Advanced Solo Instances no longer giving legendary/fabled rewards?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Juraviel, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. Juraviel Active Member

    Maybe I am just having bad luck.. maybe my friend is having the same bad luck... I do not know but she said that she has run at least 9 instances today since the patch and she did not get a single legendary or fabled item in any of the crates and I just finished round two on my two mains that I run them with and had the same results. Not one single legendary or fabled item from any of the crates.

    We either have very bad luck all of a sudden or something was changed. We keep getting adornment books, recipes, green adornments, crude astral material etc. No gear.
  2. Mnoizr Member

    Crude Astral Materials?! Advanced Adornments Volume 10?!

    Oh you lucky devil you ...

    Actually, this is the new loot table for Advanced Solo zones in the CoE expansion. From time to time you will get a legendary item that is 10 points lower than the stuff you get from the collection quests, and if you are lucky you will get a piece of raid gear for your buddy's toon that you cannot trade to him. This will sparks minutes of "I hate you" chatter. I heard of a guy that got a piece of raid gear for an alt, but the alt was on another account, so he could not get it over there. Finally .. there is a rumor ... cannot confirm .. that a Fury on the Butcherblock server looted a set of raid boots they could actually use!. Now, they had just got a pair out of Plane of War the night before and they ended up muting the pair from the Advanced Solo ... but .. it could happen .. yes it could happen to you.
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  3. Draylore Well-Known Member

    Rumor has it they caved to the cry babies on the forums and instead of actually improving the drop rate of fabled in heroics they just nerfed the drop rates of them from solos. Sounds like in typical SOE fashion they just didn't lower the drop rate but just removed them period?
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  4. Typos Member

    nerfed them? omg.. you know some people would go in there and get tons.. i got 3? out of more then 100 runs. ??????
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  5. damain New Member

    Great, now I have no reason to go back to these zones. And soon, no reason to play at all.
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  6. Berg Member

    +1 I loved having the opportunity to get a nice fabled out of a solo ini and I can confirm that fabled still drop (just got a pair of not usable boots today). However, droprate seems to have decreased significantly. Last two fabled drops (that my char could not use of course) took about 30 chests each.
  7. Meaghan Stormfire Well-Known Member

    Hrm, maybe something borked in the patch. I got a couple fabled pants the other day. Until something is mentioned in update notes, commented on by a red name, or parsed out over a longer period of time, you're merely jumping to conclusions.
  8. Nynaeve Active Member

    I didn't get a single fabled before the update. Last time I did it I got a crude material and some drink. pretty lame, and no reason to run solo-instances EVER again after the questline. Now it's worse? way to go SOE to make stuff obsolete.
  9. Meaghan Stormfire Well-Known Member

    Really? I run solo instances whenever no one in my guild is on to do something with. At the very least I end up extracting a ton of yellows for potential future use.
  10. Sixgauge Active Member

    The drop rate of fabled raid quality gear from solo content was far too high and I will be glad if it has been fixed.
  11. Sucha Active Member

    Yes sixguage we know someone getting something easier than you did is wrong.
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  12. Mnoizr Member

    I think ... if you wear rid gear you looted out of a solo instance .. you should have a perma appearance bunny hat on to mark you.

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  13. Hoosierdaddy Active Member

    Likewise with loot that's been acquired via SLR? AT least one has actually been legitimately earned...

    But seriously, this same thread has appeared every week after the previous three updates. (Go look back a few pages.)

    One run of bad luck does not necessarily indicate a change in drop rate.
  14. Gilasil Active Member


    I eventually reach a point in an MMO where I log on, stand around trying to figure out what to do, realize there is nothing to do which I want to do, and log off.

    That's usually the kiss of death for that MMO as far as I"m concerned.

    That's where I"ve been with EQ2 this past week.
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  15. Ranek New Member

    After update I went to Dreadcutter....first drop was a fabled. Myth debunked. Sorry folks who think "working" hard at the game trumps solo luck.
  16. Estred Well-Known Member

    They have adjusted the rates. Heroic instances should be getting fixed to have the higher drop rates. In other words Solo instances have a rare chance to drop Fabled. A decent chance to drop any Legendary or equivalent item (Green Adornment/Crude Astral Mat) and commonly drop Food or other items many call junk.

    Solo was dropping too much stuff too quick. Now you just have to LFG and start doing instances, the horror. Sorry I am a Bias Heroic/Raid player so perhaps I am glad it is going back to what it always has been. Warning very harsh viewpoint posted below. :eek:

    Tbh I miss Treasured gear and if I had my way you Soloers would only get Treasured gear with a low chance at Legendary and a rare as hell chance at a Fabled. Back in KoS-TSO Handcrafte/Treasured gear got you just fine in the overland zones. Solo Zones are slightly harder varieties of those Overlands. You still are not fighting Heroic Con enemies and heroic-con is what level drops Legendary Gear which Sony appears to have forgotten.
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  17. Ranek New Member

    Now I just ran WE....3 legendary. No rates have been changed. Remove the tinfoil hat.
  18. Juraviel Active Member

    Seems everyone is talking about fabled. I could care less whether or not the gear is fabled or legendary, that was not why I started the thread. What I was asking about was if something was changed that was never announced (or I missed somehow).

    We ran a few more instances tonight and not once did we see ANY attuneable gear drop. Not one time. So between the two of us her and I both running our own solo instances we got nothing but junk. We didnt run the instances for the gear to use except maybe for some alts, but more for the transmuting.
  19. Juraviel Active Member

    I'm pretty much getting to that point myself for many reasons.
  20. Skeezie Active Member

    Same, sad to say. A variety of reasons as well but one is directly related to this topic. Catch-22 situation - need gear to run the heroics and I'm seeing the drop rate for decent gear in solo instances at a point where it's just not fun to run them anymore.

    Finding myself grabbing alts more often than not - so far that's still fun though.

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