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Discussion in 'PvP TLE Discussion' started by Deezknives, Nov 10, 2021.

  1. Deezknives New Member

    Do these perks apply to the pvp server?
  2. Terrius Well-Known Member

    Those "membership perks" are EQ1 exclusive things, they have no effect in EQ2.

    As per Discord yesterday "[11:39] Kander: Perks are EQ only."
  3. Deezknives New Member

    thank you sir.
  4. Sunlei Active Member

    Like Terrius said no perks on pvp. Theres still some things in /claim mostly paintings & mounts. Useful for some on pvp are overseer quests, on TLE pvp overseer drops tons of harvests and shinies. enough shinies to get many levels. Also the once a month the crates are saleable/tradeable. The crates status clickie is very useful to lvl guilds & buy potions off status merchant.
    not all potions can be used pvp but some can.
  5. Grumpy_Warrior It's a KILT, dang it!

    When I re-subbed, the three "perks" were presented for $3/month each before hitting the PAY button. They each had some attractive benefits, and I checked the box for the one where you get an extra inventory slot. Nowhere in the colorful marketing was there any indication that these were only for Everquest 1. I realize all-access means I can play EQ1. I don't. It's only $3 and I'm not looking for a refund, but my goodness that's right on the borderline IMO. Can someone please edit the sales page to indicate that the perks are for EQ1 ONLY.
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