Advice for channeler

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Chapman, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. Chapman New Member

    Hi I'm trying to improve with my channeler on both the healing and dps front. I love the playstyle but I've never played any other healer except for a lower level defiler. When choosing AAs what's more important dps ones or heal ones. Also how is channeler dps compared to the other healers?
  2. Mhoramm Member

    You can look up my channeler if you want to look at my AA setup. He is Staave on Skyfire. My AA setup may be a little different then some. Namely I dont take the end line AA in the second tab called Protect Me. I dont see much point in making the pet soak up my damage at the expense of the group. Also I dont take the heal or dps stance. Yes you can increase your heals or dps in a stance but at the expense of the other so I dont see much point. I also dont take the group rez in the shadow tab, you already have the aoe group rez. I tend to err on the side of overhealing so I try to take AA's that will help with that but you may get different advice from others. I dps when I can but my job is to keep everyone else up. You can start there and then adjust them as you learn and find your own style. The channeler dps is ok but most of your dps will come from ascension spells anyway once you level them.