz Active Member

    I love reading posts like this. I'm also a long-time veteran of eq1, so I love hearing of the fond memories everyone has - some of which I share.

    Congratulations on your master's! Best of luck going forward :)

    Because of the incredible amount of years I've spent playing both eq1 and eq2, I often wonder when my "time" to leave will come... Because let's be real, everyone's time will (or at least should) come. I guess I like reading posts like this because we've both spent many years playing.

    Maybe my time will come soon too - I'm working on a bachelor's degree and will likely continue to get a master's. I don't play that much anymore as it is, so I'll eventually do the same as you. I'm getting pretty close lol.

    Enjoy your new life!
    Remember to stop for shinies!
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  3. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    Congrats on your accomplishment and good luck with your future endeavor! Always smile when you see a snake and wonder how they can "kick"! :D
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  4. The-Plethora Active Member

    Can't you just cheat, pay station cash and get your masters now :)?
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  5. Wirewhisker Well-Known Member

    Seeya in a couple of months when you come back.
  6. Charlice Well-Known Member

    You're wrong, I will not try EQwow.

    Good luck in all you do.
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  7. ShaggyBodom Well-Known Member

    I been with the EQ franchise since release in 1999 as well. This is a tough franchise to move away from! Its odd that I still remember some of my PC specs from then as well, Pentium 333mhz and a 16mb Voodoo 2000 video card. Had that until Planes of Power. Whenever I was in PoK I had to turn my clip plane to 0 just so I could move haha. It was then that I decided to buy a new PC :p

    Best of luck to you sir, and huge congrats on your masters!
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  8. Squirtikiss Member

    Anyone who has played 9 or more years is automatically a citizen of Norrath. As does the U.S. government, Norrath taxes its citizens even if they live and work in another country. You will be paying a subscription for the rest of your life. As you will be earning a doctorate, this tax should not be a burden.
    EQNext? No way! The cartoon graphics ensure that will not happen. It is the same reason I have never played WoW even though I was aware of it years before I knew EQ2 existed.
    Is your doctorate in the category of Outfitter, Craftsman, or Scholar?
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  9. Kari Well-Known Member

    Best wishes for continued success in your studies and congrats on the masters!

    My husband and I experienced a similar burnout during SF and we took a break for a couple years. It was good to take a break and when we came back we had a renewed enjoyment of the game. I think all things have their seasons, and hopefully the game will still be around in a few years if you ever get the urge to stop by and revisit your old haunts.
  10. Raff Well-Known Member

    I've quit several times too. But, eventually....somewhere down the line, you get this urge....and you hear an echo of Norrath rambling around in nether regions of your cranium.

    Everyone comes back...eventually. Real Life issues notwithstanding.
  11. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    ^^ This. I've lost count of how many times I was done with EQ 1 or 2. I also recall swearing I would never consider EQ2 back when it was set to come out. :p See you when I see you.
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  12. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    But....can I have your stuff? ;) hehe, that is my standard response when someone says they are leaving any game. Best of luck with your real world endeavors.

    That said, I've taken breaks from Norrath several times...something calls me back. We go try other games, get tied up in real life...then, suddenly, we're back.

    All that said, hope you did not give away all your "stuff" in case you decide to come back some day ;)

  13. The Only Crysannion New Member

    Funny thing.. I've been away for several years. I'm thinking of playing again. I started soooo long ago. Had 2 kiddos the, 4 total now. They're old enough to let Mommy have a little fun I think? I started with vanilla in a baby guild. Rohgziel, Halathorn, Kanvil, Treean and so many more. I miss my time with people who just "get it" when it's time to escape and play. No BS, no drama.. Just play.
  14. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    Well with free-to-play, there is no reason you can't come and check it out again. If you remember your login, just do it! They changed the veteran rewards to when your account was created, not how long you have been playing / paying. So you may have some cool goodies to /claim
  15. Vunder Well-Known Member I TRIED to quit. In fact I bought and downloaded several other games. Played them for several hours. Those games just suck. EQ2 might be boring sometimes and pretty dead alot of the times but it is still the best game out there so I came back.
  16. Nolus Well-Known Member

    Welcome back!
  17. Raff Well-Known Member

    Welcome Back...there really is no game out there right now that can totally replace this one. Don't think I haven't looked or played. They might hold your interest for a little while....but Norrath resides in your conscious now. Slumbering sometimes, but always there.
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  18. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Welcome back.

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